​I always kiss you from the heart,my endless love,
you know how much I love you,also stars above,
you will always be my dearest and only one,
I can not wait to be with you,my beloved Jan.

  • 62 years old
  • Born on May 16, 1949 in Pezinok, Slovakia.
  • Passed away on November 11, 2011 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

This memorial website was created in memory of my beloved man Jan forever.

Posted by Janka Huljaková on 15th May 2017
My beloved one! It´s been 5 years and 6 months,my dearest one...Today you celebrate your birthday,my beloved Jan and I wanna wish you all the best into heaven where you wait for...wait for me...for me forever...How many tears I´m gonna cry until we meet again,my love?There is no one like you...you´re the best...my most beautiful...the only one for always...There are no words to describe how much I love you...even more each day...more than yesterday and less than tomorrow...for eternity! I love you...I´ve always loved you...and I always will!!! Forever yours, Janka 16.5.2017
Posted by Janka Huljaková on 16th May 2016
My beloved Jan, today belongs to your birthday,sweetest honey!I´ve brought you the most beautiful roses as I always do to you...There was such a rainy day here,but God has listened to my prayers and sitting at your grave I´ve felt a sunshine on my face and birds were singing all along...It was you who has brought the sunbeams to let me know that you´re always by my side...I was crying again...I couldn´t help it...You´re missed forever,dearest sweetheart!!!Then I went to church and praying a lot for you...I was very sad,sitting so quiet,telling God to hold us both close to him for eternity...because I can´t live without you..you´re my everything...I want to be with you in heaven...my immortal beloved... Love you,adore you,need you...you´re my everlasting love...give me your hand and we´ll never be apart... Forever yours, Janka 16.5.2016
Posted by Janka Huljaková on 11th May 2016
My sweetest angel,my dearest one,my beloved Jan! Tonight it´s been 4 years and 6 months since you left this world...I try to do not cry,but I have the tears in my eyes again...How could I?You´re everything I live for...every second of my life,I pray for...every day and night,I cry for...by now and I feel the love for...forever!!!Nothing can change my love for you...it´s getting stronger day after day...I talk about you everywhere in loving memory of you and me...I must write these messages,mails and poems to you...always...You´re irreplaceable for me forever!It´s because no one ever loved you so much as I do!I love you more than myself...more than anybody else...more than everything...from the bottom of my heart...above all...forever!!!While I live on this earth,you will never be forgotten!!!You´re the best,most beautiful and only one for me...inside and outside too...my everything...You´re worthy of this...deserving all of this!I can´t wait to be with you again... I love you so much!!! Janka 11.5.2016
Posted by Janka Huljaková on 30th December 2015
​Do you remember the land of our beautiful dreams, when everything was more real than now it seems? We lay on the beach where all of photos come from, hand in hand at the seaside we always used to roam. You gave me a smile dozen of times by day and night, being my refreshing breeze and yet my warming light. It was you and nobody else since I met you,my dear, as you changed my whole life,with you I had no fear. No matter what season it was,you were by my side, both in good time and hard time holding me tight, the man like you sent me a good angel from above, my dear,I´m yet blessed with your everlasting love. Every day I pray,we both could be one day together, there is heaven you are waiting for me to be forever, I´m crying while I write these words for you,my dear, your kisses will efface of my tears flow with you near. This is for you,always and forever,my dearest Jan, as you know,my love,I´m going to you and only run, you are my life,my breath,my everything I still have, your love is the most precious thing I´ll always save. Janka PS: MERRY CHRISTMAS! LOVE YOU! FOREVER YOURS ... 24.12.2015
Posted by Janka Huljaková on 14th November 2015
My only one,my best,my most beautiful,my beloved Jan! It´s been already 4 years now and it seems to be harder yet.I´m close to tears writing these words full of neverending love I feel for you forever,my sweetest honey,trying to do not make cry myself as I know that I couldn´t stop,again.You´re everything I have,I believe in and I love for eternity! Please,don´t keep me waiting too long as you know that I can´t live without you.I hardly breathe through the pain I feel inside.Every day I wait for you to come,for the day you get back to me and hold me in your arms being as one forever.I can´t wait to be with you,my love,again. There will be no more death...no more tears crying for you...no more pain throbbing in my heart.We´ll be together,my angel,again. I´m all yours,with every beat of my heart,the happiest to be with you and loving you always...forever...for eternity! I love you...above all...and always will!!! Janka 11.11.2015
Posted by Janka Huljaková on 15th May 2015
My dearest Jan, wish you the happiest heavenly birthday!You´ve become young forever as we had always been dreaming of.Your bright blue eyes are shining more than the stars above.You´re the ornament of heaven all along.You´re my best,my most beautiful,my only one for eternity!Every second of my life,every breath in my lungs,every tear in my eyes,every heartbeat belongs to you...only you...forever!You´re my everything!I love you...above all...even more each day!I kiss you from the bottom of my heart! I will always love you!!! Janka 16.5.2015
Posted by Janka Huljaková on 10th May 2015
My dearest sweetheart,my only one,my beloved Jan! Tonight it´s been 3 years and 6 months since I saw you the last time...kissing you from the bottom of my heart,holding you in my loving arms,telling you how much I love you...again and again...for the last time and forever! I think of you tonight...again and again...sending you countless times my warmest hugs and kisses with all my love...now and forever! I miss you tonight...now and again...crying for you and wanting you back...again and forever! I love you...above all...forever!!! Janka 11.5.2015
Posted by Janka Huljaková on 8th April 2015
Dear God, this is prayer for me and my beloved man Jan,for the love we have for each other for eternity.Please,be protecting and blessing my beloved Jan waiting for me in heaven.Please,be helping both of us to stand all the things we have to go through till then.Please,be allowing us two for going on together always,forever,for eternity. Janka 8.4.2015
Posted by Janka Huljaková on 7th April 2015
If I could turn back the time, hold you in the arms of mine, took you away from waiting death until my last loving breath. If I could turn back the time, hold you in my arms till I die, we could stay as one together in that snowing frosty weather. If I could turn back the time, November is the time of prime, we would be the warmest kissing, only you I have been missing. If I could turn back the time, we are drinking a glass of wine, every tear could effaced by kiss, not horrible pain like this. If I could turn back the time, we are sitting under the pine, holding you by seashore tight, feeling on my face sunlight. If I could turn back the time, your every breath is part of mine, will always love you,my only one, writing for you,my beloved Jan. Janka 7.4.2015

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