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Second Cousin Irene

Shared by Noreen Anthony-Tabar on May 5, 2015

For some reason, Irene wanted me to be the flower girl.  Not our cousin Connie, but there are pictures of her wedding and me as the flower girl.  The dresses were pretty nice.  Compaired to what usually is out there for wedding and brides and brides maids dress.  For some reason, I think because my mother was her favorite cousin, I become her favorite littel second cousin.  Whenever anyone saw her, she was laughing, and giving advice to anyone she cared for.  Kinda young , and I am sorry I lost touch with her by the time I went into the Navy, in 1992.  Still sad that all of the family on my mothers side is gone ;_(  Rest in Peace Cousin Irene.

The night I met Irene!

Shared by Marybeth Spence-Archer on May 3, 2014
The night I met Irene it was a normal night at work! How wrong was I! All I heard was a lot of cussing! Words I never heard are used! And boy was she loud! So I figuire I would go in this room to make sure nobody was getting hurt! I go in the room and Irene Says Hey You look pretty smart get these idiots out of my room! So they left we started talking while I was trying to calm her down and get her more compfortable! After awhile they made sure she was good! I asked her what happen to your nails(she a three really long nails) Oh I left them in the aide arm at the other place! They are my weapons if any funny buisness happens here! A Girl has to protect themselves! Of course I lost it then laughing really hard!! I told her I will make sure no one hurts you as long as we keep it real! I took her I'm really honest person so I will always tell you the truth! Evertime I took care of Irene she always took a little peace of my heart! If she want something I got it for her! I gave her a lot of hair bows and ect! We would fight over make up which was the better brand! She always told the truth and if you weren't feeling good She would say you look like shit what's wrong didn't get any last night! She would make u feel better with her quirky way! Or a good leading with her wit! You would never win an argument cause she would always 1up you!! Thank you Irene for being you! Knowing you has made me the person I'm a today! Friends are few but the few I have mean everthing to me! U were my friend God bless!!!

How I met my wife

Shared by John Nigro on May 3, 2014

The way this starts is almost like a scene out of American Grafitti. After I graduated from Archbishop Wood High in 1969 I had a number of jobs, nothing that would rock your world, but I eventually ended up at a car dealer on welsh road & Bustleton avenue. While I worked there I met some new friends and we sometimes went to lunch at Shoney's Big Boy on the Roosevelt Blvd. Well one friday evening after work me and one of my friends drove over to Big Boy's. Now incase you never heard of Shoney's Big Boy they had an outside area were you drove your car up and a young lady on roller skates would take your order. Well on that particular friday evening parked right next to us were Two young ladies who thought they were all that, and of course me and my friend started talking to them hoping that we could pick them up. " NOT " That fast Irene Sliced & Diced us, we didn't know what hit us. So as fate would have it we were there two weeks later, same time and same parking space, and guess who pulls up next to us ? You guessed it Irene and her girlfriend. Well this time we got their phone numbers, and had some idle conversation. While we were talking Irene says do either of you Roller Skate,of course wanting to get to know her better I say Yes. well as I found out Irene was a Semi-Pro roller skater and skated in competion. Boy did I look like an ass. But she taught me how to skate both forwards & backwards and also waltz.and the rest is history. I've never met a smarter person on the face of this earth and she was always there for me, both in good times and bad. You just can't imagine how much I'll miss her. Right now she's at the heavenly karaoke bar or running a Bingo game for the Angels. I'll always love yo. Your Husband John 

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