This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Isaac Chidike, 76 years old, born on December 14, 1944, and passed away on February 4, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Uba Sinache on April 19, 2021
Thank you Daddy. Thank you for being my father, for nurturing me into the person I am today. I will miss our one-to-ones. I love you. Rest on in the lord and may your legacy still guide our paths. Amen.
Posted by Francis Okereke on April 17, 2021
To a friend, a brother, a business partner and an Icon saying goodbye to you has been a difficult gesture for me ever since I heard of your demise. Your life has always been worthy of emulation by all those who in your life time came in contact with you. We all would take consolation in the believe that your amazing lifetime here with us has taken you to the right side of God Almighty to join the host of Angels. We continually pray that God Almighty grants your family the fortitude to bear this great loss IJN. Amen
Posted by Ijeoma Ezimende on April 15, 2021
Daddy we Love you but your maker loves you most , It is a great loss to Otuonye family my family word assembly light house and entire body of Christ , May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace until we meet to part no more Adieu Daddy !!! Adieu uwaoma!!!!
Posted by Fitzroy Goldson on April 15, 2021
Such a great KING Otuonye Barista of the mother land AFRICA. He is along with our ancestors. I must give thanks to have met this king although it was by conference calls along with several kings, like brother Kennedy who had introduced us several years ago. I appreciate his commitment to assist how ever he could. He was well with us and he's well in spirit. Thank to all is families and friends with full support.

Posted by Michael Jesse jnr on April 14, 2021
The news of ur demise really sent some shivers down my spine and I really couldn't believe till I saw this obituary picture of yours... Everyday we are reminded death is not the end but a beginning and life can be simple only when we leave leave a footprint that's stands the test of time.. Your legacy u have left wil definitely stand the test of time that I am certain.. Thank u for the few advices u gave me the few times we spoke at festac thank u for been part of my history as the father figure who took care of my mom when she came to lagos.. Thank u for the life u spent with us... Rest well Sir... My condolences goes to us the family u left behind...
.... Michael Goodluck Jnr (Jesse Jiga)
Posted by Ugo Ochiobi on April 14, 2021
Dear Daddy,

You led an exemplary life of determination, sacrifice and love in Christ and peace with all. You were an inspiration. Your legacy lives on Sir. We refuse to mourn like the hopeless because we know you simply relocated to your heavenly father"s abode.
On behalf of my mom and the entire Ochiobi family in Umuobutu, Old Umuahia, we sympathise with the Otuonye Family.

Ugochukwu ochiobi
Posted by Veronica Obi on April 14, 2021
May your gentle soul Pa Isaac Uwaoma Chidike rest in peace
You were a wonderful and kind hearted dad, grand dad,and inlaw to all that came accross you at your lifetime
We all miss you but you have gone to meet the Good Lord our Merciful Father in heaven who loves you more
Continue to Rest in Peace Papa !
Posted by Nnamdi Otuonye on April 13, 2021
To a very great man, 'Isaac' like I always called you and you would smile and say.. 'Nna, You know you are my man'.. still trying to come to terms with the reality that you are in heaven now. We all fought hard to keep you here but God needed you more. I will carry on the legacy you taught me and always look at the positive side. The cup being half full and not half empty . I appreciate all the care and support you gave us while growing up and I assure you am still your Nna that would always make you happy and proud.. Mum is doing great, we would take good care of her, love and cherish her. Like you would always say... You are blessed, Remain blessed Dad. I, Kemi and the kids miss you. Till we meet in heaven to part no more I love you forever and a day, my mentor and best friend
Posted by Oluwakemi Otuonye on April 13, 2021

The name Father-in-law does not suit;
A prayer warrior who held my hands in
The face of dispair,
An affectionate Grandpa,
My Opara is starting to emulate.
A care giver whose care, support, and attention at Adah's birth remains fresh in my heart
A forgiver of both young and old,though
Hardly offends,
He is a rare gem, scarcer than the hen's teeth,
Peaceful and accommodating,
You are a true father,
A beloved Grandpa,
Miss you greatly !
You have taught us to love
And that is what we will do
You have taught us to forgive
And that is what we will do
You are a perfect example of a true father
Like a hen with one chick
He brings his children, grandchildren under his protection and care
Humble enough to say I am sorry
Oh! I embrace these attributes
Not like a chicken with a pip
You were strong beyond our imaginations
I couldn't have asked for a better Father-in-law
He spreads his wings around us
Like a mother hen
You will always be remembered!
Sleep on Grandpa.
Posted by UCHECHI OTUONYE on April 12, 2021
Just barely six days after my mother left us orphans, you also left us. You assured and reassured me that you would be our father, but you left. You made me what I am today. You were ready to mortgage even ur most priced, valued and cherished belongings just to ensure I accomplished my academic pursuit. No book would be enough to write about your kind gestures to me. Dede as I fondly call you! We will really miss you. Sleep on in peace till the resurrection day! Adieu my Dede!!!
Posted by chibueze otuonye on April 12, 2021
Everything that can be said about the ICON, THE LEGEND AND A VERY GREAT MAN has been said about my Father, i am alive in so many ways today because of His sacrifice. I remember when the whole world turned against me.. He and my Mum stood their ground kept on encouraging me to go through the process insisting on my innocence..TO THE MAN WHO SAW THE GREATNESS IN ME AND DECIDED THAT IT WILL NEVER DIE....YOUR NAME : ISAAC CHIDIKE WILL NEVER BE ERASED FROM THIS PLANET!...Rest on great Dad, we will hug ourselves on the day of rapture in Jesus name!
Posted by Anthonia Nwabueze on April 12, 2021
Death where are thy stings. Grandpa! So I called you. The news of your death was sudden and shocking to me. I cannot not believe that you have left us.
When Ugo called me on the 4th of February, I was expecting to hear that you were out of the hospital, having been told by Ngozi the previous night that you were feeling much better. But that was not the case; rather he said to me on a very sad note 'Daddy has passed on'.
My great in law, I mourn your demise but consoled by the fact that your report sheet is fair and white as epitomised by the reactions to your death. You preached unity and peace and you lived a disciplined, royal and gracious life.
As you leave and go ahead of us to answer the call of the Almighty God, I say 'Adieu' great in law and brother. I know that this is not a permanent goodbye. May God grant you a merciful judgement and keep you until we meet again in His eternal Kingdom on the resurrection morning when we will meet to part no more.
Dr Mrs Anthonia Nwabueze, mni
Posted by Aretasglobalservicesltd A... on April 12, 2021
Daddy it's so sad to hear you left this way. But I'm consoled because you left an inedible mark of a good father with strong Christian values in my life. I came to you for a business and ended up being your son. You're a good man with strong values. I cherish every moment I shared with you. Your words of wisdom and advise to me can not be measured. I will surely miss you. Rest on peacefully in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your son and friend.
Aretas Global Services Ltd.
Posted by Nicholas Uzochukwu on April 12, 2021
You didn't show any signs of this last year when you came for your brother's burial. We believed that it is the will of God. Rest on learned senior and in law
Posted by Sir Anthony, Okwudiri Uwa... on April 12, 2021
Dear Dede Isaac, let me accept the will of God that you are no more. Otherwise how can it be said that a brother who sat with me in the village virtually every day during last Christmas discussing family matters has passed on. Big brother, you were gentle,peaceful and loving. REST IN PEACE
Posted by olumoroti olumide on April 12, 2021
Papa was an amazing soul, very soft spoken yet filled with so much wisdom, I remember crashing his car on a Sunday morning on our way to church, he wasn’t even bothered about the car all he cared about was the safety of everyone inside the vehicle, he still went ahead and tried to refund the money used in fixing the damage. I will forever cherish the time I spent talking to you, listen to your words of wisdom and it’s one of the greatest honor of my life to have had the opportunity to serve you while alive in the little way that I did. Rest on papa, your impact will remain forever. Till we meet to part no more ❤️
Posted by nwanyieze otuonye on April 12, 2021
I have actually been shying away from this, but now I have to......
3rd of February every year I wake up with so much joy and excitement but on this particular day in the year 2021, I was not feeling great about it. The good will messages I received did nothing to up lift my spirit, my numbness had already begun.
My father a strong man, even though a little weak still sang happy birthday to me, I kissed his hands and cheeks, telling him how much I loved him and he replied, "Adaure I love you too"
It's really true as the saying goes, joy cometh in the morning, oh was I glad to see the Sun rise on the 4th of February and you were still breathing and responding to treatment, I still kissed his hands and reminded him how much I loved him but this time he did not say "Adaure I love you", he only squeezed my left thumb tight.
At exactly past 12 in the afternoon, my Hero went to be with his maker, our Lord Jesus Christ, I remember how peaceful he was....I remember telling him how much I loved him, holding his hands...but my Hero did not say "Adaure I love you, neither did he squeeze my left thumb tight, he did not respond to me" my God what a feeling! He never wanted to pass on my birthday.
I have never known grief, but now I know, I can say it's like a turnel, spinning round with so much pain, despair, anger and depression as the tears seems never to dry up. But the best thing is that God almighty consoles!
My Father is the sweetest, loving, good Christian, peace maker and Best friend anyone can ask for. Daddy, Zara misses you so much. On the 6th of February she saw you in her dreams,( In the moon and the stars)
I love you my Hero, I love you with every fiber in me. I am consoled with the fact that you are in heaven and one-day, on the resurrection morning I will see your handsome face and I will once more hear "Adaure I love you while you squeeze my left thumb tight"
You can never be in my past, you will always be in my Future ️❤️
Posted by Lilian Harry-Ukah on April 12, 2021
Daddy, It is indeed sad to hear of your passing through your son Ugo. You were a great and wonderful father to Ugo. I pray that you rest peacefully in the bossom of the Lord. May God grant your family the fortitude to bear this huge loss. Goodnight Daddy!
Posted by Kamsy Otuonye on April 11, 2021
Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa.....
It's so said I have to write this, but it's so much happiness knowing you are in a much better place. It's so much pain knowing you are no longer here but it is is so much comfort knowing how much you achieved. Who would have thought I would be writing this at this time, who would have thought you would leave so soon, who would have thought there would be a need for a tribute... but in the twinkle of an eye you are no longer here with us grandpa. It was an honour to be your 'pretty pretty', as you would say. It was an honour to be your grandchild, It was an honour to have you as a part of my upbringing and most of all to have you as part of my life and as my grandpa. I love you grandpa and you loved me too that I know for sure                    Rest on grandpa I know you are in a much better place. I can't wait to have another tea party with you again , with all your grandchildren and our very speacial cracker biscuit. Love you grandpa
Posted by Chidubem Otuonye on April 11, 2021
My Grandfather was a very hardworking man who believed in strategy, planning and making goals. He inculcated this belief in his first Grandson (me) in hope that I would carry his message through out his lineage in times to come, in the very near future, and beyond. We planned my entire future together and prayerfully considered our choices, he believes the future of his family is in good hands, while I'm just glad I had a great grandfather to guide my path to a brighter future. He, Like our father in heaven always saw ahead and made plans for the future. He always supported us, (his grandchildren) no matter what we say that might not always make sense. He didn't mind who was there, he always got our jokes. I shall enjoy our tea parties, our long talks, our story times, our talent shows, our prayer sessions and all the deep meaningful messages you had for me. Your words and presence will forever be in my heart. 
Till we meet again Grandpa, hope they serve tea and crackers in heaven so we can tea party and praise the Lord all the days of our life for eternity Amen.
Posted by Austine i Nwabuisi on April 11, 2021
There was something about you from the time we were born-you were self made. You depended on no one. You were more about what you can do for others in order to bring out the best in them .You showed humanity and was always lifted many lives and by your life you made the world a better place. You answered the supreme call. Go in perfect peace untill we meet again in God's place. Rest in peace my brother
The family of Nwabuisi
Posted by Anita Peter on April 11, 2021

For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven: if so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked. For we that are in this tabernacle do groan, being burdened: not for that we would be unclothed, but clothed upon, that mortality might be swallowed up of life. Now he that hath wrought us for the selfsame thing is God, who also hath given unto us the earnest of the Spirit. Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord: (for we walk by faith, not by sight:) We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.
Rest on grandpa till we meet on resurrection day
Posted by Dr Philip Igbinijesu on April 10, 2021
My several personal contact with and observation of Barrister Isaac Chidike revealed a gentleman of immense proportion. His equanimity of mind and presence was ever so glaring that it was so easy to truly admire him. Noteworthy also for me was his very apparent love and devotion to his wife, something I personally cherish a lot. Indeed, such a huge loss can only be mitigated with the fact that he is a gain to heaven. Our prayers are with his wife, children and grandchildren!
Posted by Veronica Chinyerem on April 10, 2021
My beloved Husband, my love and friend. I miss you so much especially our morning devotions and prayers. I remember us sitting in the evenings discussing the word of God. You are a great man of God, peace and hope. Oh death were is your sting and victory? Because I know my husband made heaven sitting with Christ Jesus. My beloved husband worn so many souls for Christ, planted many churches and did series of evangelism. For 47 years of marriage, our lovely Children and grandchildren, I thank you my Love. Thank you for making me love Jesus like you did. Now this is my comfort, just as it is obvious you made heaven, so will I so as to Meet you at the resurrection morning. I love you forever, continue to rest in perfect peace in the bossom of Christ Jesus as he loves you the most. Amen.
Posted by Tunde Muyiwa on April 10, 2021
May his gentle soul continue to rest in the bosom of his creator.
Posted by Tasie Chinenyeze on April 10, 2021
God bless your soul and grant you eternal rest. Thanks for birthing Ugo and Nwanyieze, who have turned out to be wonderful friends and worthy ambassadors of your good name. Continue to rest well Sir.
Posted by Ifeanyi Ukandu on April 9, 2021
You have left an indelible imprint in the lives of all who were privileged to have come in contact with you, your world and your space. I am a part of it. Thanks for your time daddy, your fatherly touch via advice, encouragement and love will forever by missed. Send us well to my late parents. Tell them we missed them as well. Bye for now
Posted by Taiye Odion on April 9, 2021
You were not just Daddy, you were also my Grandpa because through you, I came across an amazing man I call my father and still regard as one till date. Thank you for the fatherly words, advice and teachings you gave us when you were still here with us. You will be missed dearly. Rest on Grandpa till we meet again to part no more.
Posted by Desmond Livinus on April 9, 2021
Dear Daddy,
I dearly miss you, miss the fatherly advice and encouragement you and mummy do give me. It came as a shock to hear the news of your death. Rest in peace Daddy.
Posted by Kunle Adeyanju on April 9, 2021
Dear Daddy,

Knowing you really exemplifies who a christian his. Your tenets of faith is one every aspiring christian should follow. You fought a good fight of faith, you finished your cause well, your crown of righteousness awaits you on the judgement day. Sleep on daddy, till we meet to part no more.

Rest in peace Daddy.
Kunle Adeyanju
Posted by Jubril Dosunmu on April 9, 2021
Your love for your wife and family inspired us, your calmness and humility is a lesson to us all. You were fatherly, friendly and kind. May your Soul rest peacefully Sir.
Posted by Ngozi Otuonye on April 8, 2021
Rest on daddy. You will indeed be missed. You were indeed a father to us all. A repairer of the bridge. We shall indeed meet again . Sleep on daddy, till resurrection morning. RIP.
Posted by Nneka Agbelusi on April 7, 2021
Dear Daddy, you know how much I loved you while you were alive! Kai, I remember one night Nwanyieze and I were in one bad traffic from work and were stuck in Ijesha for hours, you did not sleep, you were on the phone with us for hours and when we got to apple junction at 2am wow, we saw you waiting for us there! You were the most doting dad ever.... I am consoled because you are BETTER WITH JESUS! Away from all the pain! Your “second” last born loves you plenty! ! I promise to stop crying!
Posted by Amanda Otuonye on April 7, 2021
We all know it's hard we always think about our dear grandpa, even I do. I think and ask myself; what will grandpa do or how will grandpa feel if I do this while sometimes we ask ourselves am I disappointing grandpa? When there is a death of a loved one we always think that there would have been something we would have done in other for that person to still be alive. My comfort is knowing that he is in a better place. All the prayers we were sending guess it was a happy ending.

Posted by Esther Ogeh on April 6, 2021
If we can stop death with our powers, we would have never allowed it rear up its ugly head to strike against us. I’m sorry about your dad’s death. Accept my sincere sympathy.
Posted by Moses Ochei on April 6, 2021
I am glad to have met and known this legend (Daddy).
He was indeed a teacher, mentor encourager and a Father.

During our Men Agenda Conference, he fully explained what fatherhood is about as well as managing one family in the right way and in the fear of God.

His inputs in Goshen group (our then small-group) cannot be underemphasised. He was a practical man who teaches what he practice.

Rest on in the Lord's bossom until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Paul Igwenma on April 6, 2021
Daddy, personally, you were such an inspiration to me.
Your humble nature was amazing.
One of the words I took home 2 years ago from your teaching during the Men Agenda program in Word Assembly Light house was 'being Suportive'. You stood behind mummy throughout her times of family challenges. That was a take home for me, and It's worthy of emulation.
May you continue to find a resting place in God's bossom.
We love you
Posted by Peace Mfon on April 6, 2021
There could only be one dad one can have, and there’s no way you will not be missed.
We pray God’s comfort for the family at this time and always.
May the good Lord rest the soul of the departed in perfect peace.
Posted by Titi Showz on April 6, 2021
Posted by Obinna Ozoigbo on April 6, 2021
Daddy was an epitome of goodness, an embodiment of humility. He treated me like we were age mates. He was indeed a friend to trust with no iota of doubt in his trustworthiness. I got endeared to him, even more, upon hearing directly from him how he started and finished his Law degree. Daddy was an inspiration not just to me alone but to all men, young and old, who came across him and his ardent wisdom, especially in his local church, Word Assembly (Light House), where he totally subjected himself to the tutelage of his erudite son, Pastor Ugo Otuonye. Well, I find solace in the famous statement of the apostle Paul in Phil 1: 21: ''For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain''.
Posted by Mohammed Kabiru Aliyu on April 6, 2021
On behalf of Transform Africa, we send our deepest condolences to the family and pray that God grant all the courage to bear this great loss....

Daddy has lived well and we wish to continue on the good principles that he left behind. 

Forever in our thoughts and sleep peaceful daddy....

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Posted by Uba Sinache on April 19, 2021
Thank you Daddy. Thank you for being my father, for nurturing me into the person I am today. I will miss our one-to-ones. I love you. Rest on in the lord and may your legacy still guide our paths. Amen.
Posted by Francis Okereke on April 17, 2021
To a friend, a brother, a business partner and an Icon saying goodbye to you has been a difficult gesture for me ever since I heard of your demise. Your life has always been worthy of emulation by all those who in your life time came in contact with you. We all would take consolation in the believe that your amazing lifetime here with us has taken you to the right side of God Almighty to join the host of Angels. We continually pray that God Almighty grants your family the fortitude to bear this great loss IJN. Amen
Posted by Ijeoma Ezimende on April 15, 2021
Daddy we Love you but your maker loves you most , It is a great loss to Otuonye family my family word assembly light house and entire body of Christ , May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace until we meet to part no more Adieu Daddy !!! Adieu uwaoma!!!!
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I miss you so dearly. Sleep on, until we meet to part no more!

Ugo Otuonye.
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Tribute to Good Man

Shared by Nwokeogu Chinelo on April 13, 2021
My Bible says that what is in  your head define who you are. The level of your impact define the anointing on your head. Seeing ugochukwu and how he turn out in life made me realize the kind of Father you are. All values you taught him. May your soul rest in peace

Dominic from Transform Africa (VirtualFormatics)

Shared by Dominic Ajayi on April 6, 2021
May time heal the sadness that you feel with the loss of your Father. During these tough times, know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayer.
May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.