The Last Moments of Just You and Me

Shared by Carmen Song on July 21, 2020
December 7, 2019

You texted me that morning asking if I was free and wanted to do something outdoors. I didn’t have anything planned for that afternoon so that sounded like a great idea!

I picked you up and we headed over to Little Cataraqui Creek. We just walked around the trails in the park since there wasn’t enough snow on the ground to go snowshoeing. We talked, we laughed, we took silly photos, we fed the chickadees, we made snow angels, we had a snowball fight, and we marvelled at the beauty of this flawless winter day. It was magical.

But it wasn’t those things that make spending time with you so special, it’s those moments where you do something extraordinary.

We came upon this little hill – no, smaller than that. It was more like a hump. You wondered if you could slide down it? Without a second thought or hesitation, you got on your back and tried to make it happen. It didn’t matter that your jacket was going to get wet and it definitely didn’t matter that I didn’t understand why you’d want to try. You did it because you wanted to and there was no good reason to not do it. Well it turns out you can’t slide down this hump, but I don’t know another person who puts their curiosity into action with such confidence.

I obviously had a good laugh at what just happened, but I also saw so much joy in you. By sharing that joy with me, you made this a perfect afternoon.

I can’t make more memories like this with you, but I’m incredibility lucky to have these moments to cherish forever.

Love you and miss you <3

Just an all around nice girl.

Shared by Sean Whitehall on July 21, 2020
After the last regatta of the season (which got cancelled due to Thunderstorms the group went for a hike). Even with the cancellation, Ilse stayed her usual positive self, and was the one taking the group picture for the day's memory.

The Most Positive Girl

Shared by Chloe Freeman on July 21, 2020
There was never a moment in which Ilse didn't have her beautiful smile plastered to her face. She lived every moment to the fullest and would always go out of her way to spread her positivity with others. I'll never forget going to pull a 2k on the erg and looking over at Ilse, and she had the biggest smile on her face. I thought she was crazy because everyone knows how painful 2ks can be. When I asked her why she was so happy, she said because this was an opportunity to show off all your hard-work, and because smiling makes it just slightly less painful. Although this was just one small moment in our friendship, I think it perfectly describes who Ilse is. She saw the best in everry situation and refused to be anything but happy. This is a lesson that she taught me and that I think about everyday, especially during this extremely difficult time. She will be deeply missed but her beautiful smile will never be forgotten. 

- Chloe F. 

Sweet Ilse

Shared by Malene Foyd on July 20, 2020
Ilse, I was lucky to get to hang out with you in your parents beautiful garden. I knew about you already from your mom’s stories (she is the best story teller) - your parents are so proud of you. And no wonder - you are sweet, smart, engaged, musical - a very well rounded person despite your young age. That’s why it was such a pleasure to hang out with you. I loved that you sat and played your guitar - right there - in the middle of it all.
Thank you Ilse for the sweet memories.

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