This memorial is created in memory of our beloved son, Ivanna Rosenfeld, who left us far too soon. Ivanna had a huge heart of gold and was the kindest of souls with a generous spirit loved by all who knew him. In his short time on our earth, he cherished his family, from his foster mother in Guatemala to his adoptive parents and the very special bond he had with his brother Zachary. He loved his extended family of many aunts, uncles and cousins and loved to visit them around the country and stay in touch with them despite the distance. We will forever remember our special child who graced our lives and so many others.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts. If you wish to support Ivanna’s legacy and in lieu of food or flowers, your donation may be made to, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network:

Posted by Patty McCague on May 4, 2022
I remember you Ivanna primarily as Zach’s younger sibling. In your passing, I have learned so much more about you from your parents, other family and your numerous friends. Having given it a year of thought, I think it was in God’s plan to bring you home when you passed.  Zach needed you with him. As painful as this has been for family and friends to have you pass, they are stronger to cope with your passing than Zach would be passing alone. Just my thoughts. I think too much. Keep looking out for your folks and your brother. You are a selfless brother and son who should be at peace❤️.
Posted by Prithi Nair on May 4, 2022
Sweet Ivanna it seems impossible to believe that today marks your one year. Though absent I know you are near and protect your sweet mum. You and Zach must be beaming with pride to witness the care she provides her patients everyday. We talk about you both often and I love hearing her share stories of all your shenanigans. What cherished memories you both left behind.
Continue to shine bright sweet sunshine !
Posted by Diana Jordan on May 4, 2022
Hi Ivanna,

I hope you will continue to watch over your loved ones. I think about our fun memories together all the time, but especially on days like today.

You will forever be in my heart.

Love always
Posted by Abbie Williamson on May 4, 2022
I can’t believe it’s been so long. I’m so thankful for the friendship we had, and I don’t think words will ever be enough to say how much I miss you. You’ll always have had an impact on my life. I’ll build an extra big and extra stupid gingerbread house next year dude. I love you lots <3
Posted by Paul Rosenfeld on November 12, 2021

Happy 18th birthday my dear son. I miss you more any words can express. I would give anything to be celebrating it here on earth with you. I’ve thought all day about the nice times we had together skiing and watching TV and playing tennis and in some way hoped that you’re also thinking about them now and how one day we’ll be playing them together too. Since you left I painted a picture of you and Zach and gave it to your mom and Marc/Holly to hang up - If you’re looking at it I hope you like it, I put everything I had in it. I also moved to Florida to be near our cousins and my friends and one day, your aunt/uncle. I think you’d love being here year round. I have lots of your things like the Cars toys you collected, the rocks you painted and your favorite water bottle which I use every time I exercise. I’m feeling healthy in body but struggle daily with missing you and your brother. Ski season is around the corner and I expect to see you snowboarding down the mtn with me at different new mtns around the country (and am shooting for overseas too!). Pls keep visiting me, time and your passing from this world don’t change my love and need for you in my life.

I ❤️ You. Dad
Posted by Emma Bracamontes on June 4, 2021
I moved away from mountain view after the fourth grade. In the short time I knew Ivanna I learned about the pure and genuine kindness in his spirit and heart. My most vivid memory with Ivanna is when after looking at the foster puppies in his house, watching veggie tales and then messing around with a skateboard. When I moved I frequently thought of my childhood friends and happily reminisced on every memory I had with Ivanna. Always in my thoughts, I’ll miss your presence and fun, happy spirit Ivanna. You are missed and deeply loved<3
Posted by Sue Voiss on May 22, 2021
Having Ivanna in Youth Drama For All as an actor early on and then as a volunteer this season as well as in recent years enriched the lives of many. I will miss Ivanna’s reserved, yet ever-present spark. I will miss Ivanna. My heart and prayers go out to Rita and Paul.
Posted by Andrea Saliba on May 19, 2021
Dearest Ivanna,

I wanted to be there for you. I love you and your mom so much. You have a heart of gold. You are so sweet and so so courageous. You are heroic in fact. I’m not surprised the army reserves graduated you early! You were a hero for your brother Zach and you also supported your mom so much. The mutual love you and your mom shared was so inevitable that I truly loved to be around you both. 

Ivanna, I am so grateful that I got to know you. I admire your curiosity and your desire to connect with your indigenous roots of which you were so profoundly proud. I was so glad to witness your artistic and entrepreneurial spirit with your bead-making jewelry business. It was such a beautiful endeavor to make pieces that were authentic to the Native American spirit. I am bursting with pride every time I wear these gorgeous earrings you made. You are so talented and creative — and a great shopkeeper.

Ivanna, I’m so grateful that we spent time together in Napa last July. Your heart of gold really shown through that weekend. I think you offered me a chaise lounge near your mom and you were so understanding when Isabella was being a grouch. Your patience, tolerance and kindness does not go unnoticed.

I’m sending you Aloha from Hawaii right now. I’m here to brush up on my swimming skills as you beat me so badly when I challenged you to a swim race in Napa. Ha ha. And I know you are all around me now because my hotel room is number 11 and the key code to get in adds up to 11-11. You even helped me when I got locked out of my room this week. I simply remembered 11-11 and got it.

Perhaps my favorite memory was the time I went to your Sladky home after I just learned a new hip hop routine. As we both shared a love of hip hop, you didn’t mind my interruption when I showed you the routine and then you were so eager to learn the steps! Much to my surprise, you quickly nailed the choreography and we performed it together! Such a beautiful moment. Even Aracely remembers this!

I am also grateful that you came to a few of my performances, the last one being at Foothill College in March of 2019. I think you even filmed me. I was so excited to hear that you and your Dad considered going to my big show that year as you are such a beautiful dancer yourself. 

In addition to dancing, art and culture, we also shared a love of Paprika! And remember I said that you can always call me? So keep in touch, okay? And keep on dancing up there!

Posted by Marina Raynaud on May 18, 2021
Dear Ivanna,
Even though I didn’t know you very well, through the few interactions I had with you I could tell you were a very kind person. I know that you made a difference to so many of your friends and family. Im sure that you’re safe in heaven and hope that your family will be okay.
Rest In Piece Ivanna ❤️
-Marina Raynaud
Posted by Victoria Claas on May 18, 2021
You were the best throwing partner I could ever ask for. I remember when we would be throwing back and forth and I would accidentally throw the ball over your head and you made me go and chase it every time or when you would throw so hard it hurt my hand through my glove and we could not stop laughing. The coaches had to separate us because all we would do is laugh together all the time. You had such a contagious laugh. Im glad I had the honor of teaching you how to spit out sunflower seeds even though you almost accidentally spit one on the coach haha (it was windy). You were always so nice to me. You taught me how to play softball and would lend me your bat all the time because I didn’t have one. We made so many memories together and I will never forget our handshake. You were always there for me and I know you still will be and I can never thank you enough for being such a great friend. I love you dude and I miss you so so much.
Posted by natalie mahjoor on May 18, 2021
Dear Ivanna,
I cannot believe you are gone, I remember we used to be so close in middle school. You would always make me laugh when I was sad. You were always so positive and such a caring person. Any room you would walk into you would bring a smile to everyone's face. I remember we had learning skills class together in 7th and 8th grade, we would always get in trouble for laughing and talking to each other. We were like a magnet in that class we would always do everything together. Even though we kinda grew apart in high school, words cannot describe how much I miss you. There's no day that goes by without thinking about you. I hope you are at peace.
With all love
- Natalie
Posted by Jenni Tellefsen on May 16, 2021
Dear Ivanna,
You touched my heart, and those of others, in so many ways. You were the sunshine of our after school running club at Springer. It still makes me smile when I think about all the times you would ask if you could run in your socks. I would discourage it, but then I would turn around and there you were, running and playing on the grass with your friends with no shoes. Your smile and laughter will always be in my memory. I am blessed to have known you, although it was for far too short a time. Your light will forever shine so brightly to all that have been touched by you. I know peace surrounds you.
Rita, Paul, and family, I am so sorry. My deepest sympathies.
Posted by Rebecca Jocelyn Kong on May 15, 2021
Dear Ivanna,

Although I never got to meet you in-person (of which I feel extremely bad), thanks for looking out for Zach. That's what good people do for their fellows. Whether or not I burn paper money so you and Zach have good luck above (this is a thing in the Chinese culture), I am always thinking of you and your family. Mr and Mrs Rosenfeld, I wish I had the right words at this time; my heart is breaking for you and your family. Thinking of you in these difficult times and sending love.

- Rebecca Jocelyn Kong
Posted by Aleksander Justin on May 14, 2021
Dear Ivanna,

Although we have never met in person and rarely interacted with you, I know for a fact that you did not deserve this pain. I knew you as Kaylin’s significant other but you were also a loving, caring, kind brother, son, friend, and more. We did not talk too much and never got close and I truly regret that. All the conversations I had with you were so thoughtful and meaningful and you really cared, not just about me but about everyone. Now it is hard to say goodbye, but I must. I trust that you are watching over us. I am glad you are in a better place with no more suffering. I love you.


Aleksander Justin
Posted by Kelly Liu on May 14, 2021

I hope you are resting easy and at peace. I can't believe we have been friends since kindergarten, I still remember playing softball together. I was lucky enough to grow up with you, being best friends in elementary school. I remember a bright and really energetic spirit, always making my day. I remember us calling each other on old home phones since we weren't old enough to own a personal phone. We would talk for hours until one of our parents made us hangup. I remember hanging out constantly during the summer, doing cool challenges we found on Youtube. I miss you deeply, replaying moments of our childhood and remembering inside jokes we made in elementary school. It breaks my heart you are no longer with us, I hope you are at peace. 

Posted by Nakai Brock on May 14, 2021
i can’t believe it’s been over a week without you. everything feels empty. Every time my phone buzzes I expect to see your name but it’s never you. We’d been together for almost a year and eight months and in that time you made my world a million times brighter. Everything you did you did with love and joy. you’re kind and considerate and the sweetest person i know. Every time I think about you all I can think about is how we can’t do our daily picnics or our daily movie night (I warned you id turn you into a disney fanatic). Our favorite movie to watch together was Up because you are and always will be my greatest adventure. Being at your funeral was the hardest thing i’ve ever done. All I could think about is how much I wanted to run into your arms and feel safe again, but I knew that moment would never come. You given be so much love, joy, and happiness and you bring those qualities into every person you’ve ever come across. I’m so grateful for the time i’ve had with you I just wish it could’ve been forever like we’d hoped. There are never going to be enough words to describe the love I have for you and always will or the hurt that i’m feeling. You always told me that everything happens for a reason but i never will understand the reason for all this pain. You’ve brought me so much love and joy there is never going to be a way for me to fully express it to you. The moments we’ve shared have been some of the happiest in my life and inviting me into your life and your family and made me feel at home, and that is something I can never thank you enough for. I love you more than words can say to infinity and beyond, forever and always my love.
Posted by Anika Kulick on May 14, 2021
I had ivanna in my Spanish class last year and the teacher almost always put us at the same table, i remembering meeting ivanna and remembering how we got along so fast. He helped me get through so many tough times and made my feel less alone. He always let me tell him about any problems I was dealing with. Ivanna was alwyas so sweet and I couldn’t have imagined myself being able to get through last years stress without him. You’ll always be missed love❤️
Posted by Bella Pollart on May 14, 2021
Ivanna was like family to me he always called me his big sister. I enjoyed coming out of my class everyday and having him run up to me and give me a big hug. We had so many great memories together. I will miss him and remember all the laughter we would have. ❤️
Posted by Amelia kopp on May 14, 2021
Ivanna was in my Spanish class freshman year. I thought his rings were cool. We sat together in a couple different table groups. I remember his smile and laugh. Rest in peace Ivanna. ❤️
Posted by Karlicia Baty on May 14, 2021
freshmen year i was at MVHS and lemme tell you without ivanna there freshman year would have been unbearable. We both had orchestra and instead we would go out of class and talk,talk for hours about both of the problems we had in life we even got snacks.We did this a lot and i never got tired of it i loved the talks we use to have he made me feel like life wasn’t so bad. He use to run up to me giving me the biggest hugs and it made me smile, i just wish i could have had another hug because those hugs are something i will not forget .He is not a forgettable person and we were each other’s rocks at the time he wouldn’t let me fall off the edge and i wouldn’t let him.During breaks we would watch south park and laugh our asses off because of how stupid the show was ofc while eating snacks.I am so grateful to have known ivanna he was one of my best friends and got me thru a breaks my heart that he’s not here anymore
Posted by Malin Lundmark on May 14, 2021
Though I didn't hear from Ivanna much after Springer, we used to be best best friends. I very distinctly remember us going to the scholastic book fair every year and we would never really look at the books (besides Geronimo Stilton), but we would always buy the silliest little trinkets like a chocolate scented calculator or a pen that looked like a toucan but its eyes popped out when you squeezed it. During recess we would play around the world and I would always do it even though I never really had the same passion for basketball as you did with those 5th grade size hoops. We would always check out two basketballs from the ball shed and would fight over who got the better, more inflated one. He always won. Sometimes we would go to the resource lab and play cool math games and I would be water girl and you would be fire boy or we would play the papas games like the cupcakeria. You were a special person and I wish I had had a chance to say goodbye better than my sixth grade self had done, but I really hope you are in a better place now with Zachary. Love, Mali❤️
Posted by deilani harris on May 14, 2021
i remember we had a class together in elementary. we would always laugh at the teacher, cracking jokes until she got annoyed at us. i loved the bracelets you wore. i was almost two years younger than you but i remember how i loved your style. you were so beautiful ivanna, even if you couldn’t see it. i love you. rest in paradise beautiful.

love always,
deilani harris
Posted by Eris Ivanova on May 13, 2021

We were never close but I was lucky to be acquainted with you. We shared a class and did a project together and I remember your kind presence. Also being a trans person, your passing hurts me deeply. Your memory will live on.

All my love,
Posted by Jennifer Leahy on May 13, 2021
Sending our love and support. Truly heartfelt condolences. Warm regards, Jennifer, Dylan, and Owen Leahy
Posted by Maegan Estrella on May 13, 2021
We did not know one another very well, however, we met in PE Freshman year. You were always very kind, sweet and lively. It breaks my heart and many others to know that you are not here on this earth with us any longer. But, I am glad you’re in a better place now. You will be missed.

Maegan Estrella
Posted by Nicole Maneatis on May 13, 2021
Dear Ivanna, Paul, and Rita, 

I am very very sorry Rita and Paul for your loss. I remember when Ivanna and I were good friends in elementary school and although we hadn't connected since middle school, I remember the moments I spent with him like they were yesterday. He was always so sweet and thoughtful with everything he said. Ivanna was one of those people who would light up a room when he walked in. Ivanna had so much to give to the world with his generosity, kindness, creativity, sense of humor, and so much more. He is one of those people you won't forget. My favorite memories with Ivanna were all the track relay practices and the times we played four square at lunch.

Rest in peace Ivanna. 
Posted by Francesca F on May 13, 2021
I find myself going over and over the littlest moments. When we walked places, there was one side of me you preferred to walk on. When you felt awkward you ruffled your hair in a certain way, and I picked up the habit and do the same with my own bangs. I will miss you more than you can know.
Posted by Evelyn Yaskin on May 13, 2021
Dearest Ivanna, it is so unfortunate that you had to leave this earth so early. I remember when we first met in middle school, we were both a little shy as we were starting in a new school, but I knew right away that we were going to be really good friends. With all the memories we made in tennis, and middle school, and recently as well, I will always keep these in my heart. You were amazing and never failed to make anyone smile. You are the light in so many peoples lives. I love you so much and I know you are in a better place now. ❤️
Posted by Jen Mulry on May 13, 2021
My earliest memories of you are as Zach’s little sister, full of energy and always wanting to tell me about your day while you sat and waited for Zach during his sessions at FiT. And then you became a volunteer and starting working out with our group. I then began to see the true bond that you and Zach had. You were mature, wise and patient beyond your years and made such an impact on each one of our participants - we will never forget you and will always be thankful for the time we had with you. And then we had the chance to work 1:1 together this past fall and I got to know you as Ivanna, not just as Zach’s sister. You touched so many lives, including mine and for that I am grateful.

Paul & Rita - I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. Your children were such a gift to all of us and I hope you can find a little comfort in all the lives they touched and know that that is in part because of the amazing job you did as parents.
Posted by Cathy Quon on May 12, 2021
Dear Rita and Paul: I am a friend from Paul's time at Intuit. I want to let you know how heartbroken I am for you both. May the wonderful memories of Ivanna and Zach heal you over time. Sending you wishes of hope and resiliency. With deepest sympathies, Cathy
Posted by Jolynn Bommarito on May 12, 2021
Dearest Ivanna, I will forever love you. When you drew Cookie Monster on my birthday card in honor of Zach & Timmie you became my forever friend. I knew then you understood the language of the special needs. You will never be forgotten.
Posted by Anna S on May 12, 2021
Dear Rita: Pau, Isabelle and I send you huge hug. Please let me know how I can help you. We love you: Anna (I texted you, too)
Posted by Melissa Horton on May 12, 2021
As a music docent for the Kindergarteners, I remember your sweet smile and voice Ivanna. Words can not express how the world will miss your smile, voice, and presence. I wish I had seen more of you when Mica was at Springer. I am heartbroken. 
Posted by Lee Jennings on May 12, 2021
Rita, our hearts are heavy for you and we are all here whenever you need us. May precious memories comfort you. Both kids were special lights in the world. That was sure. Much love, one of many High School sisters here for you
Posted by pam rademacher on May 12, 2021
Rita, I am Tatum and Cole's grandmother. I feel like I am part of
your community even though I live elsewhere.  My heart aches for
you and for everyone who knew and loved your dear children.
This is a tragedy beyond words and yet, clearly you and your children
have profoundly touched many lives. Please know I am thinking
about you all.
pam rademacher
Posted by Vicki Amon-Higa on May 12, 2021
Oh Ivanna,  what a joy you were -- your infectious smile, your deep care and love for your family and animals.  We are so sorry you left us all so soon. Sending big hugs to you and Zach, now together, and to your Mom and Dad too.  My heart aches. .... Vicki & Peter
Posted by Susan Stone on May 12, 2021
Oh, Rita, my heart is broken for you. I know what an amazing mother you are, and am always motivated by the love and support you have always shown both your children. I hope the thought of your two sons, being together again, will bring you some peace during this very painful time.
Posted by Ben Rogers on May 11, 2021
Dear Ivanna! I know we weren’t close but, every time when we hung out, I always liked the way that you looked out for Zach! I will miss both of you guys!
Posted by Diana Jordan on May 11, 2021

I pray you have found your peace. I have been thinking of you every day, as well as Zach, and I know you two are shining down your bright light from heaven.

We've known each other since we were little, and although most of our time was spent apart, I will forever remember the memories. You and Zach were like cousins to us. I remember going to parks in NYC with you and our families, and just two summers ago we saw each other on vacation in Cape Cod. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and you were playing catch in the pool with my brother. Those were happy, beautiful times and that's how I will remember you.

Your passion and spirit will always inspire me.
I love you and wish you peace. <3

P.S... A couple months ago I bought a pair of earrings from your Etsy shop! I will cherish them forever and always think of you when I wear them. They were beautifully made.

Until we meet again,


Posted by Aracely Island on May 11, 2021
Dear Ivana,
Lately, we find ourselves stumbling over our words and unable to say how much you and your brother meant to us. What we have are memories. We remember summers spent sitting in the sun just enjoying each others company. You playing in the backyard, Zack on his swing and Alec on the piano. We remember how good you were at sports and dancing. You, me and your mom practicing salsa at the Sladsky house while the dogs went crazy is one of our favorite memories. Christmas was time to show off your new kicks. We remember your artistic talent that you used to make cards for your mom over the years. You showed up for your brother in FIT and YDFA and in so many countless ways. You were forever a presence in his life and ours. May you and Zach both be at peace together. May you be as joyful as you were on summer days playing in your yard.
Aracely and Alec
Posted by Paul Rosenfeld on May 11, 2021
My dear, dear Ivanna,

You left too early though I pray you're at peace now. I knew too well but not well enough of your pains and am heartbroken not being able to do more to keep you safe and shower you even more love that I always had for you, will always have for you.

You stood so tall through your birth, foster care, adoption, the passing of Zach, and more. Through it all, you loved your family and friends deeply and fiercely, indulged your passions for art, music and for collectibles and for unending pairs of sneakers! How proud you were triumphing as a budding entrepreneur, violinist, and incredible athlete. Even the Army knows how special you are and graduated you as an honorary member of the Army Reserves! You made it sweetie. I am and will forever be so proud of you. I desperately wanted you by side next week but will know in my heart that you'll be watching over me.

I hope beyond hope to be reunited with you one day, and hold you forever after that. Rest now.

I love you, your Papa

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Posted by Patty McCague on May 4, 2022
I remember you Ivanna primarily as Zach’s younger sibling. In your passing, I have learned so much more about you from your parents, other family and your numerous friends. Having given it a year of thought, I think it was in God’s plan to bring you home when you passed.  Zach needed you with him. As painful as this has been for family and friends to have you pass, they are stronger to cope with your passing than Zach would be passing alone. Just my thoughts. I think too much. Keep looking out for your folks and your brother. You are a selfless brother and son who should be at peace❤️.
Posted by Prithi Nair on May 4, 2022
Sweet Ivanna it seems impossible to believe that today marks your one year. Though absent I know you are near and protect your sweet mum. You and Zach must be beaming with pride to witness the care she provides her patients everyday. We talk about you both often and I love hearing her share stories of all your shenanigans. What cherished memories you both left behind.
Continue to shine bright sweet sunshine !
Posted by Diana Jordan on May 4, 2022
Hi Ivanna,

I hope you will continue to watch over your loved ones. I think about our fun memories together all the time, but especially on days like today.

You will forever be in my heart.

Love always
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Shared by Rita Estrada on November 10, 2021
Dear Ivanna,

This photo popped up today and it brought back so many great memories of our last trip to Cape Cod. I remember you telling me how much love you felt in P-Town. I remember you telling me it was the best vacation ever (but you said that after every trip :)).

Tomorrow is your 18th Birthday—11/11. Such a special day and so impossible that you are not here for me to shower you with all my love. How excited you would be getting ready to celebrate with friends. Six months with you on the other side. I miss you and cherish you with every breath. Keep the dreams and signs coming sweetie.
I love you so much ✨❤️
Your Momma

Happy (belated) Birthday!

Shared by Ashley Schmitz on November 12, 2021
Ivanna, Ivanna, Ivanna… happy 18 to such a special little soul. I will always value my memories of you. You taught me so much in my first years of teaching and I won’t forget your hugs and smile. The core of you is love and it’s all you ever wanted for everyone; teachers, friends, family. So many silly times and even not so silly times- but all you were ever trying to do was to understand your world. It was incredible to watch such a young child take on such a big undertaking. You will always be on my mind and heart. Happy happy birthday! 
Shared by Stacy Rademacher on November 11, 2021
Dear Ivanna, Happy 18th sweetie! I picture you celebrating, laughing, dancing, and goofing around with your brother. As the days pass, you stay in my thoughts, and you will always have a very special place in my heart. You and Zach remind me of what is important - and how to continue to live with love, joy, and purpose. Big hugs and love up to the universe and beyond! Love, Stacy