Posted by Dana Charland on December 2, 2020
I am sending extra prayers and love for Isabella and the entire Auer family, in remembrance of Isabella's birthday coming up on December 4th. She is remembered with much love.

Posted by Kevin,Maria, Paula, Teres... on November 26, 2020
I remember visiting your family long ago when you lived on the Terrell Ridge road and my little Paula and Teresa playing with you. I knew very few in Dubuque then and was very grateful to have your mother welcome me kindly. I recall your mother once giving you a time out on a couch for some minor thing and your immediate obedience and was amazed at both of you. I have fond memories of every 'All Saints day' gathering since when we got to see the wonderful costumes your mother and you co-created together and enjoyed your hospitality. I noticed how the sewing and creative skills brought your grand-mother, mother and you together and was amazed once again at how special it was and how you worked sweetly all-together. Your love for beautiful, modest clothing always made me admire your virtue. You provided a special friendship for my girls that I was so grateful for and the joy they found when they would return after visiting with you at your birthday celebrations. I will always remember with gratitude the special "comfort and care' blanket you left for our family outside our door when my heart was broken after the only parent I knew- my mother passed away. So thoughtful as is typical of your mother and you. Thank you for hearing my prayers as you take them to the Lord on our behalf.  Our hearts are full of gratitude on this Thanksgiving day for the special gift of you and your family to our family!!
Posted by Cathy McKean on November 23, 2020
Isabella, Your picture is on our refrigerator and every time I look at it the same question pops in my head....Why? You were and are a great role model for my children. Bridget loved you and wanted to be like you from the moment she met you. We have been using your library and through it's use my girls are still being influenced by you, thank you! 
Thank you for your virtue!
And thank you, Misty, for raising such a sweet child!  
Posted by Cathy Fischer on November 16, 2020
One of my memories of sweet Isabella Rose is one time when she was about 4, I was taking care of her. It was time for bed time prayers, so we were saying the prayers and we got to "Oh my Jesus........" I was not Catholic yet and did not know this prayer. Isabella said to me, Granny you SHOULD know it and told me I had better learn it because Jesus wanted me to know it. Soooo the next time I said bed time prayers I knew it Ever the little saint!! Love her and Miss her so much, Always and forever in my heart
Posted by Misty Auer on November 12, 2020
Ha,ha, JP! I can still see the twinkle in her eye as you retold that story! She loved all of you boys very much. She especially loved helping you write your stories! Also, you sure have turned into a nice young man...must have been all those extra minutes in the corner! ;) Ha, ha, ha!!!! Love you, Buddy!
Posted by JP A on November 12, 2020
Isabella always favored Emeric. For instance, When I was young, Emeric and I would get into fights when she was babysitting. When she found us kicking and punching, she would pull us apart with the help of Gabe. Once it got to be time for punishment Isabella almost always put Emeric in the corner for a few minutes and put me in to the corner for up to a hour and ten minutes.(all the while Gabe would try to get us even corner times) Years later she said she regretted her actions. Now I laugh at this story. I bet she's really laughing at it now. I miss her good sense of humor.
Posted by Emeric A. on November 12, 2020
To: Isabella
From: Emeric and JP

Oh, St. Philomena, bring us courage and confidence in our faith. Oh, St. Philomena, please pray that Isabella may become a canonized saint. Amen.
Posted by Faith M. on November 11, 2020
I miss you so much, sweet Ella. Every time I think of you, I offer my grief as a prayer for your soul. I hope you're watching over me dear sister. Love you. <3 
Posted by Ann Williams on November 11, 2020
This sweet girl is always going to hold a special place in my heart. There is so much I could say about her, so many special memories I have about her. But for now, since we are so close in time liturgically to All Souls and All Saints Day, I particularly remember her great love for the saints and her vast knowledge of the saints. She was the "go to" person if someone had a question about a particular saint; she always knew the answer! She possessed many "saintly" qualities herself, and I will always remember how, even in the face of her great struggles, she never complained. Not once did I hear her complain about her illness. In contrast, she saw the good that God would bring from it. She was and is a beautiful soul, a shining example to her younger friends in our Catholic and homeschool group, who look up to her so much!
Posted by Cynthia Lester on November 11, 2020
I have read every update since she became ill. God Bless your family.

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