Let the memory of Israel be with us forever
  • 26 years old
  • Born on November 7, 1983 in Bronx, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on September 11, 2010 in clarksvilles, Tennessee, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Israel Rivera, 27, born on November 7, 1982 and passed away on September 11, 2010. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Carmen Soto on 16th January 2015
Hello my loving son.. Just writing to let you know how much i miss you. I know by now you must be happy knowing that at least i know where you are at & that i don't have to keep praying hoping that one day you walk through my doors to come visit me.But gees how i wish this was all a dream :(..I so much wish you did not have to leave without me seeing you one more time..God it hurts so much ''why did you leave me?..I hope you are the one to come get me when my time is here to go..Love you so much kid..Hope God has you as one of his best Angels..You will forever be in my life/heart/mind & soul..Rest in Peace son...Mom loves you forever..Hugs & Kisses xoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Carmen Soto on 24th December 2014
Today i lite you a candle with tears in my eyes & pain in my heart. Merry Christmas not what i was expecting'' being that all my prayers was for god to bring you to my doors. I guess this is how it is going to be ''until we meet one day in heaven ,..I want you to know how very much i miss you & not a day goes by without me placing a kiss upon your photo. Thank you for letting me be your mom for all those wonderful years.Sweet kind & loving son of mines'':) so funny at times but yet so smart & lovable.. Hugs & Kisses my loving son mama will always have you in her heart. Rest In Peace my boy Junior <3 u too pieces
Posted by Carmen Soto on 21st December 2014
I only have a picture now, A frozen piece of time, To remind me of how it was, When you were here, and mine. I see your smiling eyes, Each morning when I wake, I talk to you, and place a kiss, Upon your lovely face. How much I miss you being here, I really cannot say, The ache is deep inside my heart, And never goes away. I hear it mentioned often, That time will heal the pain, But if I'm being honest, I hope it will remain. I need to feel you constantly, To get me through the day, I loved you so very much, Why did you go away? The angels came and took you, That really wasn't fair, They took my one and only Son, My future life. My heir. If only they had asked me, If I would take your place, I would have done so willingly, Leaving you this world to grace. You should have had so many years, To watch your life unfold, And in the mist of this, Watch me, your Mum grow old! I hope you're watching from above, At the daily tasks I do, And let there be no doubt at all, I really do love you. Rest in Peace my son :( <3 :(
Posted by Carmen Soto on 18th December 2014
To my loving son<3 Although your work on earth is done Your life in heaven has just begun. Your struggles here were hard and long But they're over now, you're finally home. Life wasn't easy, by choice or fate A decision made, sometimes too late. A fight to the finish, always strong Rest easy my son, you're finally home. May you always remember that you & your sister Mimi meant everything to me.I love you as much as i love her no more no less. Miss you forever until we meet again.R.I.P
Posted by Carmen Soto on 18th December 2014
Like a comet Blazing 'cross the evening sky Gone too soon Like a rainbow Fading in the twinkling of an eye Gone too soon Shiny and sparkly And splendidly bright Here one day Gone one night Like the loss of sunlight On a cloudy afternoon Gone too soon Like a castle Built upon a sandy beach Gone too soon Like a perfect flower That is just beyond your reach Gone too soon Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight Here one day Gone one night Like a sunset Dying with the rising of the moon Gone too soon Gone too sooN. MY BOY ISRAEL RIVERA 9-11-10 MAMA <3 U
Posted by Carmen Soto on 18th December 2014
My loving son as of now this is where i will be sending you love at all times.The news of ur departure has left me in the dark where i have all the answers except the one i wanna hear.Which is (wake up mom i am here)Gone too soon my son . I thank God i had 10 lovely years with you & that you came to see me at age 17. Thanks for being such a loving funny son. Mama will always love you for Eternitie. Until then R.I.P my boy.. Miss you kiddo

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