Let the memory of Isaiah be with us forever
  • 2 years old
  • Born on October 6, 2009 in El Paso, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on May 11, 2012 in El Paso, Texas, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Isaiah Villanueva 2 years old , born on October 6, 2009 and passed away on May 11, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Kayla Villanueva on 9th March 2018
Dear baby Isaiah, Its your big sister (Kayla) we are miss you a lot and one day I will see you and Be happy you will always be my baby. Love you,baby Isaiah
Posted by Kayla Villanueva on 26th November 2016
Hey Lil papito, this is Cole.. I miss you un chingo and I pray every night and say I love you your always gonna be my Lil papito and I wish I could have visiting hours maybe they wouldn't even see me here cuz I'd probably stay over there with you instead. I am going today to take u a rosery it's black and I have red one so it's like we are twinkles .... I miss you a whole bunch and because of you I learned to appreciate what i already have rather than what think i want ... family is a huge part of my life and when u left I'm pretty sure u took my whole heart with you ILloyd always love you papito Love you infinity your Cole
Posted by Joshua Rivera on 18th September 2016
Dear mioj Just writing a few lines so you can hear from your graMA I no everybody from family has already forgot about you but not me I will always have you in my heart until I die everyday is a tear in my eyes because you aren't here no more even I am mad with God because he told you away from me and let somebody else to take you away one day everybody who know will come back to haunt them love you my baby Isaiah
Posted by Joshua Rivera on 26th June 2016
The time is here. My baby is here. And I have to say goodbye . Because somebody didn't know how to control the motions . So this is my time to feel the pain in my heart for long. The wind blows so soft in my face. When my baby is or I am thinking about letting me know I am here. Grandma that moment I stay quiet and think about my baby Isaiah love grandma
Posted by Joshua Rivera on 28th December 2015
Hi papa's this is your grandma I just wanted to tell you if you would like to that Christmas is coming up and you tell me my my days are going so bad because your are not here but then I know yours I'm happier happier with Gods but like I'm here in this world I just can't wait to see you in heaven a river of tears
Posted by Joshua Rivera on 26th August 2015
ISAIAH my baby I have missed you so much today like every other day and to have been your first day in kindergarten and I only dream and feel and think what it would of been in school because I knew you loved to have colored paper, pencils, pens in your backpack. but no, now I go to you graveyard and put colors flowers butterflies and stuff animals and still picture how would of looked. I miss you papas so much love always your grandma Elizabeth ESCARSEGA
Posted by Kayla Villanueva on 12th May 2015
Isaiah same time I remember your talking in my ear
Posted by Joshua Rivera on 11th May 2015
Dear Baby Isaiah My Papas Today is May 11th 2015. 3 years have passed. And I still remember the day your mom called me to let me know that you had gotten killed and to me its been like that every year. My pain doesn't leave my heart. I still remember when you would come down he stairs And sit at the table to color until it was time to leave. You are the baby of the house. You will always be #1 in our hearts. Love , Grandma
Posted by Dora Villanueva on 11th May 2015
On The 3rd Anniversary Of The Day My Isaiah Went Away 3 years ago today, May 11,2012 I lost you, when I was first told you had died it didn't feel real to me, I waited for someone to tell me 'it was a total lie" My brain, heart, body and soul couldn't process anything after that It's not like in the movies where you instantly fall apart & everyone surrounds you from that day forward promising forever to never leave your side again it's a slow, painful process of survival. I was left standing all alone in the midst of chaos the volume of mute & with everything spinning around me because life itself had been turned upside down for me. It actually extends far beyond that !!!! I began to take one breath at a time, putting one foot in front of the other, because I really had no choice. Meanwhile many people slowly began backing away from me, with fear in their eyes , because I now represented their worst nightmare. Not only were they unable to be strong for me but quite frequently I had to give them strength I didn't even have for myself, MUCH LESS TO BE GIVING IT AWAY !!!!!!! answering all their questions and reassuring them that I was "okay" ( which was a complete LIE then and still now ) Because I really from that day on will never have the energy to begin explaining all the many ways why I'm not really going to ever be "OKAY" again And even though I still feel like my life has ended since that day I still wait for a sign . Where are you now ? Dying within myself everyone says you're in heaven .... Excuse me but I can't feel still at this moment I miss everything about you, your smile, your laugh... YOU !!!!!! and I'm here crying alone waiting on what to do...... Show me a sign !!!! I don't care what it is or what time of day !!! Something just to make me feel you're doing fine & you're doing okay.. I know you must be somewhere, spiritually somewhere near.... I wish you could just show me something that you are still here !!! I need this to make me help me live through another day... Please Show Me Papi, something... So I know you are really "okay" :( I Miss You So Much,
Posted by Dora Villanueva on 11th May 2015
I Know They Say " EVERTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON " But Sometimes I Wish I Knew What That Reason Was ..... Why Did You Have To Be Taken Away FOREVER ?????
Posted by Cecy Camposano on 11th April 2015
Today as I passed by the daycare I remembered the times we shared together there like how I would play airplane with u so u would eat and how id tease u bout taking ur cowboy back pack... It brings a smile to remee u but tears to realize u no longer here .i love n miss u isaiah ..sendkng cowboy color roses up to heaven to you
Posted by Kayla Villanueva on 20th January 2015
To Isaiah from kayla l love you a lot Isaiah I am so sorry what happened to you Isaiah You will always be my baby brother.
Posted by Joshua Rivera on 17th January 2015
HI PAPAS This is your grandma I got the strength to say that everyday and night pass's I think of you so much Tears run down my face to get this that you are not here know more and I have to cope with my pain and thoughts of you when you were with us I just can't under stand Why my baby isn't here no more laughing dancing singing running eating playing I still look for you if you were still around But god tells me you are here with us in sprit my little super man I love you gramdma
Posted by Joshua Rivera on 2nd January 2015
Posted by Dora Villanueva on 6th October 2014
Happy 5th Birthday Baby Isaiah, Today has been a really hard day to deal with ;( Losing everything in the world is nothing, compared to losing you ! ! " I will always wonder how you would of looked today " being 5 years old ? They say there is a reason to everything, They say that time will heal all wounds But neither time nor reason Will change the way I feel about losing you For no-one knows the heartache That lies inside my heart No-one knows how many times I have broken down and cried I just want you to know, my big boy now , So there won't be any doubt YOU'RE SO WONDERFUL TO THINK OF, BUT SO HARD TO LIVE WITHOUT ;(
Posted by Dora Villanueva on 11th May 2014
Isaiah on May 11th, 2012, life was taken from you. Now today May 11th, 2014, will be your 2nd year Anniversary & also Mother's Day. As I sit here missing you, wishing you were here ! I decided I wanted to sing you on this Day a song that now has become my favorite song because I feel it says exactly what I feel : * Who You'd Be Today * By Kenny Chesney Sunny days seem to hurt the most I wear the pain like a heavy coat I feel you everywhere I go I see your smile, I see your face I hear you laughing in the rain I still can't believe you're gone It ain't fair you died too young Like the story that had just begun But death tore the pages all away God knows how I miss you All the Hell that I've been through Just knowing no-one could take your place And sometimes I wonder Who'd you be today ? Would you see the world ? Would you chase your dreams ? Settle down with a family ? I wonder what would you name your babies? Some days the sky's so blue I feel like I can talk to you And I know it might sound crazy It ain't fair you died too young Like the story that had just begun But death tore the pages all away God knows how I miss you All the Hell that I've been through Just knowing no-one could take your place And sometimes I wonder Who'd you be today ? TODAY, TODAY, TODAY Sunny days seem to hurt the most I wear the pain like a heavy coat THE ONLY THING THAT GIVES ME " HOPE" IS I KNOW I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN SOMEDAY SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY ( I MISS YOU SO MUCH ) From: Your mommy * MOTHER'S DAY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU *
Posted by Cecy Camposano on 5th April 2014
Isaiah til this day there doesnt go a day that i dont remember ure sweet smile and voice.. although i know God called u to watch over ure family i still wonder y u if u were such a sweet little boy who had so much love for ure family n friends.. i miss u n always remember u..i know one day i will get to c u again and tell u how much u were loved ..
Posted by Dora Villanueva on 5th October 2012
There things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn & people we can't live without but have to let go" "U don't think you'll live past it & u don't really. The person u were is gone. But the half of u that's still alive will one day wake up & take over again" " HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY ISAIAH
Posted by Dora Villanueva on 2nd October 2012
Little did I know that May morning God was going to Call your name In life I loved u dearly in death I do the same. It broke my heart to lose u, u didn't go alone; for part of me went with u, the day God called you home. Our family chain was broken and nothing will be the same, u left us peaceful memories, and through you are not here, u are always on my mind.
Posted by Dora Villanueva on 1st October 2012
The only thought that makes sense is that everything happens for a reason, each one of us is born for a specific reason & purpose in life & each one of us will be called when our purpose has been accomplished. So I realize God must have needed one of his little angels badly.
Posted by Dora Villanueva on 7th June 2012
Isaiah was a lovable baby boy. There was no reason why anyone could ever not like him. He gave everyone he knew "Love". The two unforgetable years God gave me with him were the Best years anyone would ever want to spend with this precious little man. Time on earth was short but together one day we'll be again. He'll always be apart of me and will always be my baby ! I MISS YOU SO MUCH !

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