Let the memory of Irene be with us forever
  • 69 years old
  • Born on February 5, 1943 .
  • Passed away on March 10, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Irene Madej 69 years old , born on February 5, 1943 and passed away on March 10, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Dave Kleylein on 11th March 2019
Donna and I can't believe that it's been seven years since you've passed Reney. Again, we are so happy that we had a chance to meet. You are in our thought quite often.
Posted by Mary Winterstein on 10th March 2019
Good Morning Dear Friend, Today is a beautiful day in your mountains. Your mountains are covered with glistening diamond flaked snow and crystal clear sky above. You can see the majestic Rockies 150 miles from Pikes Peak to the Wyoming border. This land is your land, my friend, and I will never look at the beautiful Rockies without thinking of you. And today we get an extra hour to enjoy it! Reney, our mentor, you taught us all to enjoy and appreciate every minute, every hour, every day of our lives.
Posted by Mary Winterstein on 4th February 2019
Happy Birthday Dear Friend, Today is a day I would like to call you. Just to hear your voice and hear a funny story and sing early Happy Birthday to You. Miss you more and more the older we get.
Posted by Brigitte Todd on 10th March 2018
I can not believe it has been 6 years since you left us. There has been so many changes that I would have wanted your input on. Every tax season I remember to keep our calls short but the rest of the year we could talk for hours. I could use one of those long phone calls now.
Posted by Mary Winterstein on 10th March 2018
Well Lady, six years of missing you, but a treasury of 20 years of knowing you. I was thinking of you just yesterday and smiling at the visual imagery of this memory..... When we were neighbors living in the country, I had a bear on my deck standing on the deck rail trying to get the hummingbird feeder. I called you to tell you we had a bear in the neighborhood and sheriff was out looking for the bear. You called me back 1/2 hour later to tell me, the bear was in your garage and you chased him out with a "curtain rod"... so many fun memories. Thank You
Posted by Mary Winterstein on 5th February 2018
Reney, you are still a powerful force in the lives of many of us, and we are better people because of it. I talk to you often and smile at your one liner responces. You will always have a special place in my heart and life. I am so very thankful you will always be there. LUV YA GAL
Posted by Mary Winterstein on 10th March 2017
Remembering you with love. God bless you Reney. Seems like we talk often. You are still a great comfort to all of us.
Posted by Connie Rautenberg on 10th March 2017
I can't believe it's been 5 years. Thinking of you Mom today - I hope you, Ron and Granny are all together
Posted by Mary Winterstein on 5th February 2017
Hi Reney, I have been thinking of you all year. And espicially these last few weeks. This past year was your kind of year. Every year I think of more and more Reney stories and times we shared. I am learning more and more each day of the message you left in each story. I think without a doubt, you will always be in my top 10 all time favorite, meaningful people in my life. Luv ya gal and many thanks again for our friendship. (Your mountains are beautiful again today, just for you.)
Posted by Mary Winterstein on 10th March 2016
Remembering Reney is so easy, she was a big part of all of our lives. Her stories, her laughter, her listening, caring and love taught us all more about living. We all learned more about cherishing the little things in life from a little lady with the big heart. Your mountains are beautiful today, got more snow last night. Luv ya gal.
Posted by Genifer Johnson on 10th March 2016
Remembering all the fun at Maude's, and hanging out at the house. Missing you more now.
Posted by Dave Kleylein on 5th February 2016
Happy Birthday Reney!!
Posted by Genifer Johnson on 10th March 2015
Remembering you!
Posted by Heather Ross on 5th February 2015
Just remembered every year, coming up to hang out with you and bring you my taxes.... I am so thankful that you taught me so well , that I am able to do my own. Sure do miss your sweet face and sassy SPIRIT! XOXO
Posted by Mary Winterstein on 5th February 2015
Happy Birthday Reney. I would love to pick up the phone and hear your, "Well, Hello There". I would sing Happy Birthday off key and you would give me a sharp remark, call me a name and we would go on yakking for only an hour today, as it is tax time. I have to smile and laugh just to think about a phone call. Thank you for being my good neighbor and a fantastic friend these many years, I will call you again soon. Luv Ya, Mary
Posted by Taryn Scherer on 14th May 2014
you will never be forgotten. I think of you often and miss you bunches. So many times I want to pick up the phone and call you to tell you something funny. I just look up and smile. You already know.
Posted by Genifer Johnson on 5th December 2013
Just when I tried to find her, I learned she is gone. My heart breaks for Connie and Michael. Rest peacefully, Irene.
Posted by Dave Kleylein on 12th March 2013
Donna and I can’t believe that it’s been a year already since Reney’s departure from her friends and relatives. She may be gone from this earth but she’ll always remain in our hearts.
Posted by Mary Winterstein on 10th March 2013
We have all missed Reney so very much for a year, but now I can start to smile and laugh when I do stupid stuff on a daily basis and one of Reney's great quotes,sayings of quick wit remarks come to my mind. I feel like Reney and I have just had a good long phone chat and it is not " long distance". Have a chat with Reney today and you will laugh or smile at what she says. I promise.
Posted by Jan Gidley on 14th February 2013
We met at ABWA meeting in AnnArbor many years ago... She was always available to celbrate success or listen to concerns of the day. With her during the adjustment of Ron passing. She lived with us when she moved to Colorado .. there was a lot to do before she felt the house was ok to move in. I miss our long conversations.....Love her
Posted by Julia Morris on 5th February 2013
Miss you for now, but I will see you again. How many more people want to see Reney again? Make the right decision and you will. Read Rom. 10: 9-11.
Posted by Dave Kleylein on 5th February 2013
Donna and I feel so fortunate that Reney was part of our lives even for a short time. We will always hold her memory with us! Dave
Posted by Laura Orr on 18th May 2012
I am heartbroken. She was the sweetest lady I have ever met. From the very first moment I laid eyes on her, we joined in conversation that lifetime friends have. I am so sad because my last trip to Colorado, we were going to try to have coffee and I didn't get to. I was so hoping I would get to see her in June. :)
Posted by Catherine English on 20th March 2012
Reney was one of a kind! So full of love and compassion! I loved her from the day we met. We were kindred spirits! I look forward to seeing you in Heaven!! My love to you and your family!
Posted by Karen Knotts on 15th March 2012
Irene was always just mom Madej to me. I spent endless hours at the house with her and Ron and tied up her phone line from 1977-1981. When I graduated from college she made a 5 hour drive to be there and that meant the world to me--I hope she knew that. She and I got to catch up a couple of years ago at Connie and Art's wedding and for that I'm thankful. Be at Peace!
Posted by Barbara (Gibson) Francis on 14th March 2012
Irene: All the things we were planning!!! I was coming out to see you but never could. Now I am so sad of your passing but what a treat to have known you. You are one in a million. You gave me the perfect job at U of M. Thanks for being you. Love you and will miss you.
Posted by Nakai Angel on 13th March 2012
Reney always walked a good red road. Her love of people and the mountains as well as all the critters that live there was as intense as anything she did in life. Her path, where ever it takes her will always be blessed as she has blessed all of us she shared her life with. WOPELI RENEY!!! MITAKUYE OYASIN
Posted by Heather Ross on 13th March 2012
Renie… You guided my life when I became broken, and groomed me throughout all these years which supplied me with skills that have enhanced my future without me even catching on until now. You helped me learn to trust my insights and how to value my inner voice. Of all the miles you traveled in those moccasins, I am forever grateful that our trails crossed! Mournful tears….Heather
Posted by Sarah Chartier on 13th March 2012
Reney was one of the sweetest ladies I have ever known! Very thoughtful and caring....you will be greatly missed!
Posted by Dave Kleylein on 13th March 2012
It’s so sad that we only knew Reney for such a short time. During that time we grew to love her and can understand fully why she had so many friends. She was truly part of our extended family and will continue to be. We find piece in knowing that Reney is now meeting new friends and family and acquainting herself with others that are so close to her. Dave & Donna Kleylein
Posted by John Hildreth on 13th March 2012
Reney: You have been an inspiration to us. From your trips to visit Colorado to the night you spent with Sheryl and our first daughter. The laughter of playing Eucher and Pinocle and the fun times at your Colorado hide away. You have left a little of you with each of us.
Posted by Mary Winterstein on 13th March 2012
Reney touched so many lives and everyone is richer in spirit and heart for having known her. She gifted all of us with her interest and love in who we were without question or judgement. She showed us how to appreciate the small wonders of the world. She was a teacher, a mentor, a confidant and a friend to so very many people. God Speed, Reney. We will meet you at the Shepard's Gate
Posted by Julia Morris on 13th March 2012
Yeah God. Irene I'll see you again. I know you've run into His arms.
Posted by Shirley Blair on 13th March 2012
Reney, I miss u already. You and Kimi together up there. You will make it interesting. Love you old bowling pal. You were one of a kind. Save me a place up there. You are with God now and what a wonderful place to be,
Posted by Brigitte Todd on 13th March 2012
“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”
Posted by Taryn Scherer on 13th March 2012
Reney and I go back to 1990. She began as my accountant and our relationship evolved into a deep and loving friendship. She was a friend, a mentor and one of the few people in life that I could trust in implicitly. We talked early in February, she was the Reney I always knew. So full of life and enthusiasm. Reney, I love you and will always keep you in my heart.
Posted by Brigitte Todd on 12th March 2012
I have known Reney for over half my life. She was one of my friends that I could call at 3 am and I did on several occasions. My kids loved her and she taught them many things. She was a very wise woman. Our family will miss you. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Shawn Thornton on 11th March 2012
I only met Irene a few years ago. But she touched my heart and soul when I met her. She was very fun to be around. And she was a wonderful mother. I know this cause she raised my best friend ( her son ) Michael. I will see you again Irene. Let's say the corner of hallelujah st. and faith blvd in the city paved with gold. Until then....

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