Adriana and Ozzie
Ignacio "Ozzie" Guzman Jr.
  • 57 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 4, 1957
  • Place of birth:
    Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Date of passing: Aug 24, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Chicago, Illinois, United States
My body may have run its course, but my soul lives forever. I have been loved like no other by family & friends. I was blessed to have a wife who stood by my side for 28 years and 2 beautiful daughters who adored me. Do not cry but rejoice my life...

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ignacio Guzman Jr., 57, born on February 4, 1957 and passed away on August 24, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Anita Radosevich on 24th August 2017

"Another year has passed and just taking time to say. I miss you and will not forget you. You were a great friend who was kind, thoughtful, and special. Until later keeping my focus on making a difference for others as you did. RIP Anita"

This tribute was added by Cesar Almaguer on 24th August 2017

"Dear Ozzie, we were so fortunate to have you on our life, we loved you so much and still do
We miss you every day and will be for ever in our hearts"

This tribute was added by Amanda Pineda on 24th August 2017

"I still miss you every day and I don't think that will ever go away. You were so special to me and I am happy that the kids have started asking me about you. I tell them how much I loved you and how much you loved and supported me. We put a tent together a while ago and I told them you're the reason I'm a pro at setting it up. I am so grateful to have had you in my life. I will be thinking of you as I do everything day. I love you and miss you always!"

This tribute was added by Amanda Pineda on 4th February 2017

"Uncle Ozzie, I miss you so much! I think about you every day, especially when I get frustrated with the kids because you were always so patient that I know I can do better. You were the best dad and I always aspire to be like you. I love you and know that you are watching over all of us. I miss you! Happy Birthday!"

This tribute was added by Caro Guzman on 25th August 2016

"Hello candy man.  Today we gathered together to celebrate the memory of you.  We had plenty of your favorite chocolates...oreos, m & m's, chunkies, etc. You would of been in heaven...oh, but you are there already!  dear handsome brother you are missed.  One day we will join you...oh  happy day!   Love your sister Carolina"

This tribute was added by Nora aguirre on 24th August 2016

"It's been 2 years since your passing and you still have a huge impact on our family. I hope you know that you were truly loved by so many. we will never forget you. I love you and will see you someday. RIP"

This tribute was added by Nora aguirre on 4th February 2016

"Another birthday without you  and it still hurts that you're not here with us. You have no idea how much you have meant to everyone. You were such a great man and you were always there for anyone who needed help. How I wish we had more time together. RIP my sweet angel in heaven and Happy Birthday!!!!"

This tribute was added by Doreen Bishop on 18th September 2015

"...Hi Ozzie.....well a year has come and gone.....time sure goes by so fast at 56 and haveing this much felt the urge to write just the same as the great repoir we had.....we had so many fun times "OZZIE"     just to mention a few Ozzie......i remember how your Sweet Dear Mother......adored you.....when you got home from peoples gas.....your Sweet Mom absolutely just doted over you.....Awesome dinner she always made for u......your Mom had nothing but smiles when u got home from work......i loved your Moms cooking.....its no wonder i sat across the table from u and watched u eat.....u did offer me a little here and Mom always welcomed me......for some reason.....i always liked being around u......i think i made it a point to be their at the time you arrived were just a nice person to be around.......I loved being around my Father all the time.....I have to say OZZIE........YOU AND MY DAD WERE THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY MEN I HAVE EVER KNOWN......THAT WOULD BE IN EVERY ASPECT OF WHO YOU WERE....THAT IS THE HIGHEST COMPLIMENT I COULD EVER PAY YOU OZZIE........AS I USED TO TELL MY DAD HE WAS MY GOD ON EARTH.......I MEANT EVERY WORD OF THAT.,,,,,LOVE YOU OZZIE......MUCHO......THANKS FOR ALL YOUR KINDNESS....."

This tribute was added by Anita Radosevich on 24th August 2015

"Dearest Ozzie,

It was a year ago that I received the phone call in Colorado while visiting Louis and his wife Laura who were expecting their first child. I was in the mountains and at that moment looked up to the sky and said "Oh Dear God." I couldn't believe it and never expected it to happen. I guess I believed I would have you around for as long as I lived.  I will always cherish the time I spent with you in person and on the phone. Thank you for watching over us now. God Bless You Ozzie, until we meet again. I am working on doing my best to  get there. Love you Anita"

This tribute was added by Juana Guzman on 23rd August 2015

"Nano, I miss your smile and your loving friendship.  You were a wonderful brother, father, husband and son.  

Love you so much,

This tribute was added by beatrice preusch on 23rd August 2015

"Dear Beloved Naz ,

As we are approaching your 1 year anniversary of your soul that has gone to heaven; it's surreal that you are gone and that we will never hear your voice. There isn't a moment that I don't think about you and I have resigned to the fact that you are gone . However, your memory is still alive and never forgotten. One day we all will unite ... I do believe God took you for a good reason he seen they you were growing weary-- you hung in there for a long time and what offers me solace is we will be reunited. I miss and love you so much and still have some weak moments that I cry for you and mom. You took part of my heart with you. I do have to remember never to take life granted .

Always in my heart,

I love you.

Your sis Bea - See more at:"

This tribute was added by beatrice preusch on 11th February 2015

"Darlene Golden-Conroy

Nazi-so handsome-I had the biggest crush on Nazi-since I knew Patty! all the girls in the neighborhood black white latino loved Victor but...Nazi stole my heart. He would teach Patty and I how to use weights-I didn't care a damn thang bout those weights-I was a gymnast so....I TRIED TO PUT MAKEUP ON ONE TIME FOR ONE OF THE WORK OUT SESSIONS-my Grandma's powder makeup and lipstick and rouge (yes rouge ya'll) and I walk in and Patty says "Ugh-do you have MAKEUP ON!' I was never so embarrassed in my life! I don't think Nazi ever caught on. I remember going to the house and I would pray to Jesus that Nazi would answer the door! When he did it made my week-he was like a movie star to me! I would try to stand like a "big girl" with my hand on my hip and say "Hi Nazi! Patty here?" and he would smile at me and my heart would STOP! If Victor answered the door-not so much. The last time I saw Nazi at your mom's wake-same thing! Still so charming and handsome and that smile......thank God his wife has a sense of humor."

This tribute was added by Caro Guzman on 6th February 2015

"Dear brother Ozzie,

I am going to eat 58 oreo cookies in honor of your birthday...phew!   I'll really have to work out.  Remember when I  would leave you chocolate or oreo cookies for you in my fridge?  It would make you so happy.

I love you more than ANYONE can imagine!
You are so loved by me and many others.  

You been in my life for almost 58 years and how I wish you could be in my life a hundred yeas or more.

I'll never forget you my handsome, kind brother.
I know you are celebrating your birthday with mom and dad.  
Look over us dear angel.  
You are in my prayers every night.
God bless you dear Nano!  

xoxo and a great big bear hug

from your sis Quinquia"

This tribute was added by Doreen Bishop on 6th February 2015


This tribute was added by Eddie Arias on 5th February 2015

"Ignacio - thank you so much for all the positive energy you brought to my life and my parents as well. I will miss you, and I know you have a good friend up their with you now. Keep Juan company, as I hope he will do the same for you. Love you!


This tribute was added by Nora aguirre on 5th February 2015

"hey oz so how was the birthday dinner last night with all your love ones in heaven. I wish you were with us to celebrate your dinner just 1 more time. you are loved by so so many people and you have left a huge hole in our hearts. we miss you so much but you will never be forgotten!!!"

This tribute was added by Carole Gassett on 4th February 2015

"A very special man is still missed by so many."

This tribute was added by beatrice preusch on 4th February 2015

"It's been almost 6 months since Ozzie passed away. I have learned to cope but it hasn't been easy. I do realize part of the grieving process is to learn to move forward and hold onto all the great memories close to our heart. I set up this memorial tribute so others can write a note as part of the healing process. We may look at were we are today, tomorrow and in the future and at least have these notes that offer us some solace.

Today is your 58th birthday and the first one that I can't call you and send you a card. I do know that you are in heaven and our guardian angel along with Mom. There's not a day I don't think about you, it hits me in waves...I  so miss your voice and your calls and when you left me a message saying "Hi Bea this is your brother" call me or pick up your phone, or when you would say you never pick up your phone LOL.

The little things that we take for granted. It's been almost 6 months that you have passed away and it's still incomprehensible to think I can no longer pick up the phone and call you and get advice from you, or just chat and have a good laugh. I remember the fun we had together in our younger years hanging out, canoeing, camping, racquetball, partying in our 20's... I feel so blessed to have been able to share those precious moments.

I learned alot from you and you were a mentor to so many. We were joined by the hip for so many years. You were my best friend and have made such an impact on our lives. I love you and sometimes I close my eyes and imagine you are still around or gone on a long trip around the world.

The hardest part is that there's this void, emptiness that gnaws at me. I have dreams of you and Mom...and I know that you are at peace. I know you are watching over us. You have left us with a gift and part of you will live forever through Adriana, Lauren and Emily.

I remember when we were growing up so many times you were there for us. In particular I think about the time when we were in grammar school and a girl was picking on me and you and Victor taught me how to put someone in a headlock to protect myself. You told me never run away and stick up for yourself.

I love you with all my heart and soul..."

This tribute was added by Cesar Almaguer on 4th February 2015

"Happy Birthday to the best son in law,and my best friend,you will be in our hearts for ever, I wish to see you one more time to tell you how much we love you. Rest in peace my son."

This tribute was added by Sonica Ruiz on 4th February 2015

"Uncle Nano you are so missed! I know your in Heaven smiling down on us with Grandma and celebrating your Birthday with lots of Chocolate!  The love and joy and strength you shared will always be with us. I wish you were here but even though you can't be its amazing how just the thought of you makes me smile. Your forever in our hearts!"

This tribute was added by Maria Villalobos on 25th September 2014

"Hi My name is Angelica , My mom Frenchy and Nachito are cousins my greatest memories of Nachito were when I was about 5 to 8 years old,Nachito would read to me and he would make up his own stories .I would love to go visit my Tia Carolina RIP to see Nachito and sit in his lap , He made me laugh and made me feel so loved. He was such an amazing loving and caring Man and a great story teller.RIP"

This tribute was added by Yoli Quemada on 7th September 2014

"I am a friend of Bea who I worked with for 7 yrs and continue to be friends, I just want to say I had the pleasure to meet Ozzie at Bea and Marks home in Las Vegas, and I have to say in the short time I met Ozzie what a nice, caring person and I could tell he loved his wife and family very much, so I am glad I had the honor to meet you Ozzie, now you will be with your parents and one day we will all meet again..



This tribute was added by Georgina de la Torre on 7th September 2014

"I'm so glad we were able to get back in touch over the last few years. I had the opportunity to have a relationship with my cousin again after many years of not seeing one another. He was a very caring person, very sweet. I know that he was an amazing person and the world was a better place for having him in it. He was a shining example of a life well lived despite many obstacles. The great love that everyone has for him is as big as the loss that is felt in his absence. I feel grattitude and pride to have been able to call him my cousin. I remember the mischievous gleam in his eyes and his  loving presence."

This tribute was added by Doreen Bishop on 6th September 2014

"Hi Again it is me Doreen......I have a few more things to add that may make the heart lighter for a moment......this goes out to Lauren and Emily....Ignacios beautiful daughters.......When we still all lived in burnside......someone was always fighting.......this one time Richard Golden and Naz were in an arguement..... so Richie said come on than......well Patty came walking out from the house.......Naz had told Patty in these words........(HEY PATTY RICHIE WANTS TO FIGHT AND I DO NOT WANT TO......."GET HIM FOR ME PATTY OKAY"....?       NOT EVEN SECONDS PATTY WAS ON TOP OF RICHIE BEATING THE HECK OUT OF HIM......NAZ SAYS DOREEN LOOK AT THIS.....WE LAUGHED SO HARD.....HOPE IT BROUGHT A FEW LAUGHS.....MORE TO COME.......P.S.   DO NOT MESS WITH RICHIE NOW.....HE IS 6"4......LOL"

This tribute was added by Carole Gassett on 6th September 2014

"I met Ozzie when I was 18.  We were friends through our dating years, watching each other marry and rejoicing in each others children.
As couples, Oz and Adriana, Jon and I got our scuba certificate together.  We would horseback ride, hike, and just enjoy experiencing life.  We did more camping trips than I can count.  Ozzie was a gentle, loving and patient man.  He would help anyone with anything as he often did.  I am so sad for us and will miss him terribly.

I am attaching a song from utube and I truly believe this is his situation now."

This tribute was added by carolina guzman on 5th September 2014

"Ozzie, Nano, Oz, Nachito, Iggy = my brother
Shared by carolina guzman on 09/05/2014

Ozzie, the day you left,
I never, never expected!
If only I could just, once more hold your hand and tell you I love you.
that day was busy for you -- doing what you loved most!
Your had an artist' knack for transforming buildings into beautiful places.
buildings were your art canvases and your tools were the art brushes.
no one can understand why?
no chance to even say goodbye!
but deep inside I know that you will be happy...
cause you are with our mamasita and dad.
I will always remember your goofy laugh and mischievious ways.
people, I know will always have good things to say about you till eternity.
brother so dear you were..letters you wrote that I shall never forget   thank you for loving me.

I will always carry you close to my heart.

We will miss you, and I we will always love you Ozzie."

This tribute was added by Anita Radosevich on 5th September 2014


Such a great guy!  I will never forget your kindness over the years and your ability to focus on my interests and not yours. You exemplified the spirit of selflessness. Jim and I enjoyed meeting you during our visits in Chicago and California. You were a wonderful father to your girls and devoted husband to Adriana. I know you are reaping the rewards of all you did here on earth. You will truly be missed but now enjoyed by all your loved ones in your new heavenly place. Thank you for being such a good friend. I will miss you.

Love Anita"

This tribute was added by Doreen Bishop on 4th September 2014

"OH MY DEAR OZZIE.....WHERE DO I BEGIN?   TheIr Is so much to were an AmazIng example of a were respected by everyone.....I have known you for 47 years....a very long tIme......what an honor......because OzzIe In all of that tIme I have NEVER seen you angry and or treat no one In a bad were such a LovIng husband to an AmazIng women and 2 GREAT DAUGHTERS were a true InspIratIon OZZIE.....I remember when Bea had her apartment on the bottom floor.....and you would come down from your apartment on the third floor to hang out and visa versa......and of course their I was.....the Skunk.....I remember we would have an occasIonal lunch and talk about the younger said boy we cannot get rid of you can we.....their I still was 47 years later....just goes to show you Ozzie.....I never forgot the very special people In my lIfe......YOU HAVE SO MUCH ADMIRATION FROM SO MANY........remember when me you and Bea would go out and on the way to our destination.......when you would talk....I would always tell the others to be quiet OZzie is talking.....I always wanted to hear what you had to were always interesting and Smart......than when you met The prescious and Bea would come up to the third check her out and be nosey......WE BOTH HIGHLY APPROVED......I CANNOT CLOSE WITHOUT MENTIONING YOUR LOVELY WIFE ADRIANA......GOD SURELY PUT THE RIGHT WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE.....I LOVE YOU OZZIE.....SO MUCH.....THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF MY LIFE.....I WAS TRULY BLESSED.....ALWAYS IN MY HEART"

This tribute was added by Mary Melton on 4th September 2014

"Oh my a big brother you were to me. Watching out for me. I will never forget you."

This tribute was added by Patricia Alvarez on 4th September 2014

"You were not only my brother, but you were like a father to me. I looked so forward to you coming over to eat. You were just satisfied with a bean taco or some rice. Oh yes, especially the flour tortillas. I would just  sit there watching you eat and enjoying you savor my food. My elbows on the table and my hands against my cheeks, just smiling and watching you take a bite after a hard long day. You were my everything. My heart is now broken in a thousand pieces. I was hoping after donating the kidney I would have had you around for another 20 years. You gave me a card and wrote that you were grateful for what I did for you. You didn't have to thank me my sweet Ignacio. It was such an honor.  Love you and will miss you forever and ever. Your perfect Patty. That's what you always called me."

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