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Shared by Estelle Gilham on August 7, 2010

On June 6 2005, I  (Estelle) interviewed my grandmother so that I could learn more about her life.  I took her down to the Waterfront Park in Clermont and we sat on a bench by the lake.  She told me that she was born in Spanish Lookout, Cayo in Belize and was raised in Boom, then moved to Belize City.  Her mother was Etlina Wilhemina Henderson born in Belize City on March 13.  She couldn't remember the birth year.  Her mother grew and sold flowers and also enjoyed sewing.  She had 4 children (including Grandmommie) - Iris, Eileen, Frank, and Owen.  She passed away of a heart attack in the month of March at 80 years old.  Her father was Philip Burns who was born in Belize City.  He enjoyed hunting, making things out of mahogany, and worked on building roads.  He passed away at the age of 48 years old while driving a tumble bug (machine used to root up trees).  He broke his spine and died 3 days later.  Grandmommie's father's father was Frances Burns, born in Scottland.  Her grandmother was Emma Wagner, born in Belize.  They had 4 children - Annie, Jane, Philip, and Alfred.  While growing up, Grandmommie said she had no TV, no radio!  Her hobbies as a child were bicycling, horseback riding, climbing trees, and planting flowers.  Her brother Frank taught her and sister Eileen to ride a bike. Their family had 6 horses and her horse was white, named Ruby.  Her best friend growing up was Betsy Dawson.  Grandmommie married at age 28 to Eselfred (Jim) Budd who passed away in 1970. Favorite color was pink and blue. Favorite foods were rice and beans, chicken, and plantain. Loved bananas.

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