Posted by Michael and DeAngelis on March 28, 2021
Jack was a wonderful person. I first met Jack later in his professional life through the State Energy R&D organization, ASERTTI. As he contributed to many others, he became a mentor to me. Jack showed great patience, care and thoughtfulness in his activities. He loved good food and good wine. When he was in California, my wife and I would have him at our home for dinner. We always enjoyed his pleasant company. Jack lives on in the many people he touched throughout his life.
Posted by Gordon Mundell on March 26, 2021
We learned to introduce Jack White by noting he had four careers, which always led to a good conversation. But when he followed Mary to Nebraska in his last of many relocations, he began a fifth—accompanying spouse. He approached the role with good humor, intelligence, dignity, and iron determination. He was willing. He was open to new people, new activities, a new culture, and even Nebraska politics. He was willing to become a big brother, a project that extended over many years. He was willing to become a good friend, a project that involved about a hundred restaurant lunches and many deep, probing, and open conversations. He was willing to share both the high and the low points in his long life and what he felt he had learned from each. He came to be valued and trusted and, at long last, missed beyond words. 
Posted by Martha Gilliland on March 20, 2021
I met Jack in late 1973 when he and Don hired me to work on "Our Energy Future" and "Energy Alternatives." Both unfolded just after the oil embargo by OPEC. I was a very fresh Ph.D. and I guess they thought they needed a semblance of an ecologist and environmental engineer. It changed my life trajectory and created a life long friendship. With his mentoring, I learned to write for a public policy audience rather than only for science journals. Thank you Jack for that and your kindness.
Posted by Don kash on March 17, 2021
I met Jack at Purdue in 1967 and we moved to OU together in 1970 to start the Science and Public Policy Program. It was the beginning of a lifelong relationship that was both personally and professionally invaluable. Jack was loyal, warm and willing to point out my goof-ups. He had what a friend of ours called "Presence". He had, however, one flat-side. He always wanted to have high quality food and wine, I thought it cost too much, and you always had to fight him for the check. Damn I miss him.
Posted by Mary Hamilton on March 17, 2021
The last time I saw Jack was just before his birthday in 2020. I was able to get to Lincoln and have lunch with him. He was much calmer than I had last seen him and much more caring and sweet. I was looking forward to returning the following weekend to celebrate his birthday. Half way through the week the covid shut down started which meant The Knolls would not allow anyone in from then on for many months.

Posted by Mark Rea on March 17, 2021
Jack changed the trajectory of lighting though the creation and the nurturing of the Lighting Research Center (LRC), the world’s first research and education enterprise in academia. As President of NYSERDA, Jack created the mechanism needed to start the LRC and through continued mentorship ensured its success. As a humorous tribute to Jack, the Father of the LRC, we printed counterfeit dollar bills with his image. Jack and I continued to have a close mentor-mentee relationship well past his retirement. 
In addition to changing the world, Jack made a large, positive difference in my life and undoubtedly in the lives of many others. He has no replacement on this Earth and will be sorely missed by the many he loved and who loved him.

Mark Rea
Former LRC Director
Posted by Andy Vesey on March 17, 2021
I had the honor of working at NYSERDA under Jack’s leadership. I was in my late twenties and quite cocky. I think Jack must have noticed that cockiness and decided he needed to make an intervention. Jack’s intervention was offered in the form of teaching and mentoring. It felt like warmth, friendship and caring. I can identify in my career three mentors, three individuals who profoundly impacted my life both professionally and personally. Jack was the first and it is to his words and teachings that I still fall back on today almost 40 years later. To touch just one life in such a meaningful way is a life well lived. I know that he touched many. He did good well!

Posted by Matthew White on March 16, 2021
One thing I feel Jack would say is to not let a loss hold you back from doing great things, he is one of the wisest men that I know and will be greatly missed
Posted by Linda and Gunnar Walmet on March 16, 2021
To know Jack White, was to like him. He was a kind, intelligent, and humble human being. He was a well respected president of NYSERDA, and encouraged collaboration and competition to ensure the best outcome possible. Jack also loved his dogs, and went out of his way to accommodate them, especially as they aged. We will miss him. 
Posted by Bill Valentino on March 16, 2021
Jack White established the professional foundation for an organization, NYSERDA, which to this day continues to provide significant environmental benefit to the people of the state of New York. Through Jack’s initiative a national organization ASERTTI provides these benefits across the country. His leadership was essential for the success of these organizations.
Not only was he a mentor, but he was also a good friend.
Bill Valentino
Posted by Mary Hamilton on March 16, 2021
Jack LOVED little children. He had a rule that if he was in the office and someone brought a child or better yet, a baby, they MUST bring the child/baby to his office for him to see it and hold it!! 
Posted by jameson white on March 15, 2021
As I knew him, Grandaddy Jack was kind, intelligent, and loving. I remember always making him smile and laugh when we came to visit, whether it was taking the dogs on a walk together, playing different board and card games, going out to eat, or going to fun places like parks and museums. I will always cherish my memories of him and I know he will be watching over me as I start my journey into college and adulthood. We love you so very much and you will be missed.
Jameson (Sweetie- I used to love the way his voice sounded when he called me that :))

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