Let the memory of Engr. Innocent Eyewuoma Titilayo Jagha be with us forever.
  • 63 years old
  • Born on September 7, 1955 in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on January 19, 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, 

Engr. Innocent Eyewuoma Titilayo Jagha 

born on Septembe 7, 1955 and passed away on 

January 19, 2019. 

We will remember her forever.

Posted by Sidi Bernard on 6th February 2019
Eyewu my friend,a lady with a golden heart.Rest on my Sister&friend. I love you but Jesus whom you love & served with ALL your heart loves you more.Good night
Posted by Remi Coker on 2nd February 2019
AuntyEyewu, a mother especially. I remember the day your cousin Temisan Atie brought me to you you took me in like you chose me for him.I can't remember my pregnancy as your sister and you carried it for me,birthed and nurtured the baby. You accept all that comes your way . in the way of situation you say; 'remi, éyi ti Olohun ma tun da Si mi l'agara ma ré o,mm!.. My sweet soft spoken sister. My own analyst,planner,arranger, executioner to a soaring height.our foodist. You know what to do to our God given fruits, vegetables animals to culminate in the pot you call 'agapé' foodline. I've told Eyitemi Atie her big mummy is very sick and she says she's coming to see you weekend but to tell you her pastor says to take lots of fruits. Begging me to ensure this. But, who are we to question your maker? Our very own underdog, agape!! Now we know we have an added angel watching over us from up there just as you did over us down here .yes, painful. Very painful is your exit to our hearts. Sleep On.Take thy Rest in your Lords bossom.Untill...,goodnight.goodnight aunty
Posted by Morayo Anthonio on 2nd February 2019
Hmmn! Mama Bose! What a shock to hear of your passing. Our paths crossed as ordained by our Lord Jesus., We got to be better friends with eachother than with the friend who introduced us in the first place. In fact, it took me a little while to remember how I got to know you-and when I did, i marvelled that the main role he played in both our lives was to introduce us to eachother. I am grateful to the Lord for ordaining the times we shared together and the love we shared together. Rest in the bossom of the one who loves us and gave His own life for us. Goodnight Mama Bose.
Posted by Elizabeth Oniyama-Odjugo on 1st February 2019
Oh aunty Yewu aunty Yewu, you are a woman full of love and grace, why did you just leave this soon, when I heard of it from my sister after seen your picture with RIP I wept and asked my sister so many questions am not too close to you as per relations, am related to you through my sister, everything spoken and said about you are all correct and ture, the few time I had to be with as I followed my sister and mother to your place, you are so caring that you will ask me about all my siblings, how they are doing, you are interested in all our progress, you just want to see us doing well and shining, encouraging and advising us as though we re your direct siblings, oh aunty Yewu how I wish it was your birthday party am asked to attend and say something about you, it would have being beautiful, how I wish tears can bring you back I would have filled the ocean to bring you back, you are loving, caring, kind, gracious, understanding, beautiful, Godly, putting your challenges aside and trying to being others out of their challenges. Big aunty word are not enough to express how much you mean to me, siblings and parents, I love you so much but let the name of the Lord be praise, my assurance is that we will meet again on the last day when the rapture shall take place and we will come back with Christ to reign on earth for one thousand years, keep sleeping and resting at the blossom of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I love u ma.
Posted by Mebude Olabisi on 1st February 2019
Eyewu, your transition to glory is too sudden and painful. When I heard the news, I cried uncontrollably and no one could console me. It's still hard to believe that you are no more. You are gone to Glory! My cousin, my sister!, Whom we grew up together. The qualities you possess were rare. Kind-hearted, understanding, compassionate, a pleasant person, great cook and a godly woman of faith. I will miss everything about you especially your smile! You left us too soon. God knows best. In all things we give thanks to God and believe you are resting at the feet of your creator. I take solace in the Lord Jesus Christ that you know him. Eyewu, Rest in peace. Sun re O! Bisi Lala(Mrs).
Posted by Yetunde Daramola on 31st January 2019
Mrs. Charlotte Abosede Afuape (nee Williams) - Daughter Tribute to my mum Innocent Eyewuoma Jagha. I thank God for the privilege to call you My Mother! Eternally grateful to God for having you - a Godly, beautiful, intelligent, wise, kind, funny, humble and unique person as my mum. My mum, my love..... So many wonderful memories. My childhood for instance was so amazing thanks to you for all the love, care you showed me and also the sacrifices you made to ensure I was happy so I could thrive. I am happy you knew how much I love you and even though you told me constantly that you love me, you didn’t even have to because I saw it vividly in your actions. I miss you so much. Your warm, beautiful smile, advice, sweet voice, playful side etc. I love you but God loves you best and wants you to be with him. Love, Mama Agape (as I would jokingly call you).
Posted by Alero Tetevi on 30th January 2019
To Sister From Sister: If you don’t know me, I am Alero Mojisola Tetevi. I’m still in shock since January 19th when Eyewu decided to leave me. We spent only 63yrs together and about eight months ago, we spent 12 days together in Togo and Ghana. How could she have left before me is the question that keep ringing in my head and mind. Oh well, I concluded that it’s not the longevity of life really, but the quality of life. And hers was definitely a quality one. The family can hold its head high. Eyewu would have wanted us to celebrate her life and speak about her achievements and fond memories with a smile on our face. Let’s not dwell on our significant loss, but instead focus on paying tribute to Eyewu’s remarkable life. Eyewu was more than my sister, she was my closest friend. She fought for me when I couldn’t fight for myself. She hated people taking advantage of me. She taught me how to speak out. Even though she was younger than me, even from a young age she was so wise beyond her years. We spent countless hours together as children. We shared a bedroom for many years and even though at times it caused disagreements, It was a wonderful memory of mine. We argued on books we read, she loved markups, which I didn’t, by the way, and she was smarter by the way, always first in class. We started secondary school together. I went in standard six and she did in standard five. We were both good at sports, e.g., tracks, swimming (which always got us in trouble), long and short jumps. . She enjoyed laughing and making others laugh. Eyewu always had a smile on her face and could brighten the darkest days. She would always have a joke or funny story to tell whenever I saw her and I loved her positive fun-loving attitude. She was also a very compassionate person. She cared a lot for friends and family and would do anything to help them. She was one of the most caring and loving person that I have ever met. Eyewu enjoyed cooking (that’s an understatement) and loved to entertain that’s why she was called Agape, as in food, which she took as a profession even when she could design bridges and houses. I was the type of person that could burn water, and did appreciated the numerous cooking lessons that my sister gave me. I could never come close to matching her talents in the kitchen, but I can now cook a healthy and tasty meal thanks to Eyewu. My sister will always be remembered for her positive attitude, compassion, generosity and love for life. My sister was an example to everyone she met of how to live life. I am honored that Eyewu was my sister and will look back on our time together with fond memories. Eyewu, I will always remember you and the time we spent together. I pray to be your sister again in our next life. I’m praying for you to be reborn as quickly as possible and close to me too. Your memory will live on in my heart forever.
Posted by Ibidunni Owokalu on 30th January 2019
Gone to soon Aunty. So many things I wish I had said, so many times I could have visited or called. You will be forever missed. The angels are waiting to welcome you home. May your soul Rest In Peace.
Posted by Tejumola Olubunmi on 29th January 2019
A candle light went off on January 19th 2019.Heavens gained what we lost. A shocking news of your departure .sister Agape (from your catering business Agape food line)mama Bose,we spoke like 2 weeks before your departure. We agreed that we meet @FBC outreach and we pick a convenient day that Ubber will come and pick you at home so we could gist.pray,cook those delicacies. Unfortunately you couldn't make the outreach. A sister in the Lord,A beautiful friend a caring and passionate Mother to her daughter .A prayer warrior .An intelligent,fashionista,event planner. Jesus lover. FBC AGUDA will Miss you greatly.Special delicacies,praying always and committing any situation to God's able hands,agreement prayers are few of what I learned from you.you will be greatly missed .l find solace in the fact that you loved God in the mist of challenges and the Angels have welcome you.we will meet at the resurrection day by the special grace of God. Odigbose.
Posted by Constance Jagha on 28th January 2019
My Sis, Omere mi, Egbon mi, We were told that you came out at birth with your eyes wide open hence your name Eyewuoma(Child loves life). You had a larger than life personality and had a lot of friends and acquintances.You loved life,partied a lot and enjoyed your youth. You accepted Christ and slowed down,then your lifestyle changed totally;you became a Minister of the Word. God's wisdom was added to what you had and you were a Counselor to a lot of people,Sister to many,Mother to others and a Cook to all who care for your delicacies.You were a good Cook! You took good care of your own and she was your best friend. Doh Ome mi, mo miss re! It is sudden,it is unexpected,it is sad,it is painful but i take solace in the fact that we shall meet at the feet of Jesus. Omere mi to segwa doh! Ma a sun Olufe, ki o si ma a simi,gbe ori le aya Olugbala re! Love Always
Posted by Josephine Onuoha on 28th January 2019
Innocent (Agape) as we call you my friend and sister from another family. What a vacuum you have created, who will fill your place? I don't think it's possible. I know all our prayers and dreams for our children will come to pass. It's finish. No more pain. Sleep on sis until we meet to part no more on that faithful day. We love you but God loves more. I am missing you so much, words can not express it. Good bye.
Posted by Mabel Akano on 27th January 2019
You have not passed through this world as a bird but you have left indelible footprints. Your kind deeds can never be forgotten. I remember how you would lead us to W.J. David Primary School and would, sometimes, give us sweets as we walked to school. A sister to be envied, you were a good athlete and equally brilliant. You were sure to win a prize at the inter-house sport and prize-giving day, as they would call you out to receive a prize before you got to your seat, they would call out "Innocent Ja-gha" for another prize. You played the role of a guardian when I was in secondary school. You were so generous. You were giving me N5 as pocket money monthly and that was so much money then. You were there for me at a time l was made to repeat a class and I was discouraged. You gave me the comfort I needed. You were very caring and never took people for granted. You would give me taxi fare whenever you sent me on errands, even for short distances when you knew I would go by foot. That was another swell of purse. Those good deeds meant so much to me. 3 - 4 days to your departure, ALL those kind deeds kept resonating in my mind and I had to share with my family. When we heard that you had passed on, we were shocked because your memory was fresh in our hearts. We love you but God loves you most. We are grieved but the angels are rejoicing that you have joined the triumphant saints. Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!! Anti Yewu we know you are safe in the arms of Jesus.
Posted by Konmi Atiba on 27th January 2019
Eyewu,Titilayo.As I sat down in the twilight of my meditation I called to remembrance the early days of our family association with the Clerks and Atibas family at King George V road. / Marcathy street.Lagos. In the fifties your late Mother was my mother's besto.Growing up with you was fun. We party together till the wee hours. Biola my wife and I will miss you a great deal.Lay your head upon thy Saviours breast. Good Night. My paddy paddy. You came, you saw and conquered death. I still can't believe you are no more. But I know you have gone to rest. May your beautiful Soul Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Yetunde Daramola on 25th January 2019
My Sweet & Loving Aunty An Angel just got its wings! #FlyinPeacesweetAunt May your Soul Rest In Peace! Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for the life you have allowed my Aunt to live. Thank you for bringing her into my life because l have been a recipient of her genuine love and kindness. She has contributed to the woman I am today and to that, I am grateful. She is a mother, an aunt, a sister, a grandmother and much more. She will forever be engraved in my heart ❤️. I love you Aunty but God loves you more; until we meet again.
Posted by Bunmi Thrasyvoulou on 24th January 2019
Aunty Yewu, I am still in shock and in disbelief that you are no longer with us. I am hoping that I will wake up and realise that I have been dreaming. Tears have not stopped rolling from my eyes. Who will console us that you left behind? I can't comprehend how and why you left us so suddenly. You were many things to me. I called you my big sister and looked up to you as a role model. You made me to realise that I could achieve my dreams without limit. Back in the days, I admired you looking smart and beautiful in the green and white uniform of the Nigeria Airways, when you were an air hostess. You were very exposed to good life and well travelled. You went further to study structural engineering in Italy and from there, you became multi-lingual. I remember you also translated documents from Italian language to English. You gave a lot of care and love to everyone around you through your cooking, which you enjoyed and were passionate about. You expressed your love of cooking by setting up a catering business which you named Agape Foodline. I remember the slogan was "We Serve Love With Food". You were a loyal sister, cousin, aunty and friend. You were dependable and trustworthy. I cannot forget your valuable advice and confidence boosting words of encouragement. There was a time you stood by me through a difficult situation to ensure I wasn't bullied. You were an exemplary mother to your daughter, who you gave your very best to ensure a solid foundation of class and uprightness. You held yourself with poise and integrity without compromise even in the face of challenges. You were a woman of faith. You prayed over every situation. You sent me a message to join you in prayer and I spoke to you on the 17th of January, 2019 only to get the news that you left us on Saturday 19th January, 2019. Even through your passing to eternity, we that you left behind are reminded to continue in our faith in God, to remain humble and to know that our lives belong to God and we have no power over it. Sleep on dear big sister and rest in peace in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ till we meet again. Adieu!
Posted by Abigail O. Imo on 21st January 2019
Auntie Yewu, Mama Bose, my big sis my big cousin, Ah!!! Why did you have to go so soon, Your leaving this earth to glory is still hard to believe, I have cried, and cried you were a great woman of faith, you taught me how to pray, in so many different ways with scriptures. You were such lovely beautiful, woman of God, intelligent in many different ways. You remembered and shared many sweet childhood memories with me when you stayed with me in London. I pictured us snacking on all those finger foods watching the Royal wedding together. Your cooking owo, ewa agoyin, offada rice stew etc. is exemplary. Your love for God, service to both friends and families, also your pleasant way of making people around you feel at ease, Teaching us those Yoruba, Itsekiri culture. You spoke fluent Italian language as a result of studying structural engineering in Italy. You were a rare gem. Painful as it is, we take solace that we will meet again some day and live forever in Heaven.
Posted by Florence RHODES on 21st January 2019
The tears havn't stopped. Could somebody please say its not real. Wake her up...please! You initiated the 2020 family reunion and rememberance of our parents that have gone before us...You brought us together. We were all having a good laugh planning and reminiscing. I am glad you knew God, you loved God and you served Him. A great woman of faith you were. You left just like that! Only saturday a week ago 12/01/2019 you wished me a happy birthday and prayed for me. That your sweet soft spoken voice you always say 'It is well' This is soooo painful. You are at the feet of your master. Heaven is having a party welcoming you home right now. Saturday January 19, 2019. I will never forget when I heard the news...I am still hoping someone will wake me up from a bad dream. Your friend Laide my husband cried. You will ask and say 'what of my friend? How is my friend?' I didnt even get to say goodbye. Adieu my cousin, my sister my friend. Till we meet to part no more; rest in sweet peace. Jehovah knows!

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