Shared by isidro felan on April 22, 2016

I am ISIDRO CRUZ FELAN JR. My father was ISIDRO CRUZ FELAN SR.He was a vet in the army came back a different person but still our father. He was a great husband to LUPE FELAN they had there moments but stayed together. He was a great father to all my brothers and sisters, he gave us hell but also wanted the best for us he gave us a lot or knowledge and wisdom  I am proud to carry his name and great full to have had a father like him I miss him so much I think about him everyday and it's not the same without him I love u dad may u rest in pease  and I will never forget u! 

I was his daughter in law Selina J. Felan, and dam proud of it!  He loved me as he loved all 6 of his children Juan "Chuco", Isidro Jr. , Debra , Marina "Chela", Tanya "Belen " & Roman Felan! From the 1st moment I met him  till the end he always told me I was his daughter and he loved me just the same as his kids. . He loved our children like all his other grandkids he had.  His heart was big and full of love for HIS FAMILY!!! I'm blessed by God for allowing me the privilege to be a part of him and my husband's family.  My children will always know how loved and lucky they were to have had a grandpa like him.  I love you dad always and forever and thank you and mom Lupe Felan for your son Isidro C. Felan Jr.

Shared by Chela Felan on April 20, 2016

My Dad was one of a kind there will never b another man like him My Daddy served in the VietnamWar he fought for our freedom he enjoyed spending time with his family he loved drinking a cold beer and was always tell his War storys He was a funny,kind and honest man He had a Heart of Gold He was a great father actually the best father 

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