Posted by Naomi Ajibade on June 21, 2021
Baba Funke with his distinctive voice and gentlemanly demeanour will forever be missed. I was one of auntie Itunu’s flower girls at the wedding in 1968 and from that time, he was like a father to me. The last time I saw him was in October 2019 and I cannot believe that he is no more. Baba Funke was a loving, kind and honourable man and it was always a joy to be in his presence. We will miss him but God loves him more and he is now resting in the bosom of the almighty. We celebrate the life of Mr. Isaac Morakinyo Bajomo. May his beautiful soul rest in peace.
Posted by Inuagbor Abbas on June 19, 2021
I only got to know of Mr.Bajomo's passing today and it is devastating news. Mr.Bajomo managed a property I was a tenant in at Wemabod Estate and he became the father I lost at a young age. Mr Bajomo was a kind, positive - minded, non- judgemental, generous and shockingly caring man whose family and friendship values were admired. Shockingly caring because he had no bias towards anyone, irrespective of race, gender and age and was respectful to all, young or old. His positive outlook made me look at situations as half full rather than half empty.

When I got married and relocated, his care, concern and kindness were beyond borders. He remembered my birthday every year for 8 years afterwards, even when i forgot. He was a remarkable person and even that description doesn't do justice. I met Mrs. Bajomo a few times and pray to God to strengthen her, his children and grandchildren. Anytime i spoke with him, even in early April and asked after Mrs.Bajomo, his response always remained the same for 15 years - 'Oh well, they are better than me' in his gentle voice, which said a lot about him - he placed everyone else before himself and was selfless.

To mummy, Mrs. Bajomo,you were married to a great man. To his children and grand children, you had a great father and grandfather. My sincere sympathies to all. May his soul rest in peace and his legacy live on, amen.
Posted by Olurotimi Bajomo on June 18, 2021

My Father, Isaac Morakinyo Bajomo was a great man full of energy and vitality. Dad was a contented, gentle, generous and self-effacing individual. Dad was also a dedicated, loyal & honest person.

My Dad is fondly remembered for the impact and influence he has had in my life, which moulded me into who I am today. My Father taught me many life skills and lessons in character building, key amongst which are Honesty and Integrity, Punctuality, Respect and

Dad groomed me from childhood and I vividly recall how he taught me the daily maintenance checks on his cars. My Father tutored me to ensure that the cars had adequate engine oil, radiator water, brake oil, battery water, gear oil and windscreen wiper water. This was a daily assignment that I had to carry out every morning. My Father was a true Christian, who served the Lord and showed us the way of Christ from our childhood days.

When I was a boarding student at the Federal Government College, Ijanikin, Lagos my Father would ensure that my Mum bought my provisions and they both visited me on almost every visiting day back then.

My Father encouraged me to study Estate Management at Yaba College of Technology owing to his experience in Estate Management, having worked with the Late Chief Samuel Olatunbosun Shonibare at the first gated modern real estate in Nigeria, at Maryland Estate, now known as Shonibare Estate, Maryland, Ikeja.

Prior to my NYSC camp call up, I had a short but very impactful tutelage under my Father at his hospitality business in Ikeja. I remember my Father taught me lessons including Store Management, Stock Taking and Book Keeping.

When I was redeployed from Imo to Lagos for my NYSC work placement, my Father ensured that I secured a job with Adegbemile, Agangan, Akinlosotu & Co., a firm of Estate Surveyors & Valuers and Chartered Surveyors, where I obtained professional practice experience from being a Pupil Surveyor to an Estate Surveyor.

When I left professional practice to secure a job in the Telecommunications industry, my Father always reminded me to ensure that I pursued my professional qualification as an Estate Surveyor and Valuer, and he was very happy for me when I qualified as an Associate Member of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors & Valuers (N.I.E.S.V) and a Registered Estate Surveyor and Valuer.

I remember Daddy giving me advice on several occasions, particularly whenever I had key decisions to make, including when there was an opportunity of a job change. Daddy never minced his words as he always said it the way it was, and his advice at every point in time was always very helpful in guiding my decision, likewise as he was always there for me.

The good works of any individual must be given importance and recognition while on Earth. My Father was indeed a great man and his good deeds have been given recognition while he was alive and thereafter.  This a rewarding feeling, which I am consoled by, and Daddy, I know for certain that I could not have had a better Father. To God be the Glory for making you my Father.

Finally, Daddy, I want to salute your courage and determination, generosity, kindness and love, which you showered on everyone, both the ones that crossed your path and the ones that you crossed their path. It was your pleasure and never too much trouble for you to attend an event to honour those who invited you, and you were always punctual. All through your aging years, you remained active, strong and resolute.

Well, you left without a stress on anyone of us, you made a glorious exit and testimonies are abound of your generosity, kindness and love.

A kind soul has gone to rest after his labor on earth and a life of service to God, humanity and mankind... Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him, Amen.

As the saying goes... to live in the heart of those who love you is not to die. I will never forget your love for me. It's etched in my heart forever! ADIEU DADDY, sleep on and I take solace that you are resting in the arms of our Lord.

Your Son,
'Rotimi Bajomo
Posted by Funke Oluwalola on June 16, 2021

Love leaves a memory no one can steal, but death leaves a memory no one can heal.

It is sad to know that my Dad left us Monday May 24, 2021, but again it is a loving memory for me when I think about the life of my Dad & all he did for me in the time we spent together. The good memories remain with me forever. 

I am grateful to God that I got to call him my Dad. I could call him at anytime and he always had a solution to my problem. Daddy, my heart bleeds each time I remember that you are gone, but your loving & caring fatherly role will continue lingering in my heart.

You were everything to me, you did everything for us all. I love you dad; you were my hero. You lived for others, always helping others. I am happy that I am one of your children. Dad you are in my heart. I will always love you and miss you Dad.

Continue to rest in peace dad. Good night and I look forward to seeing you again on the resurrection day.

Your daughter

Posted by Tolu Bajomo on June 10, 2021

Uncle Morakin, fondly called Unklee, was a very cheerful, warm hearted man with a unique sense of humour. 

Uncle Morakin had some remarkable qualities that singled him out.

Uncle was very committed to family matters. He was at all our landmark events and we really appreciate his fatherly role .                 

He was a relationship builder that cut across several barriers including age.

Uncle visited on birthdays and as he grew older called on birthdays. This was much appreciated.

He was endowed with wisdom. His expressed himself in a low calm tone loaded with meaningful phrases.

He was very generous and caring. He still asked after our children on his sick bed few days before he passed on.

It was such a pleasure spending time with him at family functions. Never a dull moment with Uncle Morakin. He also loved to share his drink.

We spent Christmas together yearly for decades at Daddy Akin Bajomo’s residence ( of blessed memory). We also marked several New year celebrations at his residence. These beautiful memories are very precious to us.

Uncle Morakin will be dearly missed.
Good night and sleep well, Uncle.

Capt & Mrs Muyiwa & Tolu Bajomo & children.
Posted by Bimbola Williams on June 10, 2021

Uncle Morakin. 

Smiling, jovial, generous, kind, wise Uncle Morakin.

How can one put into words the kind of man my uncle was and how much he meant to our family? He was a constant in our lives from the moment my parents moved back to Nigeria in the early 1970s. 

Uncle Morakin or ‘Papa Funke’, as he was fondly called in our household, was my father‘s best friend, surrogate father to me and my siblings, and big brother to my mum. He had a big heart, full of love, kindness, and generosity. I could talk to him about almost anything. He was always there for us, in the good times and the difficult ones, and on hand to offer wise counsel or to broker peace, depending on the circumstances. In this, he was always diplomatic and a peacemaker even if he was rebuking you. He had a way of looking at a matter from all perspectives, and then pouring oil over the troubled waters. He was a natural mediator.

Uncle was very humble and unassuming. He never wanted to bother anyone, and was never one to demand special treatment. Yet he exuded such grace that, in our household at least, we always wanted to serve him in the best way possible. 

I remember Uncle sitting in the brown armchair of my parents flat on Tokunbo Alli Street, in the late 1970s having one of his famous ’40 winks’ after lunch. Elbow on the arm of the chair cheek resting to one side in his hand. He would be in one of his trademark blue or brown French suits that he wore to his office at Transit Guest House.

‘Transit’ was a second home for me. Our dad would take us there sometimes after school, and I was always disappointed when he was not in his office because he was so warm and jovial and would chat with us – and ask the waiters to give us a snack and a drink . Being a generous community and family man, Uncle hosted the Tuesday Club where older friends and family, including my dad, met for a meal and to socialise on Tuesdays.

Uncle didn’t just care for our family. I recall Uncle’s love and care for his sister, the late Aunty Kike, a widow at the time, who worked for him in the office next to his. Uncle practically applied the Christian principles of looking after widows.

Similarly, Uncle was ill and undergoing treatment abroad when my father died in 2015. On returning to Nigeria, he made a point of visiting our mum regularly. He would accompany her on her visits to the eye clinic in Ijebu despite his own frail health, and if he was unable to go, he would put his driver at her disposal.  If she had an emergency and contacted him, he would come all the way from Surulere to help resolve the issue, despite the fact that he knew that my other uncles who were nearby would also attend to my mum. It was as if he had made a vow to himself to look after mum since dad had passed on. This was how kind and caring he was.

To summarise what can I say? One of our uncles on the UK Bajomo Forum, on hearing of his passing, said, “What a Titan we have lost”.

Uncle, you have passed on to glory. You have left us a legacy of love, of kindness, of generosity, of family and of community. 

For this we thank you.

Adieu Uncle Morakin. 

Mrs Bimbo Agbaje-Williams (nee Bajomo)
Daughter of the late Pharmacist G A Bajomo.
Posted by Seyi Adebajo on June 8, 2021
May the love of God continue to enfold and strengthen the family even at this time
Posted by Adeyori Awolesi on June 7, 2021
Papa Funkę, may you rest in peace and may your memory be a blessing AMEN. You were kind hearted , generous and honest. I have known you since early 1960s, you were such a gentleman and kind uncle to my siblings and I. We fondly called you Uncle Morakin, later Papa Funkę. Sleep in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Bolaji Obembe on June 5, 2021
Although, we started living in same neighborhood (Ayinde Giwa) as Uncle & Aunty in 1961, I only became acquainted with Uncle Morakinyo and Aunty Itunu in the period 2014 - 2015 when they visited New York for an extended stay. It was as if we had known each other for much longer. He turned 80 years old during that period and since we shared the same birth month, never forgot my birthday, often calling to wish me a happy birthday all the way from Nigeria and to offer his kind and generous advice. He got to know quite a few of my church members and would often extend his well wishes to them also. I am still amazed at his dynamism and energy, for even at his advanced age he was quite spritely and I had a hard time keeping up with him as we walked along the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Rest In Peace in the Lord’s bosom dear Uncle, we love you and will certainly miss you but God loves you best.
Posted by Mrs Olaitan BAJOMO on June 5, 2021
Uncle and Daddy Morakin as I used to call him, was a nice man, easy going and very caring.
To my surprise each year he will call me on my birthday. Any time he calls my husband he will always ask for me despite that am just a wife in the family.
There is no BAJOMO event that he won't attend with his wife. HE was a true family man and a good leader. Gentle and easy going with his friendly smiles always.
May his soul rest in peace. He lived a good life good of emulating.
I pray that the Lord will console his immediate family and the BAJOMO bigger family as a whole.
LAITAN BAJOMO (The wife of Michael Sanya BAJOMO)
Posted by Olasumbo Oke on June 5, 2021
My uncle ur Olasumbo will miss ur departure from this wicked world Rest in Abrahams bossom
Posted by Kuns Bajo on June 5, 2021
Uncle Morakin or Unklee as some of us call him was forever present at virtually all family functions and was humble beyond description. He doesn't wait for you to invite him to your functions because before you know it he has arrived at the function. He was the peace maker of the family. When he fell sick and recovered I told Aunty Itunu, his wife, that we want him around for at least another 5 years because of the void created last year by the passing on of Late Ven. TAS Bajomo but God who knows best and did otherwise. Whenever you greet him he responds with" KO NI REE" which sounded funny all these years but after his passing on I came to understand that there was no better response because it means" YOU WILL BE STRONG AND IN GOOD HEALTH" and I mentioned it at his house that who will greet one again like that. On his 86th birthday when he asked for a second plate of his food I had to say it loud that I had never seen him ask for a second round. He enjoys sharing your drink with you. On the charitable aspect he was unequalled. He sees nothing wrong in him coming to see you despite his age. I will will always miss him. Unklee continue to rest in peace and hope that the love and humble life you lived will be copied by your children. Continue to rest in peace in the bossom of Jesus Christ Amen .
Kunle Bajomo
Posted by Olukayode Bajomo on June 3, 2021
Dear Uncle Morakin Bajomo,I received the news of your demise with shock as it was unexpected.I had always known you as an uncle to my late dad Oluwole Bajomo.I remember you were always checking on us at Onike Iwaya and took an interest in matters of welfare concerning the entire Bajomo family.I remember the care and concern you and my uncle kola Bajomo showed when I was abducted five years ago.Rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus in peace sir and may God stand with Mama Itunnu Bajomo and my dear sister Funke and all her siblings in Jesus name.
Posted by Supo Shonibare on June 1, 2021
As I grew up, Uncle Mr Bajomo & Sista Itunu, had a continuing presence in the life of my family. From our living as neighbors at Ebun Street , Yaba , to moving to Soleye Crescent; as the first set of residents in the new residential estate, built by Lagos Executive Development Board in the early 1960s, we lived as neighbors.
Our father- Late Chief Samuel Olatunbosun Shonibare, had encouraged and ensured that both my Mother at No 18, his Accountant Mr Olaniyan at No 17 and Mr Bajomo at No 16, secured bungalows at this new residential Estate. Our Dad’s Company- Shonny Investments & Properties Company, was the guarantor of the Mortgages obtained for the three properties. I remember Mr Bajomo making the remark that he was grateful for our Dad’s encouragement for his associates to own their own residences. He made this remark to us, while he was being interviewed in 2013, in the compilation of a book being written , upon the preparations to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Dad’s demise on the 17th of January 2014.
Mr Bajomo had been the recurring decimal , assisting our Dad, upon his electing to leave United African Company, (UAC), having attained the position of being among the first set of African Managers in UAC. Mr Bajomo had worked with our Dad at UAC , and took the leap of faith by leaving the stable, assured security of tenure at UAC, to having the confidence in our Dad, to join him in his private business. In all our Dad’s business ventures, spanning from Logging business, to Shipping Agency, to mobile Advertising Company & the first gated modern real estate in Nigeria, at Maryland- Maryland Estate, now known as Shonibare Estate, Mr Bajomo made invaluable contributions, as the Administrative Secretary. With regard to the Maryland Estate project; from the building of the first set of the block of 6 flats on the grounds in the name of our Dad, to subsequent efforts leading to the formation of Shonny Investments & Properties Company to secure banking loans from Barclays Bank for the completion of the first set of buildings on the grounds, Mr Bajomo was involved. He was a dependable assistant; particularly with our Dad spending more time in politics in the early to mid 1950s. He was an amiable, diligent, self- effacing , contented and loyal Assistant. He continued to display loyalty and affinity with our family, even after the demise of our Dad in 1964. He held the forte in the family business until 1971, after which he went on to run his own Hospitality business in Ikeja. For all the years we lived as neighbors, I never heard him raise his voice in anger. Apart from my own maternal filial relationship with his wife- Sister Itunu, Mr Bajomo has also been a great supporter and religiously attends my Ademola maternal family events, as well as my paternal Shonibare family events. Uncle Mr Bajomo truly had a Christian forgiving soul. May his amiable & gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. Amen.
Posted by Ololade osomo Risikat on June 1, 2021
May God accept the return of the gentle Soul of Pa Bajomo and grant him Eternal bliss while l pray that he should grant his wife, Children the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable Loss.
Posted by Olugboyega Osho on June 1, 2021
A wonderful soul that traversed earth space with drops of light in the lives of those who crossed his path. Rest peacefully with your maker. Orun re...
Posted by Rosaline Arahho on June 1, 2021
May Daddy’s beloved soul rest peacefully in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ until the resurrection morning.
Posted by Abimbola Sowande on June 1, 2021
What can we say ?

Life is such: we meet to part, we part to meet !

I came to know you for over four decades ago at SOLEYE Crescent and learnt a lot of life’s qualities from you.
You were humble to the core, a complete contented gentleman, a loving husband, father, grandfather and Neighbour.... You were focussed and dedicated, had working young man then...

You were caring with a pure heart, always asking me “Bunmi nko ?Bami ki o - how is Bunmi ? My regards to him.” Will miss your voice and contribution at SAMRA meetings.

You lived your life to the fullest through thin and thick, Praises !

You will be sorely missed, rest on our beloved Grand Dad.....
Posted by Ademola Asunloye on June 1, 2021
Daddy had lived a life worthy of emulation. I have known him for few years and I can say that he built, mentored, trained and laid foundations upon which many are treading.
It is with a joyful heart that I write knowing that he left with us memories that will last long.

May the Lord grant him eternal rest, and may His (the Lord's) perpetual light shine upon us who are still on this terrestrial.
Posted by Ama Fayemiwo on June 1, 2021
Daddy you will be sorely missed. You lived a full life and left behind a godly heritage.Sleep well .
Posted by Funke Adebiyi on June 1, 2021
My Dearest Favourite Bajomo Uncle........ You were the 1st Bajomo I remember meeting and my Dearest Mum,your Little Sister spoke highly of you until I met you. You were so Close until she left and went to where you will meet her again.
Please say hello to her and let her know that you did a Great job of looking after her Children she left for you..
Dearest Uncle, Go In Peace and Rest in the Bosom of your maker.
You took us 4 in and checked up on us regularly also doing a Daddy duty for us and attending functions in both Adebiyi and Shofoluwe families......
Good Bye Uncle; A Gentle and Honest Loving Kind hearted Person.
Thank you Uncle for your Loving,Kind,Generous Soul you are.
Will miss you.Love you. REST IN PEACE.
Funke, Tokunbo, Deinde and Kunle xx
Posted by Funke Oluwalola on June 1, 2021
We’ll always remember
that special smile,
that caring heart,
that warm embrace,
you always gave us.
You being there
for Mom and us,
through good and bad times,
no matter what.
We’ll always remember
you Dad because
there will never be another one
to replace you in our hearts,
and the love we will always
have for you. Adieu Dad.
WE love you but JESUS loves you more.

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