Let the memory of Ivan be with us forever.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ivan Cumberbatch . We will remember him forever.
Posted by Michael Callender on February 26, 2019
Ivan was part of the original three Project Development Officers, who started with FundAccess in          January, 1998. Ivan readily embodied the principles of a small business development officer and was always willing to assist the less fortunate and inexperienced entrepreneurs. It was the norm to visit Ivan’s cubicle and interrupt a conversation with suppliers, regulatory agencies, utility companies, who he had contacted, all in an effort to assist applicants who were experiencing difficulties in attaining the necessary documents to complete the loan application.
What I admired about Ivan, was his knowledge seemingly about everything. Ivan knew local history, international affairs, music and entertainment, culture, politics and even the weather. Funny enough whenever a weather system was threatening Barbados, I often commented to friends that despite the      Met Office advisory, I would only be concerned if Ivan advised that the system posed a serious threat to Barbados, because his predictions are usually right.
Ivan understood the team concept and played a pivotal role in developing departmental harmony and teamwork. In the early days of FundAccess when the credit team was faced with difficult clients and situations, Ivan was the person who volunteered to handle the client and would discuss with us ways that we can resolve the situation. He also has a knack for picking up when an officer was having a hard day and would send jokes or little words of encouragement to brighten the day.  
In Ivan’s passing, FundAccess has lost a knowledge resource, friend, committed member, an individual that connects with people and was committed to assisting entrepreneurs and developing small businesses. 
Rest in peace Ivan.
Posted by Mina Davis on February 26, 2019
Forever etched in my heart. You were truly an inspiration. You brought joy and tears of laughter to us all, for which your legacy will remain. Rest in Peace my dear friend, In the loving hands of our Heavenly father.
Posted by Sophia Forte on February 26, 2019
It is said that writing is cathartic. As I sit here tonight typing this message, I write to ease the immeasurable loss I feel at the passing of my colleague and friend, Ivan.
I have had the privilege and honour to work with Ivan for more than fifteen years, he will be fondly remembered for his articulate writing ability, his acting skills, and most importantly, his passion for helping and assisting people.
Ivan, I will miss you. Goodbye my friend.
May you rest in peace.
Posted by Carlisle Paul on February 26, 2019
Words will never be able to describe the indelible contribution you made to my life, both professionally and personally. Your advice, admonishment, sense of humour, constant support and encouragement will never be forgotten and will be forever appreciated. Once my colleague but forever my brother. Rest in peace until we meet again.
Posted by Deighton Mottley on February 22, 2019
The greatest friend I've ever had!
Posted by FundAccess Barbados on February 20, 2019
We are profoundly saddened by the loss of Ivan Cumberbatch a valued member of the FundAccess family, who passed away on February 8, 2019.

Ivan joined the staff of FundAccess On January 2, 1998 as a Project Development Officer, charged with the task of processing loan applications and providing advice to entrepreneurs on the development of their projects. He was a highly popular employee both amongst our clients and staff. Ivan made tremendous contributions to the development of his client portfolio and to FundAccess as an organisation.

In October 2008, Ivan was promoted on transfer to the Accounts Department with one of his main responsibilities being client disbursements. Ivan immediately settled into the position and made his mark, happy in his new role, since he was able to combine both his love of the Accounting profession and his passion for assisting clients.

When illness struck, Ivan fought bravely, finding every way to continue his productivity and efficiency at such an extremely high level that those not close to him would have been unaware of his struggles. Finally, in August 2016, at the insistence of his doctors, Ivan retired medical unfit, but interacted with us often and continued to contribute to FundAccess in meaningful ways. He was a history buff with superior knowledge of FundAccess and its clients and thus designed many of our quizzes and treasure hunts. As when at the office, Ivan continued to be a resource person on whom one could bounce off ideas and get advice.

On a personal level, I will miss Ivan terribly. He infused life and passion wherever he was, with his tremendous sense of humour, warmth and intelligence. He had an unusual instinct for picking up my vibes and would respond with an appropriate verse, humorous meme or an inspirational quote.
May he Rest in Peace.

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