Ingrid is no longer suffering- she is in a better place
  • 42 years old
  • Born on April 25, 1968 in Belgium.
  • Passed away on January 22, 2011 in Virginia, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ingrid Orr 42 years old , born on April 25, 1968 and passed away on January 22, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Bruno Crowet on 25th April 2018
For me your birthday takes place every day because there is not a single second or I do not think about you, I will love you forever. your cousin Bruno
Posted by Nicholas Crowet on 25th April 2018
Bon anniversaire ma marraine tu me manque énormément ton petit nico bisous la haut . Je t aime
Posted by Jean Marie Crowet on 3rd March 2018
Pas un jour ne passe sans que j'ai une pensée pour toi, j'entend le son de ta voix, surtout dans les moments difficiles tes"ma tante" me manque tellement.
Posted by Patty Blaylock on 22nd January 2018
I'm missing you today... I wish there were visiting hours in Heaven. Sending my love straight to you. Rest in Peace my Dear Sweet Ingrid xox
Posted by Debbie Huskinmoot on 22nd January 2018
I was thinking about Ingrid last week...she is a special soul <3
Posted by Dana Orr on 12th November 2017
29 years ago today- I married this beautiful Belgian Girl. Little did I realize that the words "until death do us part" would somehow happen 22 years later. Although we have parted due to death- the living must go on- and that entails finding love again and proceeding with life as much as I can. She will always be a part of me forever- that can never be taken away.
Posted by Dana Orr on 4th August 2017
It's hard to understand why you had to leave, but I want to thank you for visiting in my dreams on occasion- and in my thoughts all of the time. This life here sometimes seems pointless in all directions without your actually being here to guide me. It's just hard to press on...I guess I have too- it's just hard to do.
Posted by Dana Orr on 25th April 2017
No words can express - just thinking of you on this day and everyday
Posted by Patty Blaylock on 25th April 2017
Happy birthday in heaven! Together in the same old way would be my wish for you today! Love and miss you rest in peace my dear friend
Posted by Jean Marie Crowet on 25th April 2017
Aujourd'hui tu aurais eu 49 ans, tu me manque tellement!
Posted by Julie Pellegrino on 6th March 2017
Oh Dana - I am so grateful to you for creating this space. I think of Ingrid so often and miss the sound of her voice and her laughter! ❤
Posted by Dana Orr on 4th January 2017
Not a day has passed without thinking of you- I cannot believe that almost 6 years have passed. Although I had a life before you, and I have since made a life after you- you made me the person I am today.
Posted by Dana Orr on 5th June 2016
There is always something there to remind me- and I am forever grateful for the wonderful moments in life we shared...
Posted by Jean Marie Crowet on 24th April 2016
Ce 25 avril tu aurais eu 48 ans, tu étais ma fille mon amie ma confidente, une partie de moi et partie avec toi. Je t'aime tant mon Ingrid
Posted by Debbie Huskinmoot on 22nd January 2016
Ingrid has been on my mind this week. Her sweet soothing voice seems to peek through the clouds as a reminder of that gentle nature. She was my friend and I miss her <3
Posted by Bruno Crowet on 22nd January 2016
Cela fait cinq ans maintenant que tu es partie là où nous irons tous, mais il n'y a pas un seul jour ou je ne pense pas à toi. Ton cousin Bruno
Posted by Alexis Kimber on 25th November 2015
Ingrid will always be remembered and my family was blessed to have met her and Dana back in good ole Abilene TX. A kind soul and one that comes to mind as I watch my husband battle cancer today. Rest in peace.
Posted by Dana Orr on 12th November 2015
It was 28 years ago today that I married a wonderful Belgian girl who stole my heart and taught me how to live, love, and laugh. Although life betrayed us early and she had to go away, I am grateful for the time we had together. I charish the memories- for that is all I have of her now...she made me a better person
Posted by Dana Orr on 26th May 2015
"Over You" as written by Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.... Weather man said it's gonna snow By now I should be used to the cold Mid-February shouldn't be so scary It was only December I still remember the presents, the tree, you and me But you went away How dare you, I miss you They say I'll be OK But I'm not going to ever get over you Living alone here in this place I think of you, and I'm not afraid Your favorite records make me feel better 'Cause you sing along with every song I know you didn't mean to give them to me But you went away How dare you, I miss you They say I'll be OK But I'm not going to ever get over you It really sinks in, you know When I see it in stone 'Cause you went away, How dare you, I miss you They say I'll be OK But I'm not going to ever get over you
Posted by Jean Marie Crowet on 27th April 2015
47 ans! pas besoin d'être le jour de ton anniversaire pour penser à toi, c'est tous les jours.
Posted by Debbie Huskinmoot on 25th April 2015
Thinking and remembering Ingrid this past week. She was one special soul who graced this world with beauty. Blessed to call her friend.
Posted by Bruno Crowet on 25th April 2015
A ma cousine que je n'oublierais jamais , tu aurais eu 47 ans aujourd'hui. Il ne ce passe pas un jour sans que je pense pas à toi, tu me manques, un jour nous serons réunis à nouveau . Ton cousin Bruno et sa fille Pauline
Posted by Jean Marie Crowet on 23rd January 2015
Plus le temps passe, plus tu me manques, mais je sais qu'un jour on se retrouvera! Ta tante qui t'as toujours aimée Marianne.
Posted by Debbie Huskinmoot on 22nd January 2015
Ingrid is one of the most precious souls I've ever had the honor of meeting. She is loved .
Posted by Nico Crowet on 22nd January 2015
Deja 4 ans que tu n es plus la et il n'y y pas un jour ou je pense à toi . Tu me manque énormément ma marraine . . J t aimerais toujours . Ton nicolas
Posted by Dana Orr on 24th April 2014
April 25th will always be a special day in my heart
Posted by Jean Marie Crowet on 26th March 2014
Pas un jour ne passe, sans que je pense a toi Ingrid. J'entend encore ta voix et tes "ma tante". cela me manque telement! Il y avait en toi une joie de vivre. Je t'ai toujours aimer et j'étais trés fière de toi; Tu reste dans mon coeur. Dana je pense a toi , prend soin de toi. Marianne.
Posted by Nicholas Crowet on 8th March 2014
tu resteras toujours dans mon cœur , je pense a toi tout les jours . j'ai jamais réussis a te dire a quel point je t'aimais et a quel point tu comptais pour moi . ton petit nicolas qui t'aimeras toujours . et bisous dana je pense fort a toi aussi
Posted by Bettina Hamers on 7th March 2014
You are still on my mind and will ever be; much love xxx
Posted by Bruno Crowet on 7th March 2014
It is much harder to overcome grief when a loved one disappears. Especially you my beloved cousin, you had me Forever protect you and still does. You'll be forever in my heart and in the heart of my daughter Pauline. We miss you my dear cousin. Bruno Crowet your cousin and her daughter Pauline.
Posted by Dana Orr on 24th January 2014
Three years have come to pass since you stopped suffering- Although an eternal sadness fills me within- I am also happy you are at peace.
Posted by Debbie Huskinmoot on 22nd January 2014
I've been remembering Ingrid for several days now. Her friendship will never be replaced by a sweeter and more gentle soul. I miss you Ingrid.
Posted by Cindy Diaz on 24th May 2013
I knew Ingrid through her loving husband and friend, Dana who I work with. You can really know someone through other people and hearing the stories that Dana has told me over the years tells me what a wonderful life and relationship they had. It is sad to see someone leave us so early in life, but as a faithfilled person, I know that one day they will be together again.
Posted by Debbie Moot on 6th November 2012
I remember Ingrid from many years ago. I have been trying to find her and today discovered she had passed. What a very sad day for the earth to loose such a beautiful soul. She was so gifted and one who only displayed love and loyalty as a friend. I can still hear her beautiful voice speaking truth wherever she went. I am so sorry for you loss. May God Bless all those who loved her.
Posted by Dana Orr on 9th May 2012
My Beautiful Belgian Girl- I will always love you

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