This tribute was added by Robyn Robinson on July 27, 2020
Dear Lise-Lotte,
My deepest, most heartfelt condolences to You and the Family. Yours and others words about your beautiful girl have touched me deeply. I am so very sorry for your loss.
I hold you close in my thoughts.
This tribute was added by Danica Olivo on July 23, 2020
My heart goes out to the entire Loomer family and the other families who are part of their greater circle.
I see pictures of your lovely Ilse and her vitality shines through. I loved reading about her. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as you remember her and grieve for her. I am sure Lorne and Elizabeth have welcomed her with loving arms and are happy to get to know her.
Danica d'Hondt Olivo (Walter's eldest sister.)
This tribute was added by Neala St. Hilaire on July 23, 2020
Lise-Lotte, Tereus, Chloe and family (hugs especially to Nouria and Magnus). Please know that you are all in my thoughts and am remembering experiences with Ilse with so much love. Thank you so much for sharing your memorial for Ilse online, I am feeling very full of gratitude for the opportunity to be able to share in her celebration of life. Every photo I have of Ilse from her two years of Guides with me are of her beaming joy and a quiet confidence. I loved hearing Chloe's list of tributes and will make my own.
This tribute was added by Rebecca Nielson on July 22, 2020
Dear Lise-Lotte, Tereus and Chloe,
Ilse was a ray of sunshine - from the first moment I met her as "Chloe's little sister", I thought she was amazing. She had a kind word for everyone, a smile and just such a warmth about her. I loved being her teacher, and I think everyone who crossed paths with her just felt better for having known her. The words and the pictures you have shared about Ilse are beautiful - I have never read a more fitting tribute that what you shared with everyone, Lise-Lotte. I always remember asking you, Lise-Lotte what your secret was for raising such lovely, kind girls, and I know it is because you are an amazing strong family. You have created community and care at GNS, in Oak Bay and across the globe - and I know Ilse continued to do that too everywhere she went. She brought with her compassion, curiosity, friendship and positivity. Sending love to all of you in this difficult time.
This tribute was added by Peter Londa on July 22, 2020
Thank you for allowing so many of us to participate in such a beautiful and touching service for Ilse. The comments shared by Chloe, Lise-Lotte and you were heart-warming and filled with love and admiration. As tragic as the entire circumstances are, please know that the celebration of Ilse’s life captured her spirit and will stay with me through the balance of my time. I’ll remember my visit with Ilse at Stanley Park and always be reminded of her when I think of my memories of seeing the Northern Lights from the wonderful lands of Sweden and Finland where I similarly studied. The collective hearts of my family and all of your friends and colleagues at Tantalus are with your entire family and we hope Lise-Lotte, Chloe and you can find comfort in recalling and sharing cherished memories of your talented and wonderful daughter. 
This tribute was added by Vivi Shi on July 22, 2020
I first met Ilse when she was in her fist year at Queen's University. At the time, I was her Don in Leggett Hall. Our floor shared some very special memories together, from experiencing orientation and frosh week, to just simply hanging out in the common room and watching movies at night. We always joked about being "Egg Hall" friends. I have so many fond memories of seeing Ilse and her friends laughing and enjoying each others' company. As a Don, I was so happy to see the community that was being built on my floor - a community that would not have been as strong and resilient if not for Ilse's kindness and open heartedness. Ilse was so sweet and caring to everyone she encountered. She would always smile and ask how my day was whenever she passed by my room. She always made sure to check in on her friends, and was never shy to start a conversation about her passions and interests. Isle was such a ray of sunshine to everyone she met. I know Ilse has touched the lives of so many, including mine. I will never forget her positivity and great energy. Rest in Peace Ilse ❤️
This tribute was added by Erika Horan on July 22, 2020
I truly think anyone who crossed paths with Ilse would think of her as a friend, and i don't think Ilse crossed paths with anyone whom she treated as less than one. What a beautiful way to be. In the years i attended school and girl guides with Ilse, it was nothing but happy memories with her, and even from a young age it was easy to tell that Ilse had a kindness and wisdom i only knew adults to have. Im so sorry that i can't run into you again some day and be met once again with your warmth and happiness. My heart and thoughts go out to the Loomer-Scotts and i am so so sorry.
This tribute was added by Jamie Elbert on July 21, 2020
It didn’t matter whether you taught Isle at GNS — you knew her. She was a quiet force. She brought light and warmth to the room. My heart is with you and your family.
This tribute was added by Sam Cantor on July 21, 2020
Ilse was a shining light, someone who always showed you how beautiful the world around you was and taught you to love, to laugh, and to sing. She had a fascination for life and music that shone through in every song we played or adventure we went on. I know that I will always cherish the friendship we had and the many stories, memories, and songs that followed. I miss you, Ilse.

I know that I could talk forever about Ilse and how profound and impactful she was on my life, but I think in honor of her passion for the arts, I want to try to add a poetic note to this tribute. In 1963, Leonard Bernstein, an accomplished composer, held a series of lectures at Harvard University known as "The Unanswered Question", where he explored the grammar that shapes music, art, and poetry. To express the power of simplicity in artistic language, he quoted Shakespeare's phrase "Juliet is the sun". This classic example of "this is that" does not relly on any explanation, expansion, or justification. Explaining that "Juliet had a bright smile, and the sun is bright, therefore she is like the sun" would be unnecessary and almost reduce the significance through addition. The profound simplicity in this quote allows the reader to feel and understand what this means through context, emotion, and their own personal connection to this character.

To say that "Ilse is the sun" would be the simplest yet most understanding description I could give. The connection and experiences I've had with her shape how this statement makes me feel, and gives context to what is not put into words. From reading the other tributes and talking to close friends and family, I understand that Ilse was also a shining light in many of the lives around her, and I hope that everyone's personal stories and relationships with her will shape what that quote means to you.

Thank you to everyone that has helped make it possible to share our thoughts and prayers remotely, and I'm sending all my love to the Loomer-Scott family through this sad time.
This tribute was added by Jake Burnett on July 21, 2020
Thank you Ilse, for bringing kindness, compassion, brightness and light to all of our lives. You are a very special member of the GNS community and your smile will be always there, and in our hearts.
This tribute was added by Tracey Wimperly on July 21, 2020
Lise-Lotte, Tereus and Chloe: Steve and I watched the service today and were both moved so deeply. Although I only met Ilse as a child and then again just over a year ago when we visited your beautiful home in Victoria, the many stories you shared have given me such a rich picture of this lovely human. When Chloe talked about Ilse wanting to "be alone together," with her sister, my heart melted. L3, your courageous, warm and breathtaking tribute was filled with so many precious moments. I chuckled at your mention of Ilse's "allergy" to your stories of "you'll never guess who I ran into" and was heartened to hear about the phone conversation you had with your daughter after our radio interview. "We were together even when we were apart." I remember playing a couple of her songs on the show and being just simply wowed by her voice and talent. You always "see" everyone, Lise-Lotte, and I know that Ilse always felt seen by you. I hope to hear many more stories in the weeks and months ahead so I can get to know and appreciate more this young woman who left Earth too soon. Please know we are deeply sorry for your unfathomable loss and are holding you all in our hearts. Love, Tracey
This tribute was added by Margaret McCullough on July 21, 2020
A wonderful tribute to a wonderful young lady. She made every class I taught her a delight; always warm, compassionate and caring. My thoughts go out to her beautiful family, and she will always hold a special place in my heart.
This tribute was added by Tanya Cowie on July 21, 2020
What a beautiful tribute to Ilse. She was an inspiration to me when I saw her succeeding in spite of reading difficulties and gave me hope for my son. I am so broken hearted for you Lise-lotte, Tereus and Chloe, and I wish you strength to deal with this grief but you are strong and your words today made realize you will honour her by doing what she would want you to do. I loved what your friend said about the community softening your grief but today your words, L3, Tereus and Chloe, softened ours.
This tribute was added by Siena Margorian on July 21, 2020
Ilse was my rowing coach this year. She helped me feel welcome at home at Queen's and am forever grateful for her guidance, kindness, and gentleness. She never gave up on us and was always so encouraging. Sending love to the Loomer-Scott family.
This tribute was added by Elizabeth Blakslee on July 21, 2020
Ilse was one of the first people to introduce herself to me on my first day of rowing practice last year. We would often Erg next to each other and congratulate each other after practice was finished. She then moved on to be a supportive and encouraging assistant coach in my second year and I am forever grateful to have known her even for a short amount of time. She was a kind soul and my thoughts and condolences go to her family in this hard time.
This tribute was added by Judy MacKinnon on July 21, 2020
Archie and I are heartbroken at the news about your sweet, sweet Ilse. Not so long ago we ran into Ilse and she greeted us with that big smile and a warm hug. She was an exceptional young woman in so many ways. Our love to you all at this sad time. Judy and Archie
This tribute was added by Mari-Etha Alston on July 21, 2020
Words fail me but my heart and life is better for having known Ilse.
This tribute was added by Kim Johnson on July 20, 2020
OH my heart. Ilse was such a bright light, so delightful to know, and I was always thrilled to see her face in the Cardboard House Bakery or anywhere on Hornby when you all came to stay. May peace and well-being be with you all. We'll be holding you close in heart and mind this summer.

This tribute was added by Miriam Byrne on July 20, 2020
Dear Lise-Lotte, Tereus, Chloe and Lilly,
Words cannot express the immense shock and sadness I felt when I received the news of Ilse’s passing.
I have such fond memories of watching both girls grow up in the GNS community. Ilse’s smile, the spring in her step and the quiet confidence she exuded were such a powerful combination. You just knew she was bound for a greatness and in her short life, she inspired so many.
Please know that my heart is with all of you during this incredibly difficult time. 
Thank you for the gift of Ilse’s life and for being the epitome of a loving family.
With so much love and respect,

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