Posted by Angel Bombata on May 26, 2021
I wish I could just speak to you one more time. I wish you were able to see your grandchildren one more time. The pain is indescribable. I promise to keep watch over your son and the babies. I pray that your soul rests in perfect peace. I pray that heaven gates open with welcoming arms. You are our Angel. I’ll love You forever mummy.
Posted by Adetola John-Ogueh on May 26, 2021
My Sweet Aunty Idowu, I have sweet and fond memories of you in my heart. Growing up was fun because I had an Aunt like you in my space. You made my hair as a child and adorned it with beads. I was your tag along on your movies dates. You always watched Indian movies and all I saw in those movies were Elephants (LOL). You were so full of life, spreading joy everywhere you went.
Aunty Miii - The Life of The Party. You attended every Family Ceremony; leading the entourage and armed to the teeth with food, drinks and souvenirs. Your energy, laughter and generosity was mind blowing.
I don't know how your sister (my mum) will cope without you. You were always coming to pick her up to go for one family function or friend's party; dressed like twins and gisting away like teenagers on your way out. You were both a delight to watch.
I remember the many times you would call to ask where your sister was, complaining you had called her several times and she wasn't picking up your calls. A typical conversation would go thus;

Aunty Idowu - A-tolly, ba wo ni? (How are you?)
Me- Antindowu, wo wa pa. (Am fine)
Aunty Idowu - Aunty mi da? (Where is my sister)
Me- (rolling eyes) aunty yin wa ni le (She's home)
Aunty idowu - Gbe phone fun won (Give her the phone)
Me - Yes ma.

God help me if I'm not home and you needed to speak to your sister, you would dish your instruction that I call her and tell her to call you immediately. You were such an interesting and fun person to be with. It's really tough knowing you are not here anymore.
You were an angel here and I know you are a bubbly angel where you are now.

I miss you soooooo much Aunty idowu, I am thankful to God that I was able to spend the last few days with you before you passed on. I did what I Knew you enjoyed doing most, I danced and I sang beside you.

My forever Aunty, rest on sweetly.


Posted by alaba biodun on May 25, 2021
Aunty Idowu, it's so painful to hear of your death. You were such a wonderful aunty to my bestie and I.
You also shared the same birthday with me.
I know you have gone to rest with your maker where there's no more pain but we miss you so much.
We love you but God loves you more.
Rest on in the Lord my darling aunty Idowu.

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