This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, J. Edgar Spitz who was born on January 18, 1916 and passed away on July 15, 2010. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Linda Laffey on July 15, 2016
I love you and I miss you, Dad. <3 Linda
Posted by Linda Laffey on July 15, 2014
Four years today. I miss you, and I love you, Dad.
Posted by Linda Laffey on January 18, 2014
Posted by Linda Laffey on July 16, 2013
2336 views, and one person leaving tributes. Hmmm...
Posted by Linda Laffey on July 15, 2013
Holocaust survivor, and best-selling author, Elie Wiesel, said:

"The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference. Life is not a fist. Life is an open hand, waiting for another open hand to slip into it."
Posted by Linda Laffey on July 15, 2013
It's been 3 years, Dad. I miss you and I love you.
Posted by Linda Laffey on January 18, 2013
Another year. Wow. Happy Birthday, Dad. I think of you often, and miss you, love you, always.....Linda
Posted by Linda Laffey on July 15, 2012
Two years. Wow. I think of my dad at every concert I go to, wondering what he'd say about the performance. That's one of the things we did together. I really miss him, and love him, always.  - Linda
Posted by Linda Laffey on January 18, 2012
Happy Birthday, Dad. I miss you more than ever and wish you were here. I feel you around me though and know you aren't ever far away.

All my love,
Posted by mel spitz on July 15, 2011
I can't really add to the tribute I sent a year ago. I think about Ed often, and how grateful I am for the friendship we shared. ''Mel Spitz
Posted by Linda Laffey on July 15, 2011
Thank you, Mel, for your kind message.

I continue to think about my dad almost on a daily basis, and miss him more than ever. I know he must be laughing about the 405 being closed today, of all days. Linda

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Posted by Linda Laffey on July 15, 2016
I love you and I miss you, Dad. <3 Linda
Posted by Linda Laffey on July 15, 2014
Four years today. I miss you, and I love you, Dad.
Posted by Linda Laffey on January 18, 2014
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His Life..

Shared by Linda Laffey on July 15, 2011

Please see my latest entry in the "His Life" section.

Thank you.


Linda's Tribute to her dad...

Shared by Linda Laffey on July 27, 2010

Throughout my life, I have heard it said—“Your father is a unique individual.” While that description could mean many things, there was often no further discussion, and there seemed to be a mutual knowing about what was meant.


My dad had numerous qualities and characteristics, the combination of which added up to his uniqueness. Even when he was being his most challenging self, his extraordinary kindness, purest intentions, steadfast commitment to doing the right thing, high level of integrity, and touching sweetness were what seemed to shine the brightest and ultimately define who he was in the eyes and hearts of others.


I believe that the best of his uniqueness is the legacy that lives on in his children and grandchildren.  I find myself identifying with some of his mannerisms, behaviors, and thought processes, almost on a daily basis, and especially when one of my daughters says, “You’re turning into Grandpa.” J


My sister, Laurie, has demonstrated exceptional strength, and the capacity to do what needs to be done no matter what, and I have to believe that that was inspired by how our dad chose to live his life.


I am so grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had with my dad.  The many good times we shared have given me precious memories I will cherish always, and the challenges have motivated me to grow and to strive to be a better person.


Lastly, I am so thankful that this legacy—his uniqueness—continues to thrive in his grandchildren.  As you get to know each of them, some aspect of the best of Edgar has very apparently become a part of who they are.  And how lucky we all are to share in that.


I love you, Dad, and I miss you.


Your daughter,





Shared by Kim Brinkley on July 26, 2010

Unfortunately, I only knew Ed for about a year and a half. He, and his wife Ilse, lived in the assisted living community where I worked as a receptionist.  I didn't know him as well as I would have liked to, but I cared very much about him and was very saddened when his health declined. 

For some reason, I rarely called him Ed or Eddie- he was always Mr. Spitz to me. He was the kind of man who commanded that kind of respect.

Though a man of few words, Ed was always kind to me- well, almost always. We did have a rather heated argument over a lack of ice cream in the Ice Cream Parlor one night. Aside from that silly tiff, I found Ed to be extremely bright, a lover of music and the arts, and good food.  Just about every night, Ed would have 2 bowls of soup along with the rest of his dinner. Where such a slight man put all that food was, indeed, a mystery to me. Through Ed, I found and enjoyed several new, very good restaurants. Thank you, Mr. Spitz, for that!

Also, through Ed and Ilse, I had the pleasure of meeting their daughter Laurie and her 3 wonderful kids. Laurie and I became friends and talked about many things when she came to visit her parents.  There was alot of love and mutual respect between Ed, Laurie and the grand-kids.  It seemed that Laurie spent a great deal of her time and energy running and doing things for Ed, for which he was always grateful. To me, he never seemed to take Laurie, or anyone else, for granted.

He could be irrascible, stubborn and blunt, but he always had a cheerful "good morning, ladies" for his table-mates.  He had a wonderfully dry sense of humor and loved a good laugh. Ed was very much a unique individual.

Mr. Spitz, you will be, and are, missed by many. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a small part of your life!

Kim Brinkley