Posted by Christian K. Onwuka on May 14, 2021
REV. DR. I. U EMELE, we are consoled by the fact that you lived a fulfilled and a fruitful life. You were a great Servant of God and a great leader, during your life on earth; you worked untiringly for a better spiritual standard and for Evangel Church in particular. You lived up to the tenets of your faith.
Martin Luther of Evangel Church Nigeria and John Wesley of Christianity in Amaekpu Ohafia: where does one start sharing thoughts about you, you were simple and accessible to both the low and high though rigid to your beliefs.
You were a CANDLE LIGHT- you enlightened faces and illuminated all that came in contact with you. You were a PATHFINDER - you discovered and charted a course, set a pace and gave direction. A BEACON OF HOPE, motivator of positive changes. A BORN LEADER, one among equals, charismatic and pragmatic.
An honest teacher, astute disciplinarian, you taught and impacted many, an unfathomable man, a man that will keep on living, even though he is gone.
REV. DR. I. U EMELE, a soldier of the cross, will ever be remembered for the legacies he left behind. What you preached, you practiced. What you believed you believed with heart and soul. You defended the Gospel; you taught me that to be a Christian is a battle I must fight to win to make heaven.
Fare well! We feel even greater joy believing that you have had a wonderful translation to the ever aspired world, a world where you will be bountifully rewarded for a worthy life have on earth.
I, my family and the entire Ofoka ra Eleghe maternal family will ever missed you.
Adieu Papa I. U. Emele!
Adieu Great General!!
Till We Meet at the Final Awakening.

Rev. Pst. & Evang Mrs. Blesschris K. Onwuka (FD.C.S)
Posted by Godswill Ojo on May 14, 2021
A tribute to a Legend

Though it's actually hard to believe but what can we do, it has always been one of our deepest fears, I personally feel sad at the thought that one day you'll cross over as you grew older and now it has happened, actually not by mistake but because God wanted it this way...
The memories i had with you can never be forgotten, I remember during bible study when you used to say, dying is like crossing a line, that once one crosses the line without Christ, if the person has ever tasted any good thing, he/she will not remember because of the sorrow that will follow but if the fellow died with christ, the person will never remember any form of pain he/she has ever felt... And now you've actually crossed your own line.
I also remember that when I received the baptism of the holy ghost, it was through you. I'd been praying for it till the day we doing anointing service, after being anointed only to get back to my choir seat, the baptism came like a current and took over me, aarh... A lifetime encounter...
Is it the healings I received through you or the care or the encouragements?? Words can't say it all...
I'll miss you Big Daddy
R.I.P Daddy G.O
Farewell Papa
Posted by Chigoziem Kingsley on May 13, 2021
A tribute to my spirit father

Daddy I cannot mourn you but to celebrate you
I thank God for bringing you into my life, you have loved me unconditionally and genuinely. You led me to Christ, your ministry of the word produced in me a hunger to know and teach the word that is with me to this day. You gave me many practical insight into life that I have used and passed on to others. God knew I needed a father and he blessed me with you even in my ignorance.
You have been a father,a mentor and encourager . You always believe in me even when I don't believe in myself. Your corrections, motivations, directions, selfless giving and loving heart, encourage and protection are the things moulding me to perfection. Your a real example of a daddy by action not just words.
I can never forget the big smile of accomplishment and joy in your face on my wedding day. I am who I am today because of your love and devotion. I love u Daddy

Rest on my Daddy
Till we meet again.
Posted by Daniel Cecil on May 10, 2021
Daddy, you were a great man, a rare gem indeed!

You fought a good fight of faith, and taught us to be heavenly minded. We learnt a great deal from you. We will live to make you proud.

You will forever be missed.

Rest in the bossom of the Almighty!
Posted by Jane Kutus on May 10, 2021
As a little girl,I thought we were related because of my mother's closeness to the family.It was later I understood that my mum and mummy of blessed memory were very close friends.It was when my mom heard of your death that she told me a whole lot about how the Evangel church started. Honestly,I was amazed.  Amongst the things she told me was one spectacular issue that happened in 1981.She said she was very sick and they said it was hook worm that defiled all medical approach.She was brought back home.Every morning,the late mama will come ,pick limes for her to take and this continued for a while until one morning,she came out as usual to get the limes and daddy shouted "Common drop those things oh ye of little faith, let me not see you pick them again,she has been healed." Lo and behold,that was the end.She was healed and regained flesh.  What an Apostle of faith !!!! Rest well dad and by the grace of God,your seeds will not disappoint you in Jesus name amen.
Posted by Ukpabi A. Ojo on May 9, 2021
My spiritual Father who saw tomorrow when others were still grappling with the present, the Apostle of holiness and the power of resurrection of Jesus Christ, who illuminated my impressionable teenage mind and taught me the rudiments and the solid foundation of the essence of Christianity, my Family and I will miss you sorely.

Daddy, thank you for giving your all to the commission of God’s Kingdom, your Community and beyond. Thank you for being the instrument God used to prepare a great Army of Rescuers and Calvary Soldiers. Through the undiluted word of God you shared passionately, great Ministries have been birthed and more will be birthed. Thank you, Bishop.

Adieu, Papa! Farewell our beloved Evangel Church GS.
Posted by Favour Cecil on May 9, 2021
I am glad you impacted the lives of many sir, I do not know you closely but I have been affected positively by those you impacted in lives.
You have fought the good fight of faith
You have finished your course.
Your Crown and reception awaits you as ascend to glory, EVEN AS THE GREAT SHEPHERD WELCOMES YOU HOME.
Posted by Okey Udo on May 5, 2021
My first encounter with Daddy I.U. Emele was in my teenage in the early 1980's when the Evangel church organized a crusade/outreach at 'Okpu Omama'. As a young man, I was in awe of his prophetic accuracy, anointing and the command he had and displayed ovee spiritual forces. His intercultural competence beyond religion, was so profoundly displayed in his preaching that it endeared me into the ministry and sparked a desire for me to be mentored by him. His advisory role has made undeniable impact in my ministry and political career.

In view of the part he transversed in his terrestrial journey and death being an event that comes when it would, we should be consoled that he is now in a better place with the saints in the bosom of our Savior and King.
I pray that the same God who gave him the grace to live a life of great fulfillment and happiness, will also give us,his family and the body of Christ in Ohafia and Nigeria at large, grace to bear this great loss. HE WAS A MAN OF GENERATIONAL IMPACT.
Posted by EMMYBLISS Consolidate on May 5, 2021
My Father My Father the chariots of Fire have taken My Father, Telling the Heavens that we need more time but yet it's gone.

Daddy!!! If christianity was a person I will say it's You, you taught me principles, godly lives and Love right inside your palor.
It's really difficult to say GoodNight by this time, hmmmm the mighty man has gone to meet the Lord.
You showed me Love, You showed me Faith, You showed me christianity, Well thank you for Loving me specially, thank you for Teaching me specially, Thank you for Encouraging me specially, Thank you for Housing me specially, I LOVE YOU DAD!! I LOVE YOU MY PAPA !!! KEEP REST NWOKEOMA!!! KEEP RESTING NWOKE UKWU ...
Posted by EMMYBLISS Consolidate on May 5, 2021

We heard the death of the Father Figure to Engr Emmanuel KALU, the CEO EMMYBLISS CONSOLIDATES LTD with great pain in our heart, we wish to send our condolences to our beloved Boss and the entire Family of Rev Dr I U EMELE, it's really a great earthly loss and Heavenly gain. We pray that the Lord will console you and your family in this Period of trial, in Jesus mighty name Amen.
     Rita Uranta
 Admin 2 Emmybliss Consolidate
Posted by Kelechi Ebin on May 3, 2021
A tribute to God's GENERAL and a SAINT..
Indeed you will forever be missed but your impact will be felt by generation to come. A man of few words but full of anointing and power. I didn't know when I came to see you few weeks before you went to be with the Lord was the last time... But when I wanted to leave, you held my hand and said take it and I felt something sensational and powerful .. that blessing is working for me..
I am consoled that you are resting in the bossom of our lord Jesus..
I pray for my brother and friend , Sammy and the entire family for more grace to continue the good work...
Continue to rest in peace God' General till the resurrection day...
Posted by Chisom Kalu on May 3, 2021
Dearest big daddy,
How're you doing today? I know you're very well now. How's Jesus and everyone in heaven?
Dad, your impact in my life can't be over emphasized. I can't believe I'm now living with the memories of a beautiful past spent with you.
You prayed for me in portharcourt when I struggled for years to gain admission and i got it. my ND final, I called crying about my supervisors behavior towards me, you prayed and it went well. Now daddy I've graduated but you aren't here to bless me. I called you on that faithful Wednesday after my final defense to tell you I'm done just for someone else to pick the call and tell me you're gone. Daddy I can't forget the heart to heart discussion I had with you that made you reveal alot about yourself to me. I felt honored... May I live to follow your directions and teachings. You said in a crossover night that "Ali dum, emi emi. Ogule ndi noni ime Christ wu ndi aniga emitahu" that is to say all ground sinks and it's only those in christ that won't sink. I miss you daddy and I love you even in death. You conquered and I'm happy.
Adieu Rev.
           Peace chisom
Posted by Chukwuemeka Daniel Imo on April 30, 2021

Where do I start?? I'm yet to come to terms that you're no more, Papa, in fact, writing this at this time is awkward. I can't find the right words.

I've sat under your blunt, uncompromising teachings all my life, and I am categorized as 'Onye Church', owing in no small way to your Weekly admonitions.

Your house was and is still open to all, all the way to your kitchen. To meet you in person needed no rigorous formalities. You were the most humble preacher I've ever met-I've met quite a few.

You were a City Elder, a Hero of
Faith and a Christian Icon. A father to all and a spiritual grandfather to many. Your foot print shall remain indelible in the sands of time. You live forever in my memory.

To talk about you in past tense is so difficult right now, because I'm still processing, and it's taking longer than normal. I'll only give up when I see your body interred.

Good night, Papa! This marks the end of an era. Good night, City Elder!

Posted by Prince Imo Ukwa on April 29, 2021
Nna Anyi Ukwu, Rev Dr I.U. Emele.; A Spiritual Father To Many.

You were not just a person, you were an Institution, Your Spiritual Acumen in keeping with your avowed solemn believe in God is to lead men back to God after the fall.

Your peaceful deposition in matters and always willing to help stood you out among your equal.

Your Death, No Doubt Marks An End Of An Era.

Bishop, You Finished Well, May The Good LORD Accept Your Good Soul In His Kingdom And Console All Who Are Touched By Your Demise.

Good Night, Till The Resurrection Morning.
Posted by Williams Idika on April 28, 2021
An Icon Of 21st Century Biblical Intelligence.
An Iroko Of Evangel Church Nig.Inc.
An Administrator Of Spiritual Letters.
An Institution Of True Ecclesiastical Ideologies.
An Instructor Of Standard Social Values.
An Evangelist Per Excellent.
An Apostle Of Salvation Per Authority.
A Sample Of Old Time Believer.
A Minister Per Miracle.
A Pastor Per Purity.
A Prophet Per Power & Potency.
A Communicator Of Sound Charity Values.
A Teacher Per Tenacity.
A Defender Of Faith Per Doggedness In Dignity.
A Man Of Title With Treble Mantle.
A Man Of Position With Proper Power.
A Man Of Many Congregation With Might Courage.
A Man Of Real Assembly & Rugged Anointing.
A Man With Triple Gigabyte With Bezaleelian Leadership Style.
Chai.............................Go Well Our Papa...
REV.DR.I.U EMELE [GS Evangel Church Nig.Inc.]
It's A Great Earth Loss But Heavenly Gain!
Posted by Samuel O. Mba on April 28, 2021
   I was a member of Presbyterian Youth Fellowship. While we were dancing "Ngbo Ngbo" in a burial ceremony at Amaekpu, The Lord suddenly ministered to me about some people coming to inquire of me on some important issue. While I was still wondering within I saw Sisters Nkwo Ibisi, Akuwa Uma and Ije. They asked me if I knew "Brother"? While I hesitated, they appealed to me to follow them to see "Brother." On the way, The Lord ministered to me again to follow him and strictly adhere to whatever he ask me to do. After meeting with him, he quietly introduced "DDPG" to me and tenderly persuaded me to be in their next meeting. This was how this great Man of God led me to Christ in Jan. 1971 just a year after the civil war at the age of 19. I have known him for a period of 50 years.

   Without wasting time, he started teaching me the rudiments of Christian living, Bible doctrines, evangelism and he made a proper follow-up on me. Being a good disciple, I learned fast.

    Together, we two traversed the length  and breadth of Ohafia preaching the Gospel to all and sundry, visiting. believers, teaching and exhorting members of our group. Having matured me to .a ..
significant level, he made me his interpreter. This great prayer warrior made me follow his footsteps, together we went into prayer for our communities, sinners and also for our members. I recall his advice to me, he said son, "if you cannot get your request from God at the first instance, step up you will achieve your goal. Never quit, get guts."

    He defeated devils,demons, beasts, witches and wizards, highly occultic men and women in our community. He stood firm and resolute in the face of severe persecution, hypocrisy and delusion of some people whose intention was to quench the fire he got from the altar of God and resisted them. He beat them hands down through prayer. The devil and his cohors retreated. The harder they came, the harder they failed.

    Rev. Emele is an evangelist to the core. He is a Father to many Christians today.. A man of few words. He sets goal and achieve it at record time. He built Evangel Church from the scratch with his blood and life. He fostered love, unity and peace in the church. His able leadership brought coherence in the church. He forfeited his legitimate right for the church and our faith to be built on Christ the solid rock. He is known as a man who can fast and pray,. His consecrations and commitment s made him a man full of the Holy Spirit. He raised an army from nothing to something. No wonder Evangel Church is currently on fire and explosive. Signs and wonders followed his ministry.

    What could I had been without Rev. Emele? My mentor , Father in the Lord, a pathfinder, strong and solid as Rock of Gilbrata, unmovable, fearless, never a push over, a consistent Minister of Life who kept his eyes on the goal till death. There is no dull moment with "Brother ID"
    We will keep the light burning till we see face to face. Nnam, Onye Ike, Brother, Man of God, Rev. Dr. I. U. Emele, Jee Nke Oma. 

Pastor Sammy Idika , Emma Idika, your other siblings, the entire family he left behind and Evangel Church at large accept my condolences In Jesus Name. Amen.
Pastor S. O. MBA and family.

Posted by Basil Brown on April 28, 2021
The great pace setter
Your footprint can never be forgotten, you introduce to me how to depend on the Holy spirit for everything, that by the alms of flesh shall no man succeed. That if mistakenly followed the direction of the Holy spirit, you will not be put to shame, you will not sink because Jesus is the solid rock.
 Your ideas cannot be erased easily. Rest in peace, peace maker.
Your door is always open for everyone. Everyone expresses him or herself the way he or she likes without restrictions.
  Ijeoma Papa
Posted by Rosemary Okwun on April 28, 2021
Daddy I U Emele - God's General indeed.
Honestly I cannot forget you in a hurry.
The first time I came to your house in Ohafia, you actually challenged my faith.
I tried to explain to you with all the medical jargons available with me the implications of the two lover birds that had agreed to get married. After all my explanations, I expected your acceptance and your son's withdrawal from coming to marry my daughter.
But Daddy you asked me a question- (Sister  are you talking about the children yet unborn?) If God is in this matter, He will definitely be there for our children.
I left your house with a heavy heart though and I didn't accept the drink you offered me but your faith  made me go back to seek the face of God  again on the matter and today their marriage is a testimony.
Great man of God, thanks a lot , you were really there for us.
God did not forget your labour of love.
You fought a good fight of faith.
Even before I met you in person, I heard about your relentless effort to bring unadulterated Gospel to your community, and you didn't stop there.
Your Spiritual sons and daughters cannot be numbered.
Go and rest my dear In law, God will give us the grace to also run the race and finish well.
Posted by chinonso ekeh on April 28, 2021
Daddy, my first encounter with you, I had an issue and you prayed for me and I got answers, I wish I met you and had more conversations with you, But God had other plans. You are truly an Icon to emulate.
Posted by Evang. Isaac Ibe on April 25, 2021
We went to your house on Friday and returned in shock though with consolation and great confidence of where you are.
General, you introduced me into the race. Showed me how to match. How to handle the spiritual weapons. How to confront the enemy and his kingdom. The importance of righteousness and uprightness in stewardship. And how to survive the race.
You left the earth exactly one week after your encouragement to me over the phone, "NNA ISAAC, BE COURAGEOUS AND DO NOT GIVE UP, DO YOU HEAR ME", i then replied yes Daddy.
The God's general, your seeds are every where ranging from Ministers of the gospel to viable entrepreneurs, from political class to artisans. Both those you remembered and those you couldn't remember before your departure.
Your legacy remains visibly active till the coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
It's well.
Posted by Kelechi Udo on April 25, 2021
Papa, I can't withhold the streams of tears gushing down my cheeks as I joined to write both ur legacy and tribute,
I had taken it a jamboree initially as the appalling news of ur transition came ..
But all the same the Lord is faithful indeed, BIG DADDY! Sincerely you're the only preacher with all time raw message that I've ever seen, Many compromised at the long run but you didn't, your primary duty and focus was to lead people to Christ and to the old rugged cross.

However, You are the one who led me to Christ and I'm still standing.
Daddy you taught me about prayer..etc
Your work will continue to speak for you.

I can only take heart whenever I remember the misreable HEZEKIAH's storyline on how he ended..

Yet I still find it too difficult to take heart

You've fought and overcame both devil and his host.
You've replicated Jesus and the great apostles by fighting a good fight of faith and crowns of victory before you.

I promise to preach and continue from where you stopped no matter how though the journey could be, certainly I will preach it undiluted until I receive mine you just did.
The world will definitely hear us as you have already instituted us with the truth unreserved..

May the Lord bless and Grant your soul a nice rest..

Can't say goodbye daddy

Posted by Felix Olugu on April 24, 2021
Papa general, your memory will never leaveme nor my church. The water you gave me last time I visited is still with me & just healed somebody last night after three days of your demise. I remember when we had 100 days prayer & fastiing & was under attack at the 50th day & God asked us to call u. It was just one visit & 25mins prayer & order was restored. Papa, if I stay back up to one week without seeing u, you will come for me & ask if anything was wrong? I know your boy needs to grow but it shouldn't have been now. Inwugbulem. You promised to come & see our new church building & pray over it. I have fought back tears until I now allow it to flow freely. Indeed I will forever miss you. I make one promise "I will never disappoint you. I will forever preach the gospel for the salvation of souls as you always instruct me". Gudbye God's own general. Pst Felix U Olugu. Faith Based Assembly, Nigeria.
Posted by Ikechukwu Ojo on April 24, 2021
You planted in me Eternity-consciousness

Under your ministration
My eternal destiny was secured
You were a mighty instrument in the hand of the Potter in forging destiny both eternal and temporal.

Your investments, inputs, sacrifices and Labour of love both in my personal life and that of my family
Will not be forgotten...

You are my father
Forever in my heart
Rest on God's General

Until I reach my home
Until I reach my home
I will never ever end My journey halfway until I reach my home..

I believe you're home with God, our maker and the father of All spirits...
Posted by Sammy Idika on April 24, 2021
Daddy.... Thank you for your legacies. They are so pronounced. Thank you for teaching us godly manners and principles. Like Abraham, you taught your generation and generations after you the mind of God. You have exited the stage but your works speak and will forever speak for you. We love You.

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