her Life

May 3, 1928

Irene was born in Colver, PA on May 3, 1928, the second youngest to Mary and Frank Sidun. She was the last remaining surviving child, predeceased by Mary, John, Anne, Helen, Margaret, Mike, Frank, and George. 

Before she was Sister Benjamin

Irene decided that it was her calling to join the Byzantine Catholic Order of Sisters of the St. Basil convent at Mount Saint Macrina in Uniontown, PA. As a novice, she was named Sister Benjamin. But the mother superior wanted her to leave for a year to make sure it was God's will for her to join the convent permanently. But there was a catch... she had to date during that period.

Emil and Irene

Irene went six months without dating, but the mother superior told her again she needed to go on a date. The cantor of the church had been asking her out, so she finally relented to a date. His name... Emil Eugene Parvensky. After the year was up, she had a decision to make. Does she go back to the convent or marry her love. Her decision??? She decided to go back to the convent. She told Emil of her decision, but after seeing the pain it caused him, Irene changed her mind and married the love of her life and did not return to the convent.

Irene Marries Emil

On December 29, 1951, Irene married Emil. Rumor has it that Emil wanted the extra tax deduction, so marriage before the end of the year was preferred. Although Emil passed away on December 5, 1974, their love remained eternal. Irene never remarried - never even dated another man. Emil was the love of her life and nobody could replace him.

Children were in their future (and many of them)

Irene and Emil welcomed their first child - Mary Theresa - on September 24, 1952. A year later, they welcomed John Andrew. A year later, they welcomed Andrea Marie. A year later, they welcomed Paula Marie. A year later, they welcomed Emil Paul. You see a pattern here? Emil used to joke that he started seeping on the couch because he got into too much trouble when he slept in his bed. I guess that's what happens when you marry a Catholic girl. Birth control is not an option.

They kept coming

Two years later, they welcomed Annamarie. A year later, they welcomed Margaret Mary. A year later, they welcomed David Michael. A year later, I guess they were bored, so they brought in an exchange student - Pablo. So which of these children was not born to Emil and Irene?

Saving the best for last

A year later, they welcomed their ninth child, Catherine Ann, thereby saving the best for last (can you tell who wrote this story).

A happy grandmother

Irene was loved by all, especially her 16 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. She will forever be missed.