Her Life

Obituary Overview

Fortunata De Mesa Balan Ramos was born in Mariveles, Bataan on April 23rd 1926 and passed away peacefully on May 29th 2020. She is also known as 'Atang', and her children and grandchildren call her 'Inay'. She is married to Jose (Lolo Joe) Ramos.
Inay and Lolo Joe had four children, one boy and three girls, all born in Mariveles. From youngest to oldest: Delia Capistrano, Lito Ramos, Irma Cervania and Susan Pacquing, bearing them nine grandchildren: Kevin and Ferdelle Capistrano, Ryan and Joanne Ramos, Eric and Christine Cervania, Mykelle, Robin, and Rafael Pacquing, and three great-grand children: Lilenna and Hannah Ramos-Ryan, and Amian Deguzman-Pacquing. Inay's loving husband passed away on May 28th 2010.
On the day after Inay Atang's birthday in April 2020, she tested positive for COVID-19 and miraculously overcame it less than a month later at the age of 94. Her family was luckily able to see Inay during zoom video chats organized by the nursing staff at the Elmgrove Living Centre, and her youngest daughter, Delia, was able to take care of Inay and be with her in her final week since Elmgrove had been deemed COVID free. Delia and Lito both visited her the day before Inay passed. 
Inay did not have serious symptoms during COVID, and fought the virus with her well-known strength. 
Inay protected and raised her siblings through World War II, immigrated with her family to Toronto in the 70s, and ultimately enjoyed 94 years of a well-lived life. 
Inay would always greet you with an infectious smile - it could light up a whole room - and her laugh was unique and so joyous. 
Inay had a sparkling personality- always dressed stylishly in red or a fashionable animal print, wore shiny red veneer nail polish, and her iconic, white-silver hair was always freshly cut and styled. She always smelled of love, warmth and Salonpas. 
Inay was a faithful, God-fearing, traditional woman, known for her sense of humor, her levity, her relentless strength, and her loving nature. She would always make sure that you had a sweater, or that you had eaten, and reminded you often that she "loved you so much". If you ever held her hand, you would know she had the strongest grip, but would walk carefully anywhere she went with the most perfect posture. 
Inay was intelligent and sharp, even in her older years, recalling important dates of birthdays and memories that most easily forget.
She was often heard singing a tune ("I love you, you love me, we're a happy family…”, "Dahil Sa Iyo", "There's No Tomorrow"). She always looked forward to celebrating her birthday with others no matter what month it was. She enjoyed food — which was mostly the delicious Filipino food her children and children-in-law would make or bring her, but Inay was also a big fan of Swiss Chalet, french fries, and the occasional burger or chicken nuggets. She was an extremely supportive grandmother and would attend her granddaughter's performances and comedy shows with pride. She loved watching soap operas, talking on the phone with her many friends and loved ones, and writing notes and letters. She was an eloquent and talented writer. She truly enjoyed her great-grandchildren and Inay was known for always making sure the babies were bundled up well so they would prevent catching a cold. 
Always kind, always particular, and always having a way with words, Inay Atang's love and spectacular energy will always be remembered and forever missed.