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Sleep well my brother

March 9, 2019


A chap in whom i was very pleased, right from when we were young, growing up in the 70's.

He had this infectious & friendly smiles.

One thing I did appreciate was that respect & regard he showed towards me, his demeanour suggested an aburo deferring to an egbon. I reciprocated with mutual respect & genuine love as a freind and an aburo I liked very much.

Olu, became a MAN by marrying, fathering and nuturing children much earlier than his contemporaries, including me that is 3.5 years his senior. 

I ran into him after many years in the company of Kunle Odumosu in 2015 or 2016 at the Lafric Resataurant, Victoria Island, Lagos, when he came to make arrangements for his dad's burial.

We spoke on a number of times over the phone, when he shared concerns over slight disaggrements with his half siblings over plans for his late dad's burial. 

I was glad to offer 1 or 2 advice, on the power of persuasion by listening & accommodating other people's views, whilst you get things done, how you want it, rancour free.

Most importantly, humility (conside sometimes without thinking that you have lost out)

I think that he was appreciative because he thanked me.

Olu, was my brother's (Kola Oni) greatest buddy....perhaps because they share a common streak of STRONG HEAD. Lol!!

He would be remembered for his LEGACY (his children) and his good deeds.

I pray that his lovely immediate & extended family have the strength to bear this painful exit of a youngman.

Sun re o.


March 6, 2019

Please accept my condolence of your great lost, words cannot describe the pain you are going through has a family. Olu, was a great friend that brought great joy, laughter and wisdom, always spoke highly of is family, the children doing well at school, University and Work.

We were only together 5 week ago in Lagos Nigeria and met up again briefly at Heathrow Airport just 10 days ago.

Olu, was the best of us and a great friend

Tunde Bawallah

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