Let the memory of Inez be with us forever
  • 81 years old
  • Born on December 22, 1918 .
  • Passed away on December 13, 2000 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Inez Sims 81 years old , born on December 22, 1918 and passed away on December 13, 2000. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Carolyn Woods on 2nd September 2017
I can't believe that it's been 17 years, seems like yesterday that we were talking at the kitchen table. Time really does fly by like you said it would.
Posted by Carolyn Woods on 29th December 2016
I love and miss you, Medea!
Posted by Carol Jackson on 27th December 2016
I think of my grandmother daily, not one day passes that I do not think of her and see her because she is in my spirit, she is in my heart. As we approach the end of 2016 and prepare to meet 2017 I am reminded of Madear's presence, her character, and the life she lived, the lessons she taught; My grandmother was a Virtuous Woman. She served God with all of her heart, mind, and soul. She was trustworthy and a helpmeet, she respected her husband. She nurtured, taught, and trained her children in the way they should go. Madear was aware of her health and always prepared healthy food for her family (We shared some beautiful Sunday & holiday dinners). She served her husband, her family, her friends, and her neighbors with a gentle and loving spirit. I always remember Madear spending money wisely and she willingly worked with her hands. She was a homemaker and always created an inviting atmosphere of warmth and love. Madear used her time wisely, if she had things to do, chores to complete, she did them. My grandmother was a woman of worth and beauty. She demonstrated daily the inner beauty that only comes from Christ. Madear created beauty in her life and the lives of her loved ones. I remember my grandmother living a life that was virtuous and I am often reminded of her characteristics and the gifts and memories she left for us all. I don't remember her complaining, but I do remember the Love she shared and the lessons she taught. All her Love, All for Us.
Posted by Camille Green Jackson on 22nd December 2016
The (4) beautiful sisters of my Dad were the strings that held my family together. We may not have been what anyone else wanted us to be, but Aunt Peaches, Aunt Ruby, Aunt Elizabeth & Aunt Pud were the ultimate family. We knew we were loved and that is what makes a family. The good times, bad times, happy times, it did not matter, they were there. Aunt Peaches named my youngest son, and she showed my family so much love. The sisters were the backbone of the family and were perfect examples of what a family represent. They did not agree always, but were there no matter what for each other and for all of the family.I used to pray as a child that if anything happened to them let it happen to me first, because I just felt my heart could not take it. I know there is a God looking out for me and I know they are there looking down. I will always feel blessed that they were in my life and that Aunt Peaches will forever be in my heart. Happy Birthday!!! She lived a life that was long, but very short in my eyes. Love ya, Camille
Posted by Chelse Woods on 13th December 2016
I've never known what to say on here. There are many times where its so hard to express verbally just how much you are missed. Today is no different but I wanted to leave something so that our entire family can know that I love them and that you and Mommy are the reason why I know how. I don't know if I've made you proud yet but I do want you to know I remember the last thing that you told me...I've never forgotten and I'm still working on it, Honey. I won't let you down. I love and miss you.
Posted by Carolyn Woods on 8th May 2016
For as long as I could remember, you were always by my side. You gave me love, support and confidence. I can remember you being the person I looked up to, so strong, so sensitive and so good-looking. I member, you always provided strength within our family, communication along with laughter and full of love. I never saw your outer tears, but I felt them. To me, you were everything a mother should be, one that makes each of her children so special that they each have a different mother from the other. I live each day remembering what you taught me. I never knew that the conversations we were having long ago, would be in my lifetime survival bag. Oh, how much I miss you!
Posted by Carolyn Woods on 8th May 2016
Thank you seems very small to say, when I think of all the sacrifices you made for me. "Thank you, Medea - Happy Mother's Day!" Loving you forever and ever, Carolyn
Posted by Carol Jackson on 22nd December 2015
"What a caterpillar calls the end of the world the Master calls a Butterfly" You left me beautiful memories; Your love is still my guide, and though we cannot see You, You're always at my side. I Love You Honey
Posted by Carol Jackson on 22nd December 2015
Today I celebrate the life and legacy of my grandmother. Not a day goes by that I do not think of her, she lives in my spirit. I smile today as I see her in my memories and think of a favorite scripture of hers that she shared with me and now is one of my favorite scriptures 2 Timothy 1:7. I am grateful, very thankful for my grandmother's legacy, all that I learned by watching her, listening to her wisdom, and by being obedient. Madear's example of faith, love of family, integrity, and compassion are characteristic of my personality today. Wow, I watched my grandmother pray in the morning and at night. I watched my grandmother apply her makeup and style her hair, Oh my gosh, I remember how she would move through out the kitchen and dining room preparing dinner and setting the table for Sunday and Holiday dinners; favorite times of mine, family coming together, the fellowship, fun, and laughter I miss so much! I learned how to appropriately and completely clean the kitchen, set the table, rake and bag leaves from my grandmother. I always felt safe, loved, and at peace in her presence, in her home. I loved to watch and listen to her conversations and laughter with others, She always treated everyone with kindness and love. Funny, Madear told me one evening that you should never go to work without wearing stockins and still today, I wear stockins to work everyday, unless it is jeans day at work! LOL! I Love You and cherish my memories forever.
Posted by Carolyn Woods on 12th May 2015
Mother's Day just isn't the same with Medea absent. The Saturday before Mother's Day was an event for family members to meet up in Kerens. Everybody would have their lawn tools to work in the family cemetery cleaning off the graves. We all took our favorite picnic foods for sharing, and catching up on family news. We don’t follow the older family traditions, maybe due to the elderly no longer here with us. I have come to the conclusion that no matter what the tradition – I will always appreciate my mother and hold dear the memories of our life together!
Posted by Bridget Lewis on 23rd December 2014
I didn't know my other grandparents, but Madea was enough. Her love filled me, encompassed me, encouraged me and molded me. I still feel her with me, hear her words of wisdom, the sweet sound of her laughter and I feel her hugs. I can't wait to see her again. I thank God for blessing me with a grandmother like no other-- one who showed me what it means to live a life of faith.
Posted by Sylvia Wayne on 22nd December 2014
A green candle for life eternal, Motherdear's favorite color.
Posted by Sylvia Wayne on 22nd December 2014
This is a special moment to express my daily thoughts of my very special friend who I miss so much, I remember her smile and the long talks we would have over our morning coffee. I remember the morning Motherdear invited me to have my first cup of coffee with her and it became something I looked forward to. My mother had a sense of humor that cannot be matched. Oh the laughter we shared about so many things and I still smile everyday for God's special gift He anointed her with, her caring spirit for family and others she had the privilege to nurture and touch with her tender hands. My special friend with GOD's love and grace molded me to be all I can be, to believe in God and know all things are possible through my faith in God who strengthens me daily with my mother's smile and laughter that is with still me. God bless you Carolyn for this opportunity to share tribute to Motherdear. I love you all. God's blessings and mercy be with my family.
Posted by Carol Jackson on 22nd December 2014
Madear was my Mother dear, my love, my heart. She is with me everyday. Madear is in my thoughts and my decisions. I see her and I cherish the memories, leadership and legacy of her generous spirit and loving soul. She is my Angel and the virtuous woman I strive to be. She is my heart forever! Happy Birthday Madear. Aunt Carolyn, Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute and the opportunity to experience the memories of everyone who loved her dearly.
Posted by Carolyn Woods on 21st December 2014
This website was created for my mother, who was truly an amazing lady. She was supportive of me, she was the best in lifting my spirits. She was always there with an understanding heart to hear what I had to say and always had an encouraging attitude to motivate me. My mother taught me that life doesn’t always play by the rules, but KEEPING FAITH IN GOD, everything will work out.
Posted by Trecia King on 21st December 2014
Honey was my heart. Forever in my heart. I love the memories of her as I think of her often. Even now with tears in my eyes, I see her clearly as the day she was here. I look to meet up with her again one day, but love that she is the one along with my other grandmother and grandfathers looking out for me and my family. Their prayers and legacy live on. Thank you Aunt Carolyn for setting this up.

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