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  • 47 years old
  • Born on April 1, 1968 in West Sussex, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on October 5, 2015 in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Thank you for visiting Ivan's memorial page. It is hard to believe three years have gone by without him. It is still difficult but we have tried to live the way Ivan would have wanted. We are grateful to everyone who has supported us all in so very many ways. Thank you.

As our journey without Ivan continues, we hope to keep his bright light shining through The Go4it Fund. The fund, which is administered by the Hertfordshire Community Foundation, was created in his memory to support families impacted by injury, illness and loss.  Our hope is that The Go4it Fund will be a real force for good in our local community and a fitting legacy for Ivan.

The main contributions to The Go4it Fund come from the annual Ivan Purdie Memorial Golf Tournament, but donations can be made at any time.  If you would like to make a donation in Ivan's memory please visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Go4it-Fund

Much love,
Kate & family

                                                                          Iron Ivan

The sun shone bright, autumnal weather
When hundreds of us joined together
To bid farewell to one great man
Who fought as hard as one man can

 His two brave girls, so proud, so strong
Such moving words to the great throng
His friends stood up, told everyone
Of great adventures, thrills and fun

 His loving wife, his rock, his nurse
so dignified reciting verse
It’s alright to shed some tears
Remembering the precious years 

  So much respect, such praise, such love
Symbolic flights of snow white doves
A wooden seat to rest and think
To sip a cool refreshing drink

 He’ll never have the chance to see
His little boy beneath this tree
But he’s still here to keep us safe
I feel his spirit in his place

 Now every time I want to know
Which path to take, which way to go
He’s still the one who I’ll turn to
What would Iron Ivan do?

                                                              - John Edgecombe 

Posted by Catherine Stevens on 12th October 2018
Dear Ivan, The loss of not having you in my life gets more and more poignant as the days rolled into weeks, months and now years. Frankly - neither mum or I ever thought much beyond the end of the week really, and now those sleepless nights have turned to years and i miss you, my brother has gone, i'll never see that lopsided smile or hear that ready humour which was such a concrete anchor to me. I watch the bravery of Olivia and Scarlet with such pride and you would be proud too - they are a real credit to your wishes to move on and forwards; and although I can only imagine how hard it is for them, i see them trying and i see their loss - mirrored in their eyes and reflected in all our hearts. I miss you Bro. I miss the advice, the wise counsel, the shared curries, the constant surprises that were just you - you were all eccentric, surprising and i loved it. And, i hate that you, Matt and Dad aren't here. I miss you always. Sis xxx
Posted by Richard Henderson on 6th October 2018
Rest, old friend Still miss you Love to family x
Posted by John Edgecombe on 5th October 2018
Three years? It's unbelievable! We all miss you all the time mate. Raised a glass to your memory at the golf club today. God bless you. Much love, Edgy x
Posted by Scarlett Purdie on 8th May 2018
I miss you all the time dad I really wish you would come home. I love you so much from scarlett xx
Posted by John Edgecombe on 2nd April 2018
My dear friend I too have fond memories of your 40th at Century. Yesterday I celebrated your 50th by jet skiing to a small island ten miles off the Bahia coast in Brazil. Just me and two Brazilian girls in 30c sunshine. I don’t think you would have liked it much!
Posted by Giovanni Cafagna on 1st April 2018
Ciao Ivan, good friend and good man. Always in my thoughts.
Posted by Juli Cook on 1st April 2018
Happy birthday Ivan. You are such a bright star that will forever guide us. Juli Cook
Posted by Ian Hilliard on 1st April 2018
Hello Ivan Thinking of you today on your 50th Birthday To be honest not a day goes by where I don’t think of you Love Ian xx
Posted by Scarlett Purdie on 1st April 2018
Happy birthday dad. I always miss and think about you lots of love scarlett xx
Posted by Matt Brookes on 1st April 2018
Happy 50th Ivan. Wonder how you would have combined it with April Fools Day and Easter....the mind boggles!! So many memories of you but the first one to pop into my mind today was a sunny afternoon spent at an EMAP fun day back in the late 80s. Just a lovely afternoon spent in the sun, playing daft games, eating, drinking and talking crap. I have a very distinct memory of you in a (bad) rugby shirt in hysterics, blowing beer out of your nose at someone's joke. Lovely man x.
Posted by Paul Harraghy on 1st April 2018
Happy 50th matey! Was just remembering how we celebrated your 40th at Century. Great night. Makes me smile, which is what thinking of you always does. If they have birthday parties up there be gentle with them. They’ve no idea what they’re in for.
Posted by Scarlett Purdie on 13th January 2018
I miss you all the time dad I wish you would come home soon xx
Posted by John Edgecombe on 31st December 2017
It's hard to believe you would have been turning 50 this year mate although I have no doubt you would have carried it off in style. We will be sure to mark the occasion come April 1st. Rest assured we are still doing all the stuff that used to make you smile and cringe at the same time. Miss you much bro x
Posted by Giovanni Cafagna on 9th October 2017
Hey man, it’s been a while. Wherever you are, whatever you do, if you feel taking an angelic break, come to see my new venture in Italy. You’d love it: classy, lots of outdoor space, relaxing and more importantly plenty gluttony being served. You’d love it. Meanwhile I’ll rise a glass or three of proper red to the great memories I have of you. Ciao, Gio.
Posted by Ian Hilliard on 6th October 2017
Thinking of you all the time Ivan. I try and spend time and see our family as much as I can. Love spending time with them, Catherine, Aunty Jill, Jack and Keith to talk about and share lots of happy memories. It always brings tears. Both happy and sad!! But good. Sorry !! I played so badly in your golf day!! But I was proud and happy to be part of it. Love Ian x
Posted by Richard Blakeney on 5th October 2017
Always in my thoughts pal, truly missed. RIP. Love Richard at all at AVS X
Posted by Sarah Blakeney on 5th October 2017
Never forgotten, R.I.P Ivan and sleep tight with the angels xxx
Posted by Catherine Stevens on 4th October 2017
Dear Bros, It is impossible to believe that two years have passed since our last conversation, since the last time I held your hand, and since the last time I looked into eyes so similar to my own. I talk to you often, I go to see where you rest often and as you know I placed our Dad in with you, only a few short months after you left. Our Mum is ok, but only just. I see the sadness etched in her face and it is the laughter of Lizzie that brings her back from the brink on those sad days when she misses you so much that her heart breaks. I miss you too babe. I miss your strength, your laughter, the crinkle at the side of your eyes, and the hug that stopped the world turning. Catherine. x
Posted by Olivia Purdie on 12th May 2017
Well dad I've sealed the deal! I had my very last day of year 11 today and the sun came out at the precise moment that I wished you were here to celebrate with me. My GCSE's start next week and I wish more than anything for a good luck text from you. I I really hope I'm doing you proud dad I love you X
Posted by David Jacobs on 2nd April 2017
Still seems surreal that such a force of nature is not physically with us but I am sure that his charchter, spirit and soul will continue to inspire, motivate and drive those touched by his presence to great things in the future. If there are any positives to draw, it is that I have tried to use his mantra to drive me on to seize every moment of each day, to see the positives and to strive to be a better person, that is Ivan's legacy for everybody and a fitting legacy for a truly inspirational guy
Posted by Aaron Birch on 2nd April 2017
Happy Belated Birthday Brov, I played golf yesterday and shot 73, I doubt you and Hardie would of won against me and Steve. Always thinking about you and I'm always reminded of your smile when on Facebook,
Posted by Jeff Guilbault on 2nd April 2017
Fresh morning, blue sky on a golf course in the outskirt of Paris. Today is going to be a great day, I will try to Go4it. Thinking about you Ivan !
Posted by Rob Cowley on 1st April 2017
Happy Birthday mate The Ivan shaped hole in our lives will always be there
Posted by Kate Nickerson Purdie on 1st April 2017
Keep an eye on us tonight sweetheart. The celebration won't be the same without you there, but I think you will be very proud. xxx
Posted by Scarlett Purdie on 1st April 2017
Happy birthday daddy !!!!!!!!!!! I miss you lots Lots of love Scarlett
Posted by Paula Bonella on 1st April 2017
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Ivan x
Posted by Ian Hilliard on 1st April 2017
Happy 49th Birthday Ivan Always in my thoughts. Your Mum is ok. Coping only just.!!! Love from Ian xx
Posted by Olivia Purdie on 24th December 2016
Happy Christmas Daddy! Miss you today and always! Cheers!
Posted by John Edgecombe on 4th November 2016
Miss you so much mate. Saw your dad at the golf club yesterday and it felt so different without you.
Posted by Matt Burgess on 5th October 2016
One whole year has passed. Still massively missing that big, richly reassuring unmistakeable voice. R.I.P. IP
Posted by Linda Gannon on 5th October 2016
How fast time passes..... Can remember that day reading the awful news like it was yesterday!! Ivan often pops into my thoughts... Love to Kate, Lucas, Scarlett and Olivia xxx
Posted by Ian Hilliard on 5th October 2016
Ivan Not a day passes without me thinking of you Xxx
Posted by Lisa Underdown on 5th October 2016
I can't believe it's been a yr , think of Olivia , Scarlett and the rest of your family today , stay strong sending you lots of love xx
Posted by Sarah Blakeney on 5th October 2016
R.I.P Ivan gone but never forgotten xx sleep tight with the Angels
Posted by Scarlett Purdie on 5th October 2016
I cant belive it has been a whole year without you dad it feels like only uesterday when you made that wonderfull paella with all the crispy bits. I miss you so much and i know that if you were here you would be so proud of all of us i miss you so mich and wish you would come back soon lots of love scarlettxxxx❤️
Posted by Catherine Stevens on 8th August 2016
Hi Bros, Missing you. Wishing that you were here. Hoping you will call and knowing you won't. Lost. Your sis. x
Posted by Elise Revett on 24th April 2016
Hello Ivan, I haven't wrote on here since you passed away and I just wanted to let you know that Olivia is doing so well and everyday I'm so proud to call her my best friend. I never got to meet you but I know how amazing you are and how proud you would be of Olivia right now. She is so strong, a lot stronger than me and I'm giving her all the love and support I can just to keep her smiling and laughing. I know I'll never be able to make her smile or laugh as loud like you did but i will try my very best Ivan. Love Elise x
Posted by Olivia Purdie on 14th April 2016
Hello Daddy, It's been a while since I have spoken to you on here but that doesn't mean I haven't noticed all the little things you have done recently. On Saturday last weekend Kate, Amy, Lucas and I went to stortford to buy Lucas some school trousers, however we ended buying a little suit with some shoes that were identical to one of the many pairs of shoes that you own. When we told Lucas that daddy has a pair of shoes like this he was grinning from ear to ear! He loved that he looked just like daddy... And James Bond! He wore this suit and these shoes to work with Kate yesterday and he looked so much like you daddy! Another thing we noticed was the amazing cloud formation in the sky last Saturday it truly was amazing I said hello to you from down here and had a little cry but it was only because I was happy that I could notice the little signs that you were sending us. I was walking home from school today thinking about you and feeling a little sad. It had just stopped raining so it was a pretty gloomy walk home until I looked up and the most amazing rainbow was right in front of me! It's like you had just put it there just to cheer me up. I miss you dad. I miss your talk radio and your beautiful singing and your silly dad dancing in the kitchen that would put a smile on anybody's face. I miss your silly jokes. But most of all I just miss sitting on the sofa with you watching some kind of sport and looking at you and thinking about how much I love you and how much I need you in my life. As much as anyone tries to do the same things that you used to do for us it just doesn't work. I'm grateful that they try but they just will never be able to do it like you. It's hard seeing people laugh and joke with there dads and know that I can't do that but then I think of all the amazing things that I can do with all the family and friends you left to look after me. I hope you are doing okay wherever you are dad, I love you daddy. Xx
Posted by David Jacobs on 3rd April 2016
Dear Kate, We never met but I worked with Ivan in Spain in 1993 for Thomson Holidays and lost touch since 96 up to 2009 when we spoke after hooking up on Facebook and lost touch again for one reason and another but I happened to pick up the Observer last Autumn when the terrible news was announced and rushed to pay my respects at the memorial service, it was the least that I felt compelled to do. The greatest tribute I can pay your late husband is that he is one of the few people that I have met in my lifetime who you never forget, it is hard to even put my finger on it and at the age of 51 and having met so many people across the globe in my time, that speaks volumes for his magical talent for leaving his mark. If it is any consolation for you and your family, a wise old man once said to me that life is not how long you live but how well you live and there is no doubt that Ivan packed more into his 47 years than most people who live twice as long. God bless you and the family, David Jacobs
Posted by Matt Burgess on 1st April 2016
Spent the 1st April remembering the man whose unbirthdays were just as much fun. Happy birthday Ivan....
Posted by John Edgecombe on 1st April 2016
Happy Birthday Ivan. We all miss you and think about you every day. This evening we met up by your bench at the golf club to raise a glass to you. God bless you mate x
Posted by Olivia Purdie on 1st April 2016
Happy Birthday Daddy! I love and miss you so much. All my love Your Livvy xxx
Posted by Kate Nickerson Purdie on 1st April 2016
Happy birthday my love. Wish you were here! xx
Posted by Richard Blakeney on 1st April 2016
Only seems like yesterday we were talking on the phone. Now 5 months have passed and yet seems like yesterday. Dearly missed by all, Happy birthday Ivan. All our love to you, Kate and the kids, Richard, Sarah and the girls xx
Posted by Scarlett Purdie on 7th March 2016
I can't believe it's been a whole five months without you daddy and I think about you all the time . I always enjoy our little chats at night when I can't go to sleep . I know you can't speak but it really feels like you can .in the summer we're going to Ibiza and I will ride the jet-ski with you at my side! Love you lots Scarlett .
Posted by Kate Nickerson Purdie on 5th March 2016
With each passing month comes another holiday, another birthday, another annual event we should be celebrating together. I promised myself I wouldn't also mark the 5th of every month, the date you died, because there are more than enough reminders that you are gone. Last month was particularly hard with Valentine's day and our wedding anniversary, but we got by and made it into March where, miraculously, there is nothing but Mother's Day. I am still a mum so I won't count tomorrow as a sad day, but as a chance to remember how lucky I am to be the one who got to stay and raise these amazing children. But today is the 5th, and I am guessing you didn't like my plan. I just received the most lovely card from the young doctor who sat with me at your bedside in your final hours and now here I am, marking the date. I have a sneaking suspicion you had something to do with the timing of this! I went up to Cambridge a few weeks ago to thank him at the hospital and I gave him one of your dad's paintings. He was as lovely as I remembered. So young, but wise beyond his years and such a caring young man. I hope Lucas will grow up to be a gentleman like him. I will do my best to ensure he does. Wish you were here to do it with me baby. xx
Posted by Claire Tarling on 29th January 2016
Dear Kate, I'm so very sorry to hear the sad news about Ivan. I worked with him at Corbis and he made work fun. He was a lovely man, always positive, kind and supportive and he will be sorely missed. Thinking of you and your family, Claire x
Posted by Imke Leopold on 24th January 2016
Just one year ago we all met in Berlin. Still missing you.
Posted by Olivia Purdie on 9th January 2016
Hello Daddy, Mummy just made Paella for us! It wasnt as good as yours though dad. I'm going to learn how to make it so when we go on holiday in summer i can make it for everyone! We had so look up what the crispy bits were called - as always! I love you dad xx
Posted by Kate Nickerson Purdie on 5th January 2016
Three months have come and gone since we lost you. We are all doing OK - we're doing our best - but we miss you so much all the time. Lucas keeps asking why you can't come back and none of the answers are good enough - he just keeps on asking. It breaks my heart every time. It all seems so unfair but I know we are incredibly lucky in so many other ways. I am trying to teach him to see life that way too. We'll always love you baby! xxx

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