Let the memory of Ijeoma Gladys be with us forever
  • 24 years old
  • Born on January 26, 1987 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on April 22, 2011 in Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ijeoma Gladys Ofonagoro 24 years old , born on January 26, 1987 and passed away on April 22, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Ug Ofonagoro on April 6, 2012
hello love , just wanted to say whats up .
Posted by Capt Zorro on March 4, 2012
Just sitting here,thinking of the time we spent together,wishing things coulda been different,wishing i could hear your voice and feel your touch realtime without having to dream it and alwayz praying i make it to paradise when i die too so all this hurt could finally be turned into joy coz Hi Jay it hurts...n it hurts bad.i miss u baby.everyday i think of u.cant get it off my mind.so sad.
Posted by Capt Zorro on February 23, 2012
Ijeoma ohhhhhh!still hurts so much.feels strange anytime i come here,lyk i still cant believe my Hi jay is really gone...but you are...you've gone n left all those who luv u with a void impossible to fill...Hi Jay i miss u...if only i could get another chance...another time with, then i wouldnt have let u go d way u did. am so sorry. i miss u gul.Solja Luv.Zorro over m out.
Posted by Capt Zorro on February 3, 2012
Hey babe,another friday again.still feels fresh-d pains of d day u left us.u will forever be in my heart.till i met the Almighty too.i will neva let u go.take kare baby.luv
Posted by Morris Arinze on February 2, 2012
Ijay!!!!!! Na so U̶̲̥̅̊ just go?anyway i'll not pretend cos i like saying things the way it is.I'm very very very very sad that U̶̲̥̅̊ went to glory so early but i know that by his grace we will meet again but until then when i must have finished my mission on earth take care and don't forget that we L♥√ع U̶̲̥̅̊ and will always L♥√ع U̶̲̥̅̊.
Posted by Morris Arinze on February 2, 2012
Ijay! Having fun shey?I have been in revelation f the bible since trying to Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ if i will Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ Ɣ☺ΰя smile again cos sometimes i get confused if spirits looks exactly like one's fleshbeing.Honestly I'm trying to get U̶̲̥̅̊ out f my mind for now cos U̶̲̥̅̊ make ♍Ƹ̴ long for the coming f christ. Aaah.just wished we spent more time together.keep resting in peace.miss U̶̲̥̅̊
Posted by Capt Zorro on February 1, 2012
Dear Hijay,au iz it over there?it still hurts not having u around but i cling on to the mercies of God.so hard having to come hia n talk to you dis way,but who am i question God.but i miss baby.miss u bad.JD has been quite tof n it only gets toffer wen it strikes me dat u've gone.tk darlyn.am missing u.
Posted by Awele Abuah on January 26, 2012
Hi Ijay!!! I still find it hard to believe that you're gone.....but i knw ur in a better place....@ least I can smile abt that.
Posted by Ossai Kelvin on January 26, 2012
This is the very first day we are suppose to celebrate without you here, but wat would that be called and who will make the call? kpom, only God knows best..Your friends will miss you, the Ossai`s will miss you, your family will miss you, Ugonna especially, but keep us under your shadow and always think of us as we think of you, happy bday, in absentia
Posted by Capt Zorro on January 9, 2012
Hey babe,gone for JD now,missing u as alwayz.tk kia.luv
Posted by Capt Zorro on January 3, 2012
Dearest Hi Jay,itz a new year...new aspirations,new expectations,new plans,but still d same ol' feeling of lose,regret and grief...but also of hope in the mercies of the Almighty to see u again,i miss Hi Jay,so very much...wish i could correct the past,but am hopeful and grateful for life too.i miss u darlyn.tk kia baby
Posted by Capt Zorro on December 27, 2011
Hi Jay,rememba dis tym last year?u were at d villa n i was in Abj.we were buzzing on d fone.remba wen some1 got into ur skin n u were so angry n i wz lyk u wuld soon be back?OMG!i miss u.so very much baby.i will neva forget u.ur space will ever be green in my hrt n i will nuture it with fond memories of d great tym we shared...n with my tears too.i miss u Hi Jay.NEVA EVA GONNA LET U GO.luv
Posted by Capt Zorro on December 27, 2011
Hello babe,au u dey today.missing u lyk krayzie!!!!
Posted by Ossai Kelvin on December 8, 2011
i have never missed anything like you. even till now. today is the day we started our journey together in the year 2004. i miss u so much , mi` amore
Posted by Capt Zorro on December 2, 2011
Baby mi,itz anoda Friday n I still miss u lyk crazy.Hi Jay,take kia.wish u were still around...
Posted by Capt Zorro on November 25, 2011
Hi Jay m,it's another friday,another week gone by.it has always been diff n at times I wonder why it still hurts so bad.I guess it waz coz of au cloz we were...no are.only u n Uniform Golf know.babe itz so hard.I feel ur presence everytym,all d tym and itz so painful to know u r around yet I can't talk to u.lyk u r on d other side of a wall n I can't cross ova,at least for now.miss u gul
Posted by Capt Zorro on November 22, 2011
Hi Jay m,its over 30 weeks n ur tots r ever fresh.i hide my tears when i remember your face,but d pain in my heart is still d same.even dou i smile and seem carefree at times,but baby,the truth is that i have never missed anyone dis much in my entire life,maybe its coz i still feel ur presence ever so strong,ur smile,ur blush...Hi Jay i miss u die.tk kia baby.u will alwayz be in my hrt.luv
Posted by Capt Zorro on November 13, 2011
Dearest Hi Jay,anoda week don pass-make dat 29 weeks now.still miss u so much Hi Jay m,it still hurts bad but I have hope n faith dat He sees my pains and my heart aches n He will make me rejoice eventually.I miss u gul.I sure wish u were still around.ur space in my heart will forever be there and am going to keep it alive with memories of us together.I miss u Hi Jay...miss u so bad.tk kia
Posted by Ugonna Ofonagoro on November 8, 2011
misss u minnie
Posted by Capt Zorro on November 7, 2011
Hi jay m,it's bn over 28 wks n it still feels fresh.never had I tot dat for 7 mths,I will have d same tots in my head every single day,but then again,neva did I imagine u leavin.I've missed u so much but I thank God for d lessons I have learnt from ur passing, it keeps me going in d knowledge that there is a beta place where all my wishes n even mo come thru n am working to go there.miss u
Posted by Capt Zorro on October 15, 2011
Hi Jay m,it'z anoda week gone by.everyday I think about u n it's been so very difficult as alwayz I wish I kuld have u back or spend some time with u again.it's so sad n to think of all d things I was supposed to have told u...so sorry baby.miss u so much.u'll always be in my hrt
Posted by Capt Zorro on October 8, 2011
Hi Jay m,it'z 24 weeks now...wow 6 mths since u left me alone.seems so long but it still stings as if it were dat fateful day.I miss u so much baby...have come to terms with it but d scare wont heal n I don't even want it to coz u r so special.I miss u bad.pray to c u again.luv.
Posted by Capt Zorro on September 30, 2011
Hi Jay m,back home now...it's still so hard.every morning goin to work without you n coming back without u and spending d day knowing i cant talk to you it's so very hard.it's 23 weeks now and it still hurts like dat day...but I won't give up working to c u again baby.miss u so..
Posted by Capt Zorro on September 23, 2011
Hi Jay m,itz been anoda hard week gone by,am sure u can see au hard it waz.at least i'll be goin home on Monday-get to go places where we shared bewtiful memories and relive them again.i cant wait.it makes me feel u mo.Hi Jay m i have missed u and will continue to.tk kia gul.luv
Posted by Capt Zorro on September 16, 2011
Hi Jay m 21 wks now.cant wait to get back home and draw back closer to my aim-u know wot am saying.am so sorry for not making more out of d time we had,au kuld i have known?but i know we had fun.Hi Jay it waz...no it iz gr8t knowin u.we will be 2geda again.i have hope.luv
Posted by Capt Zorro on September 14, 2011
Hi Jay m,got ur signal dis morning.thank u.just hang on there...we will all soon be together...me,u,every1 we luv.i have faith.thank u gul dou i still wish i waz tellin u dis face 2 face,i probably am,just dat u can see me n i cant c u.tk kia baby.miss u alwayz.luv.over n out
Posted by Capt Zorro on September 9, 2011
Hi Jay m,exactly 5 mths 2day wow!God has a reason 4 everything.neva tot dat u could leave dis early but Hi Jay i know u r still around,i feel u around n dats y not seeing n hearin fm u again physically is so crushing wen i know u r with me.tk kia gul.pray to see u again.miss u.lv
Posted by Ugochukwu Victor on September 9, 2011
You really were gone too soon cheerie moi....U should ve told me wen we talked just a day b4 that it was our last.I terribly miss u cheerie..got ur number on my number 2 fast dial list, got u on my skype and yet i cant reach u.love u always..4eva in my heart.Sleep tyt BFF
Posted by Capt Zorro on September 2, 2011
hi jay m,19 wks now.i need u mo than ever now as alwayz.thinz are not goin well at all 4 me.wish u were around for me to share with,but u r gone...all i can do now iz hope to c u again n work towards it too.i miss u hi jay.i miss u too much.i will neva let u go fm my h6eart.luv
Posted by Capt Zorro on August 26, 2011
Hi Jay m,anoda wk gone by,anoda wk of wishing u were hia,anoda wk of prayin to b with u again.am gettin used to livin with d pain.but i know u were sent to me 4 a reason n waz taken away for a reason,I'll miss u 4eva.cant wait for all of us to be 2geda baby.i miss.c u soonest.luv
Posted by Capt Zorro on August 19, 2011
Hi Jay m,17 wks.it iznt getting easier.lyk u went on a jorni n waitin for me n am longin 4 u.Hi Jay its hard esp now dat am not home,but hav learnt d lsns am 2 learn from God allowin me to know u n den taking u away.am hopin & prayin for God's mercy to b with u gul.miss u die.luv
Posted by Capt Zorro on August 12, 2011
Hi Jay m,4 mths 2day!God!its been hard.but God has been seein me thru n am taking d lsns fm d xperienc but i miss u dy.afta u left,my only aim is to make paradise so dt we can all be 2geda again.pls dont be lonly we wil soon c.i'll neva 4get u gul.10k u 4 everthin.miss u babe.luv
Posted by Ugochukwu Victor on August 12, 2011
wished u around so I can call u and just tell me issues now so u could as usual tell me to forge on...God knows best why he took u..Miss u....sleep tight Ijay...Rest Well Best Friend
Posted by Capt Zorro on August 5, 2011
Hi Jay m,its another week again-plus n minus 1 u myte say-a wk added to d pain of u not bn around n a wk taken from my tym here.2day is realy trying,guess u know y but i wont deny God's power over all things no matter au hard it gets,but i am indeed truly sad.i miss u gul-so much
Posted by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on August 2, 2011
I miss you like crazy - still surreal Ijeoma, I am finding it hard to accept this death. Chineke, my comforter and counsellor – you have to help me to see sense in all this. So strange not getting ur usual birthday greetings or calls. Miss u so much babes and luv ya 4ever.
Posted by A-kay U-kay on August 2, 2011
I just thought of you. Of course, a treasure like you can't be easily forgotten....I know you are Grooving up there with all the Heavenly glory and beauty the world hasn't known. Smile on..........
Posted by Capt Zorro on August 1, 2011
Hi Jay m,au fa?feel uplifted 2day,cos as u know its d beginnin dat grt mth again when God's mercies are released mo dan eva n am goin to use d opp 2 work harda twds been with u n Hadi 4eva.we had grt times in 5mths,imagine eternity!am so hopeful...but i still miss u bad...so bad
Posted by Capt Zorro on July 29, 2011
Hi Jay m,its a wk added to the pain of living w/out u,a wk removed from my existence 2.really working towards bn with u again.just pray i succeed-u know wot am saying babe.10ks for dis mornin.dou u r no mo around but u r still around.ma pikin,i miss u so much gul.i still cry...
Posted by Ugochukwu Victor on July 25, 2011
wanted to write on your facebook wall....but there is more solace here.....still missing you ..always will...how can I ever forget you...U were worth more than a thousand stars
Posted by Capt Zorro on July 22, 2011
hi jay m,its 13 wks since u left and d pain of not havimg u around lingers and will linger 4 eva infact i have come to accept it as a part of my life.at times i feel like seein u n tellin u just au much i miss u,the memories of good times then i rememba u r gone!oh!my hi Jay!
Posted by Capt Zorro on July 19, 2011
Hi Jay m,its so hard!!!God!i know its crazy thinking u r going to come back,but at d same time its too painful,too crushing to even think not to say accepting that you are actually gone.just five months,but d void u left u left in my life can NEVA be filled.i miss u oooooooo!!!
Posted by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on July 18, 2011

Missing you like crazy. This is still surreal to take in. Luv ya so much and miss you immensely. My heart is in constant pain and denial. Chinekem, this is too much.
Posted by Capt Zorro on July 15, 2011
Hi Jay m.i dont know wot to say anymo,but God knows n u know d pain i feel.its like u r hia but not hia.ur presence is so strong.u spurred me on wen u were hia,n u spur me on even mo now.i have submitted to God-the grt FASHIONER n COMFORTER.i miss u my pickin.NEVA GONNA LET U GO
Posted by Capt Zorro on July 15, 2011
Exactly 12 weeks 2day since u were ordered back 2 base by the Commander in Chief of the entire universe,well guess u had completed your mission soldier,but i miss u gul.neva tot u would rpt back so suddenly.miss u 4eva.cant beleive am sayin this about u Hi Jay m.miss u soooo much
Posted by Ugochukwu Victor on July 6, 2011
No day goes by I dont miss u..wish u could at least send a postcard..miss u Ij..Forever missed,Forever in my heart
Posted by Patrick Oghenekevwe on June 27, 2011
Oghenekevwe Patrick.
Ijeoma,i could not believe you are gone.I can still remember the first day daddy introduced me to the family and all the FUTO days.Rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Ugochukwu Victor on June 23, 2011
hi babe.how are u? just coming here to find solace once more.ur death really made everything this year look black.u work here is done Ij and I know one day i will be with u in heaven.sleep tight Ij..miss u cheerie moi..
Posted by on June 14, 2011
peku its mua ur c-rep...goin tru our pics..finaly its easy 2 4get some 1 lyk u...as always God knws best...grove well in heaven
Posted by Yvonne Ofonagoro-Okafor on June 10, 2011
Ijay, I miss you so much and am trying real hard but not doing well. Am trying o. We all miss you but know that you are smiling down at us. Luv ya so much cuz, so much. This heartache is too much to bear.
Posted by Ugonna Ofonagoro on May 27, 2011
you know i've come here alot but i haven't been able to write anything . i miss you minne and i honestly dont know what to do. i know that your in a better place minnie you lived a good liFe . i love you ij i dont know what i'm doing half

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