Shared by Sharon Levy on August 30, 2020
It was an honor and privilege to attend Ian’s celebration of life and bear witness to some of the people whose lives he touched so deeply.  Although I never met Ian, I know how proud you are to call him your son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend. Doug, your eulogy was beautifully written and delivered, and a true testament to Ian’s awesomeness. My sincere condolences to your families and friends as you navigate through this difficult time. May your sweet soul be at peace Ian. 

A message from Jake Noble & TPASB

Shared by Jake Noble on August 28, 2020
Dear Carsten Family, 

I have no idea the pain, or thought of losing a loved one, under any condition. I do however feel the pain and sorrow that fellow Falcon has left us. As I write this, I am tearing up, my life the past few weeks has been hell. I have no home, doing school out of a hotel, and burning through money with my mom and sisters. I wake up every morning wondering how my life could be better, feeling sorry for myself, and though my situation is dreaded, I must also look behind me. I must also remember there are worse situations, there are brothers and sisters in need of help ten times more than me. Myself, and my entire ASB team is here, and willing to offer any hand in anyway we can. Do not hesitate to reach out. You are in my prayers, and forever will be. 

And Ian, I wish I had met you formally. I wish there was a chance we could have laughed together, joked together, and let me cheat off your work, because I have been told you are extremely smart! All I can say now, is rest well sir. You are in my prayers 

Shared by Abi Erle on August 27, 2020
I never really knew Ian personally, but he is one of the few faces I actually recognize from elementary school. He was in my elementary school class and I remember him because of how kind he always was to others. He always had a huge, tremendously contagious smile on his face that brightened every room he walked into. Rest In Peace Ian, we will miss you. 

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