Let the memory of J C be with us forever
  • 86 years old
  • Born on March 7, 1924 in Wichita Falls, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on June 9, 2010 in Powderly, Texas, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, J C Short 86 years old , born on March 7, 1924 and passed away on June 9, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Jim Short on 5th March 2019
Happy Birthday
Posted by Jim Short on 5th March 2019
Daddy Another year has passed but your memory has not. Your great granddaughter, Arrow, just turned four and you will have a great grandson to carry our name in July. More importantly, you have your sweetheart with you now and I look forward to seeing the two of you together again. Thank you for all you did for us and continue watching over us.
Posted by Lynn Patterson on 10th June 2017
Mr Short was a true gentleman and friend to all. What a great way to remember him and his legacy.
Posted by Drew Short on 10th June 2017
Some time has gone by and there's been some things that I wished you could have been around for, but it doesn't mean you're forgotten Grandpa. I miss you but I hope you're resting well.
Posted by Jim Short on 9th June 2017
Hard to believe its been seven years. So much has changed and yet nothing has changed. Your spirit lives on. Love you Daddy.
Posted by Linda Strong on 7th March 2017
Happy 93rd Birthday Daddy! Miss you sooo much! I know you are watching over us! Love you bunches!!!
Posted by Jim Short on 7th March 2017
Daddy, Happy Birthday! Miss and think of you everyday. Give Larry a hug for me.
Posted by Linda Strong on 9th June 2016
I love you and miss you, Daddy!
Posted by Josie Williams on 7th March 2016
Helen, Linda. He was such a great guy!! Know you both miss him. It is easy for me to remember this day as he shared a birthday with my brother who we lost in 2012. But thought of them both early today. Jack would have helped me but brother Bill straight when he started on we Aggies. He was just jealous.
Posted by Josie Williams on 7th March 2016
Well somehow JC got auto corrected to Jack. You k ow who I meant.
Posted by Jim Short on 7th March 2016
Daddy Happy Birthday. I sang Happy Birthday to you this morning In the middle of the ocean in the West Indies Neither of us would have ever imagined that I miss you every day and being able to ask questions about life You taught me well and I am proud when my boys tell me You are just like Granpa. Looking forward to that day when we see each other again. Your son.
Posted by Linda Strong on 7th March 2016
I love and miss you Daddy! I look forward to the day I get to see you again. You were a great role model in that you always took care of and provided for your family, had a strong work ethic, morals, and values. You were truly a good man with a huge heart. Some of my favorite memories with you are you letting me stand on your feet to teach me to dance, you pushing me in the wheelbarrow to feed the cows, and reading the comic strips to me on Sundays. Happy 92nd Birthday!
Posted by Helen Short on 7th March 2016
God bless you Linda for your wonderful tribute to your Daddy. I am sure he is smiling from heaven!
Posted by John Kruntorad on 9th June 2015
Thought of J.C. a few days ago when talking to a former Campbell Soup co-worker. I have great memories of the times I spent with J.C. He was a true gentleman and a great man. He will always be remembered and will always be missed.
Posted by Josie Williams on 7th March 2015
Ms Short and others I can never think of Mr Short without a smile coming to my face, what a delight he was. I remember him in an Aggie meeting or two --yrs ago when i first came to Paris. I know the family misses him we miss seeing him around and in church. Knowing your memories keep you going. Josie
Posted by Helen Short on 7th March 2015
Almost 5 years since J. C. left us and I still miss him, but look forward to being with him again some day. So many memories. Thank you friends for sharing your thoughts. It means a lot to me.
Posted by Jo Parkman on 7th March 2015
You and J C. and Charlie and I had many memorable moments as we shared our friendship through the years. Our trip to California; anniversary dinners at Paris Golf and Country Club and Shogun's, to name a couple. 2010 was not our happiest year!
Posted by Arvin Starrett on 7th March 2015
How we all miss JC! I'm thinking that the world needs many more giants like him; I know the Church does! Blessings and peace to you, Helen. It won't be long.
Posted by Saundra Myers on 7th March 2015
We will always remember seeing J.C. at First Methodist. He was so energetic and always had a smile when he saw you. Cannot believe he would have been 91 years old!! He did not ever look his age!!
Posted by Wayne Bonham on 8th March 2014
My first memory of JC was when Helen brought him to our farm in Brookston. JC brought kites and that was the first time ever I had flown a kite. Much later when I visited JC and Helen in Powderly I enjoyed sitting with JC on the couch and listening to his stories. He was always interested in what I and my family had been doing, especially the Air Force stories. He always recounted his time in the St Louis area and Scott AFB. A fine gentleman small in stature but huge in heart.
Posted by Saundra Myers on 8th March 2014
We cannot believe that J C passed away in 2010! Know that it seems much longer to you though. Can still see him at church with you and your friends. You are a wonderful wife to create this birthday memorial to him. God bless!
Posted by Derald Bulls on 7th March 2014
It always seemed that JC and Helen were the 'perfect match'...such an adoring couple who could brighten up a room when they walked in! I can remember so many community benefits that JC and Helen would attend...and seems my memory recalls a place on the dance floor was a regular occurrence. What a great Christian example for their children, grandchildren and all who observed them!
Posted by Becky Semple on 7th March 2014
The Chamber and Visitor Center moved into the Plaza Art Gallery several years ago, and that is when I met J C Short. He was such a kind man, and would come to events with his precious wife, Helen. I enjoyed visiting with him, and missed our conversations when he could no longer come to the Gallery. Just thinking about this sweet man on his 90th birthday, and know that the family has many cherished memoires to hold on to. Sincerely, Becky Semple

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