The memories of Isabel Lucky Lopez-Rivera will forever remain in our hearts.
  • 52 years old
  • Born on March 2, 1959 in New York, United States.
  • Passed away on April 27, 2011 in Connecticut, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Isabel Lopez-Rivera 52 years old , born on March 2, 1959 and passed away on April 27, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Marie P on 2nd March 2019
Happy birthday in heaven - we miss your smile and sense of humor (and your empanadas!) Love always, Marie & Michael
Posted by Peluche Gerena on 29th April 2015
Mi querida Titi Isabel...han pasado cuatro años de tu partida hacia la ciudad parece sentirte a carcajadas disfrutando de la presencia gloriosa de Dios. Te extraño mucho...algun dia nos volveremos a ver... recibe mi abrazo desde mi corazon... que descanse en paz por siempre mi amada titi...Luby
Posted by Ramonita Lopez on 27th April 2013
Lucky what can I say I miss talking to you seeing you its not fair that you left us but who are we to argue with God's decision to take you home? Like I said before he takes his best soldiers to fight and you were one of the strongest. You were one of the strongest people I know never giving in to the pain or the anguish of what you were going through. Rest in Peace dear sister. I love You
Posted by Ramonita Lopez on 9th March 2013
Hey Lucky, Hi again I hope you had a beautiful 54th birthday in heaven I miss you. I get sad, angry and depressed I know that God takes his strongest soldiers but you are one that he should have left here to fight. I see commercials about cancer and get mad. The question will always remain. WHY YOU??? It wasn't your time to go. You were full of life and love to give. Why, why, why....
Posted by Luz Morales on 3rd March 2013
my dear an beloved sis i miss u like hell i think about u every day but i hope u r celebrating with mom an your dad an our brother ramon. i have tried to get intouch with your daughters but no change but i love them anyway RIP
Posted by Maria Rios on 27th April 2012
Dear Sis:Just dropping in to let you know,I love you and miss you.May the Lord have you resting.I will attend a mass today in your honor.Love you,María and Freddie
Posted by Luz Morales on 27th April 2012
sis this day is so hard for me i cant beleive its been a year already your laughter an smile i will never forget you were so strong it gave us hope in the future i have your picture next to my bed i always say good morning RIP
Posted by Luz Morales on 3rd March 2012
sis i miss u so much hope you r resting in peace love u an till we meet in heaven
Posted by Ramonita Lopez on 2nd March 2012
Dear Lucky, Happy 53rd. Birthday in heaven. I miss you more than you or anyone will ever know. I know that you are in a better place and that you are surrounded by our relatives but that doesn't help those of us that you left behind. I think of you daily I have your pic on my comp and even though I think of our talks and our memories it doesn't fill the void left behind. I love you sis...
Posted by Luz Morales on 4th February 2012
isa i love u so much i think about u every day an when i look at your pics i break down but u r in a better place than all of us. love u RIP
Posted by Maria Rios on 20th October 2011
My dearest Sister; I miss you;can't believe that you are forever gone.On the 27th it will be 6 months,it seems like yesterday.I will always remember you.Say hi to mom,dad,cuco and the rest of the family.Love you.Guili
Posted by Ramonita Lopez on 27th July 2011
My dearest sister Lucky it's been 3 months to the day that you left us to go with God. I miss you terribly I miss talking to you. I love you Lucky R.I.P.
Posted by Luz Morales on 27th June 2011
isa miss u like hell today i lit a candle for your soul i will always love u an miss u u were a great sister an i will never forget u will b in my heart till we meet again loveu
Posted by Ramonita Lopez on 27th June 2011
Dear Lucky it's been 2 months since you left us. it has not been easy but you are in a better place. you are with God and with our parents and brother. i miss you more than mere words can express so i won't try. i love you
Posted by Luby Rodriguez on 20th June 2011
"YOU WILL ALWAY BE MISSED ! You always be in my heart... Miss you Titi...
Posted by Luz Morales on 14th June 2011
sis its been very hard but i will always love u it hurts when the clock hits 10pm rest in peace love u
Posted by Ramonita Lopez on 6th June 2011
Dear Lucky, It has been 40 days since you left us. I can't believe that your gone. Even when God was calling you home you didn't care about yourself, you cared about the health of others. People should learn from YOUR EXAMPLE. I LOVE U
Posted by Maria Rios on 4th June 2011
My dear Sis,it has been a month and 8 days since you went on that trip to heaven. I certainly miss you and your calls. Wish I had the pleasure of seeing your smile and laughter once more,but I will; once we see each other again.Love you.Guili
Posted by Maria Rios on 10th May 2011
My dear sister Isabel;As a baby I held you in my arms and pampered you with the same love that we shared always.I gave you your bottle as a baby,just as I fed you the day you went to heaven.I cherish the fondest memories of you.I love you,Guili.
Posted by Maria Rios on 10th May 2011
Sis,I do miss your calls so much!I love you.Guili
Posted by Marie Papa on 5th May 2011
It's hard to believe that only two months ago we danced at my son's wedding. I will always remember you that way; smiling, laughing and having fun. You were my brother Steve's partner and you were my friend from the moment I met you. Miss you...
Posted by Gabriel Rodriguez on 5th May 2011
Thanks GOD for Tia Isabel life. She will be with you now. Bless our family. Tia, I will miss you , Love you for ever. Your nephew, Gaby
Posted by Luby Rodriguez on 2nd May 2011
Nunca te olvidare... Titi te amo!!!!!
Posted by Bernice Morales on 1st May 2011
Rest in peace. I will never forget you. I love you. I will always remeber your blessings "Dios me la bendiga y me la favorezca y acompane siempre".
Posted by Shandell Rios on 29th April 2011
WE LOVE YOU TITI CHAVELA & YOU WILL BE MISSED ! FROM : Gloria & Shandell We will miss you and will keep you in owr hearts always and forever
Posted by Diana Rios on 29th April 2011
Titi I Love and gonna Miss yoou so Pretty. You Looked so Pretty I Cudnt Even cry so Totally True... May God Bless You!
Posted by Diana Rios on 29th April 2011
Titi U are Going To Be Missed so Much I Love You. Love alwayz YAYA
Posted by John Smith on 29th April 2011
Posted by Jo-Ann Colon Loyola on 28th April 2011
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. May the memories you hold so deep in your hearts comfort you today and always. You have earned your angel wings my cousin. Rest in peace.
Posted by Diamond Lopez on 28th April 2011
i miss u titi i love u dearly u will always nd forever be missed may god watch over u
Posted by Daniel Quintero on 28th April 2011
I would like to take this time to pay my respect to the family. I did not have the pleasure of getting to know Isabel as well as others but I have spoken to her and she made me feel like part of the family. May you rest in peace Isabel and thank you
Posted by Maria Lopez on 28th April 2011
I'm grateful for the opportunity to have spoken with my aunt before she passed. I will miss her. Luv you Titi Chavela...your smile and laughter will always be remembered. May you rest in peace alongside my dad and grandma.Love, Your Niece, Angie

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