Let the memory of Ijeoma Gladys be with us forever
  • 24 years old
  • Born on January 26, 1987 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on April 22, 2011 in Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ijeoma Gladys Ofonagoro 24 years old , born on January 26, 1987 and passed away on April 22, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Major Zorro on April 22, 2019
My darling Ij...it's 8 years today but the vacuum you left in our lives can't be filled. I miss you dearly and our last conversation on that fateful days still echoes in my head. I miss you my friend.
Posted by Amen Eigbe on February 22, 2019
So much potential... I remember you always.... How! How! Death!!!! Do not be proud!!
Posted by Nnaemeka Nwakanma on January 26, 2019
Thoughts, sweet memories, they never end.
Heaven bless your soul.
Posted by Franklyn Ofonagoro on January 26, 2019
IJay my sweetheart. You remain forever in our heart. Sleep well my dear ❤️
Posted by Major Zorro on January 26, 2019
Happy birthday my dear friend. Just thinking about the fact that you are no longer here is still surreal. You will always be in my heart ♥
Posted by Anthony Chukwuebuka on June 19, 2018
I didn't know that a blog like this exists...it means that this planet will never forget your impacts. U left so soon when I was writing my WAEC. I miss u dearly IJ. Still see u in my dreams. I love u!!!
Posted by Evelyn Enwelu on January 26, 2018
Hey beautiful, happy birthday luvie. Miss you too much. Shine on Peku
Posted by Major Zorro on April 23, 2017
Thinking about you today as I have done since I knew you... Miss you Hi Jay...
Posted by Major Zorro on April 23, 2017
Six years... It still feels so sureal... Miss you my dear friend
Posted by Ikechukwu Okorafor on April 23, 2017
Hey Beautiful... Been a while. How's the view? Its still you know, the space you left here, its never going away. I just get better at managing. "If wishes were horses/beggars would ride/high in their saddles/them and their pride"...my wish would be a simple one...no one needs rocket science to figure it out. Smile girl...GIO
Posted by Major Zorro on February 1, 2017
Rest on HiJay...I will forever miss you my dear friend...
Posted by Adaeze Williams on January 26, 2017
Remembering you today baby cuz. I believe this would have been the big 3-0 for you. RIP sweetheart. Continue to rest in the Lords arms.
Posted by Ugochukwu Victor on January 25, 2017
Another year..... HBD IJ....RIP Dear...forever Missed
Posted by Ugochukwu Victor on November 14, 2016
Years gone by but u still fresh in my memories .....things to say ....gist to share....miss u ijay....u forever fresh....
Posted by Dre Oviasu on May 29, 2016
It doesn't need a special day to bring you to my mind. Days without a thought of you are very hard to find. I love and miss you Ijay. Sleep well. xo
Posted by Nnaemeka Nwakanma on April 28, 2016
It's been five years already, yet seems like yesterday. Memories of you loom larger than life. Surely, a beautiful soul.
Posted by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on April 22, 2016
Hey baby-gal, can't believe it is 5 years already. Still feels like yesterday when I got that call but rest assured that you are so sleeping well. Miss you loads and we all do so keep heaven ready for us... Forever loving you Minnie xxx
Posted by Katia Обариасе on April 22, 2016
Hey Ij... No day ever passes I don't remember you in the little things I do.. 5 years feels like yesterday.. where ever you are hope you are OK n I miss you terribly.. wish I could talk to you ahhhh gist plenty... you will always be in my heart and mind till we meet again.. I love u dearie wish I said it more.
Posted by U.ugochukwu Aguzien on January 26, 2016
How far Ijay na happy birthday oo I dey wish you just help me make I still dey so that I go dey wish many, many, many happy birthday as e dey hot gail. stay Ban help me tell those Angels say Ugo na your correct person. Forever miss you my little Cos..
Posted by Ajao Tobi on January 26, 2016
Dear Ijay happy birthday i just came here to say a little prayer for you....you are forever in our hearts and i am comforted by the fact that you are in the Lord's bossom. You are gone but can never and will never be forgotten.
Posted by Evelyn Enwelu on January 26, 2016
Happy Birthday the baby the baby, my Pekulicious Pekulyn, my ever smiling giggles..... Love you silly... thoughts of you never Fades.... keep celebrating with the Angels...
Posted by Major Zorro on January 26, 2015
Dearest Hijay...even though you are gone but for me you are still here and as such here is wishing you a very happy birthday love
Posted by Toluwalose Okitika on July 14, 2014
Was watching a video of you and I today and I still miss you dearly. 3 years feels like yesterday. Love you IJ!
Posted by Major Zorro on July 6, 2014
Dearest Hijay,how u doing gul?its bn a while now.days have turned into weeks,weeks into months and months into years but the hurt still remains...if only I could see the future but I can't...d present is all I have got and memories past...those wonderful 6 months...I will never forget you my dear friend...I miss u like crazy mehn!!!who wouldn't? Except if dey never met u...u will always be in my heart.but I will keep d memories and d dreams we shared for d little tym we had together alive...I miss u Ijeoma.
Posted by Okemini Otum on June 15, 2014
Forever young, seems just yesterday back in Futo, nice, lovely and full of energy...I know u in heaven now
Posted by Major Zorro on April 22, 2014
Dearest Hijay,its bn 3 years now...wow how tym flies,and just how small are we in God's schemes and plans.i miss you so much my lovely friend...i wish i was saying its bn another year of having you around today...but God knows best and I surrender to Him...but I miss u ijeoma,so bad
Posted by Katia Обариасе on January 27, 2014
I miss you everyday....
Posted by Chike Ndibe on January 26, 2014
Ijay, yeah i guess u now know how much you are so HARD to be FORGOTTEN. I thank the Lord we had an experience in school does days and also to have known your awesome family. just thought of our show we had with aunty Oge on her radio show,recall ya i know you wouldn't forget. miss ya and do pray for us down here.....
Posted by Major Zorro on January 26, 2014
Dearest Hijay,u would have bn celebrating ur 27th today,but God knows best.u will always be in my heart.I still miss u like crazy.u will forever be special to me.Happy Birthday Hijay....I miss u....<3,:'(
Posted by Major Zorro on November 10, 2013
so hard n confusing now Hijay...never like dis when u were around...
Posted by Major Zorro on October 21, 2013
Dearest Hijay,so difficult not having u around.nobody ever made me feel au I felt while u were around n now dat u no more here,it's so hard Hijay.going on 3 years now n it hurts ever so bad still...Hijay!!!:-(:'(:'(:'(.....u lit my candle Hijay
Posted by Major Zorro on October 6, 2013
dearest hijay,bn a while now...au tym flies...so many things have happened... i miss u...i miss u so much.wish u were around gul.u will always be in my heart.i miss u Hijay
Posted by Franklyn Ofonagoro on April 23, 2013
Ijay we miss you as much as ever. I will tell my new born son of what a lovely Aunty you would have undoubtedly been. God keep you. Chidi
Posted by Ikechukwu Okorafor on April 22, 2013
Hey beautiful, it's been a while. Time flies and she sometimes lies. She said its been two years but it feels like 2 days.
Posted by Awele Abuah on April 22, 2013
Hello Ijay. I had a dream abt u last nite. It wasnt scary or anything. I was so happy to see you. I kept pulling you to come with me but u said u wldnt that u were at peace. U smiled at me and we talked (cant rmbr what we talked abt). Its good to knw that u r happy. I pray God gives us the strength to cope with the "hole" u left and also give us the kind of peace that you have found.
Posted by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on April 21, 2013
Hey lil sis: another year of self denial as still not waiting to accept that you are truly not here. Guess going to villa will make it accept hence my hesitation in not going as you won't be there to greet me as usual. Miss you immensely as I have so much to chat about but still talk to your spirit. Your godson is a big boy now, can you imagine - you will be so proud!
Posted by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on January 25, 2013
HBD to my beloved Ijay; your passing still has left a void in our lives but we are somewhat at peace knowing that you are resting well with The Lord and will have the best birthday celebration. We continue to celebrate you today and always :)
Posted by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on October 9, 2012
Hee Minnie - just wanted to say that I think of you daily and miss you heaps... Love you always.... (hmmmm)...
Posted by Obehi Ukpebor on September 29, 2012
A great school mother and friend you were Ijay...thanks for being a part of my life...thanks for the love and care you showed to me...may you rest in peace, Amen...Obehi...
Posted by Capt Zorro on May 6, 2012
Ijeoma everythin seems to be fallin apart for me now...i miss ur company n listening ears mo than eva now...God!!!my Hi Jay's gone
Posted by Ephraim Ofonagoro on April 25, 2012
One year just past like a comet since you left us but it still feels like yesterday. We lost our Angel but the good Lord strrengthened our minds. You were amiable, dutiful, kind and above all compassionate and abundantly loving. We give thanks to Almighty God for your life here on earth and pray that He grants you peace profound. May your gentle soul continue to rest in his bosom A-men.
Posted by Jefferson Ofonagoro on April 24, 2012
Am happy for one thing that this present world am living in is wicked and aint gonna last, and even at that just as you left, so all of us will when our time is right. Humanly speaking I MISS YOU IJEOMA. WE WILL DEFINITELY MEET AGAIN. WE WILL .LOVE YOU IJ,
Posted by Morris Arinze on April 23, 2012
ijay!!! Its one year now.Still feels fresh to ♍Ƹ̴ but who are my to question God.You will always be remembered bcos U̶̲̥̅̊ were a good friend.
Posted by Capt Zorro on April 22, 2012
Hi jay.its a yr now.i have tot of u every single day n will continue to.just wish i could see u one more time.wish it was possible to roll back tym and pause it,then i will go bak to wen u were around n hope u neva go.Ijeoma i am so sad,my hrt is broken but ur space in my heart will foreva remain n am so sori for nt telling u thins i shold have.i miss u babe so much.but i have faith.tk kia
Posted by Ug Ofonagoro on April 22, 2012
I love you .
Posted by Evelyn Enwelu on April 22, 2012
You were everything a friend and sister would ever need, no 1 can replace d vacum u left on this earth! I wil always love and miss you loads my blossom Peku. May our heavenly father keep shining his light on your path. Amen. Sleep well!
Posted by Durugo Chinma on April 22, 2012
Aijay its one year already but it feels just like yesterday but am consoled that those who die i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Christ have hope of resurrection.Sleep on Aijay,I will forever miss u
Posted by Boch Osuji on April 22, 2012
Eeejay, I know it's kinda awkward talking to the dead right now but you are never dead... you are just living in my heart. I don't have much to say, I guess you know it best looking at me from up there. I miss you.
Posted by Ugochukwu Victor on April 22, 2012
Peku its a year now..always in my heart dearest friend....hard to believe you are gone but am consoled knowing God will reserve the best part of heaven for you and you finally Gods angel cause thats what u have always been an angel...miss u peku
Posted by Capt Zorro on April 17, 2012
Hijay mi ooooo!so sad without u around.almost a year now n have tot of u every single day.wat a loss.have missed u so much n i feel u around so strongly.i will neva forget u Ijeoma...my Hi Jay...miss u bad

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