Let the memory of Itunu be with us forever
  • 17 years old
  • Born on March 29, 1995 .
  • Passed away on January 20, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Itunu Olamilokun 17 years old , born on March 29, 1995 and passed away on January 20, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Toyin Omoloja on 12th April 2018
IT , it's been 5 years since you left us and it still feels so weird that you left just like that. Even if we tried, we could never get over your exit. It is the most painful thing that ever happened to me. It makes me feel uncomfortable. What gives me a little solace is that we will still see each other when Christ comes and from the way things are, he could come anytime now. Hmmm.
Posted by Kennie Okeowo on 2nd April 2018
Back in the days , you mum said you do everything like I do. The way you sleep, walk and smile. Your feet and fingers are like mine too, u were another me in a nut shell. Wiffy used to joke that she would have taken you for a son I had outside wedlock, if she had not known your mum as my sister. A part of me died and never came back since you left. I love you neph, continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Toyin Omoloja on 30th March 2017
Itunu my darling, my star, our angel, hmmmmmmm. It's been difficult to get used to the fact that you left us so early. But God is helping us to bear the pain of your space.somehow. I know you are a very beautiful angel now and you are at rest, no worry nor pain. Rest on my love. We ALL miss you so much.
Posted by Adenike Oyelade on 29th March 2017
My boge, bimbolas own itee, haa o ye oluwa o. Pele omo Jesus, maa sun lori Ada olorun. Awa fe o, sugbon jesu fe o juwa lo. We cannot ask him why?. Fondly missed but my song for u still goes on. When tears roll down my eyes as I sing it, people wonder but it is always a tribute to u omo akin.
Posted by Enoch Musa on 29th March 2017
Itunu dear, 4 years...and its just like yesterday. You'll always remain fresh in our hearts. ...Missing you always.
Posted by Toyin Omoloja on 7th January 2017
King Rane, Itunu Bobo, Akingboyega ,Michael. Hmmmmmm. You left a very huge space in my heart. And nobody will ever be able to fill your space . Nobody . I miss you so badly.
Posted by Toye Obadua on 5th January 2017
Itunu, even though it's almost 4 years since you left us, it feels just like a few weeks ago. My heart still feels very heavy and almost close to tears as I write this tribute. You've touched everyone you came across and we all have fond memories of you. We love you but God loves you more. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Toyin Omoloja on 29th March 2016
IT my darling Angel. Rest on Sweetheart. Wish you were here but God knows best. You are 21 this year. I'm still wondering why you left so soon. But again God knows best. You will always be in my heart. Always ever.
Posted by Rhema Olowu 2 on 29th March 2016
We miss u Itunu! It's been 3 years. Today you would have been 21. I know ur in a better place. Till we meet again.
Posted by Segun Oyelade on 20th January 2016
Itunu was more than a friend. He was my brother. Our whole childhood intertwined from the first day we met and we became young men side by side. You were younger than me but your life taught me alot. I still find it hard to believe you're no longer here to gist with and share dreams with. Otunu, Akingboyega, Prince Rane, my best friend. People like you don't come around often so above all I thank God for letting our paths cross for so long. RIP little one ☺
Posted by Toyin Omoloja on 20th January 2016
King Rane. It's been three years now since you left us suddenly. The pain is still there. But I am holding on to the fact that we will still see again when Christ comes. My Big star with a Big Heart, My Angel , My Otunu. Live on my darling. But we miss you sooo terribly. Hmm.
Posted by Lorlah Omotosho on 20th January 2016
Time really does fly.. Three Years! wow.. Continue to rest in peace
Posted by Akudo Alade on 20th January 2016
On my way to work this morning I was listening to music,the next song played and i realized it was today again....Like a river to a rain drop i lost a friend.... Forever in my/our hearts Fisher boy <3 Rest in peace.
Posted by Adekunle Titi on 20th January 2016
always in my heart
Posted by Olusegun Ayo-Ariyo on 12th December 2015
i just cant believe itunu is no more. he was my best friend in primary school and such a brilliant one at that. he helped me achieve my potential and never gave up on me till i became one of the best students in our class and i can boldly say that its the faith he had in me that has gotten me to where i am today. i am what i am because of you itunu. my heart had been longing for a reunion with you since 2012 but i just couldnt locate you. searched your name now on the internet only to find this! my heart aches and i will forever miss you. rest in peace brother!
Posted by Lorlah Omotosho on 13th April 2015
Its 1:42am and im laying down with tears in my eyes still.. I thought by now ild have gotten a way round the pain of your passing, but its still as painful as the moment i heard. I continue to regret not letting you know how dear and special you were to me. I forever miss you Itunu. I miss you. I miss you. Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Toyin Omoloja on 29th March 2015
King Rane, still can't figure out why you left so soon. The pain of your exit is still so deep and fresh. We look up to God for help each time we find ourselves in this clueless state of mind. My only solace is that while you were here you touched so many lives and could never be forgotten by everyone you came across. An adage says ,' It is now how long we live but how well we live our life that matters. ' Stay on my Darling. See you at Christ's coming. You are an Angel in the real sense of the word. My Angel, we miss you so painfully. It is well.
Posted by Adekunle Titi on 20th January 2015
u would Always b n my h@...RANE.....
Posted by Toyin Omoloja on 20th January 2015
My Baby, what can I say ? I just wish you were here. It's been two years now since you left us. Knowing that we will see at Christ's coming is such a huge relief. My Angel, my love, my Otunu , my Rane, my soft spoken darling. Hmm. This is the most painful thing that has ever happened to me. Miss you so badly.
Posted by Adekunle Titi on 31st December 2014
Never knew der was something lyk D's..2day bin d lst day of d year...just laying dwn an idk just decided to goggle and at least refresh My memories ....t So sad u left so soon..wit all d planning on hw to have a get 2gether...I miss u So much.... #myonlycrushoflife#
Posted by Toyin Omoloja on 29th March 2014
Darling IT, today's your 19th Anniversary. I still miss u so much, the pain is excruciating. But at least u are free from pain and all the problems we have here. Rest on my Angel. Hmmm.
Posted by Ayodeji Olowu on 24th January 2014
So It's been a year already! Feels just like yesterday. I love you Itunu.
Posted by Enoch Musa on 21st January 2014
You breezed in blazing full of life and promise; lifted our hopes high for greatness within touching distance and then...like a candle in a rough wind your light went off just when it began burning brightest. You left us in pains, disappointed and disillusioned, our hopes shattered. But our consolation? great hope and faith in the LORD's promise: you are just sleeping. So we refuse to grieve as unbelievers because we know that on that glorious morning we shall meet to part no more. Rest boy, rest in the Lord. You are fondly remembered today.
Posted by Toyin Omoloja on 20th January 2014
IT you left us exactly one year ago. It's been really crazy since then. I still cannot fully understand why but I have come to realize that God does as he pleases and we may never understand why. The pain of your exit is still excruciating. Thanks for crossing our path. Knowing u is a privilege because u are so special. U were a gift onto us. I will always remember u. Bye for now my darling.
Posted by Ayodeji Olowu on 13th October 2013
Itunu was and "still is" someone I love so much. The memories of you would always be in my heart. Hope to see you again in the next realm.
Posted by Bankole Oyedero on 12th May 2013
Posted by Olukemi Awopetu on 11th May 2013
Itunuoluwa, my beloved. Your departure shook my faith in the Lord because I had a strong belief that God wouldn't take you away from us, knowing what you meant to us...But, I know God's standard isn't changed, even, with my thinkings and feelings...God is a fair God. He knows more than I do. He knows what was best for you in your situation then...I hope God could dry the tears. RIP. dear.
Posted by Rhema Olowu 2 on 20th April 2013
"Itunu! I still cannot believe you're gone!It was like a dream when I heard it. I remember your calmness and soft voice. I can't believe I won't get to hear your voice again in this age.But I thank God for I know you are in a better place.Sleep on, dear Itunu, till we meet again.You will be greatly missed! "
Posted by Yemi Babarinsa on 16th April 2013
Still in shock,still wants to be told it is a dream. Well well well, Itunu you will be greatly missed.you left a big vacuum that only God can fill. According to a saying by the Yorubas "Igi to ba dara ki pe ninu igbo" i know you are at peace now,but boy we miss you..You are an angel, a gentle soul and a handsome son.Rest on .we hold dearly in our hearts your beautiful memories..Goodnight
Posted by Kay Okeowo on 15th April 2013
Death is as important as life.Everybody wants to live but when death comes we weep with Sorrow&grieve over the memories we shared with our loved ones but i struggle to go on & pray for strength in hope of tomorrow will be better. It has been very difficult to write this.The pain is still fresh.He was a great guy & a wonderful nephew. Goodbye IT REST IN PEACE And Thank you for the MEMORIES.
Posted by Enoch Musa on 12th April 2013
You were a gem, a rising star with a promising future vastly laying ahead. But while we yet hope for you to blossom your light went off just like a candle in the wind. Painfully our hopes are dashed- a promise missed. Itunu our love we miss u. But the owner of life decided, who are we to question.You will always live in our memory.Till we meet...Rest in the LORD. Missing you. Musa
Posted by Dr Obadua 2 on 11th April 2013
You come into this world as a cocoon and blossom into this beautiful butterfly and fly off to see the world. What you don’t realize little butterfly as you flutter through your days is how you touch those around you in your soft gentle ways. I was sad to see you go for  I knew my life would never be the same but I would be a better person all because you flew by me one bright sunny day. NIKKI.
Posted by Mrs Shonowo on 11th April 2013
Itunu, rest in perfect peace in the bossom of your maker. You are greatly missed by all. We all prayed for a miraculous healing for you, but we rest our faith in the believe that God's will was done. Who are we to question Him? Let us all strive to make heaven, where I know Itunu is, so that we can meet Jesus someday.
Posted by Opeyemi Omoloja on 2nd April 2013
Even though i've had a terrible blow before, yours was another massive blow that till date i still find it difficult to come to terms with; i mean another very bitter pill for me to swallow but according to the scriptures, we can do nothing against the truth but for the truth II Cori 13:8.And the truth is that GOD LOVES YOU MUCH MORE THAN ANYONE OF US. So Rest In Peace Darling, I MISS YOU!
Posted by Taiwo Olu on 31st March 2013
“A brother might nt be a homie but a homie will olways be a brother” itunu u made this clear to me with the little time we were together,I found it so hard to believe u were gone buh God knows best. Till we meet again itunu.Rest in peace homie.
Posted by Adetutu Oyelola on 30th March 2013
You left a mark in your young life.I never got the chance to meet you but I heard about the lives you touched.You've taught us that it's not how long one lives but how well they live that's important.You were loved by many,missed by many.May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.You will indeed be forever missed.
Posted by Stacy K on 29th March 2013
I didn't know Itunu, but i wanted to share a comforting thought from the bible at John 5:28-29. There Jehovah God promises, through his son Jesus, to awaken all those sleeping in death and resurrect back to life on a paradise earth. We can have confidence in that promises because Jesus provided glimpse of that promise while he walked the earth by awakening those asleep in death.
Posted by Toyin Omoloja on 29th March 2013
Itunu is our angel, our star who touched everybody's life so vividly even at his young age. I thank God for making our paths to cross. I will miss him forever because he's my favourite but I also know that God must have called him home for a purpose. IT , I will always love u. It's your birthday today. U will always be close to my heart. Will miss u always.

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