Jack lives on in our memories, hearts, and souls. Please share some of your favorite memories and things you loved most about him.
  • 87 years old
  • Born on December 9, 1929 in Sioux City, Iowa, United States.
  • Passed away on March 15, 2017 in Woodland Park, Colorado, United States.

Jack didn't want a formal memorial service held for him, but he recognized that a person's legacy is what they leave behind in the memories, hearts, and souls of those who knew and loved them. In that spirit, the family asks that people use this memorial site to share some of their memories of him.

Jack Bryan Molden, a 26-year resident of Woodland Park, CO, passed away on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at the age of 87.

Jack was born to parents Peter and Florence Molden on December 9, 1929 in Sioux City, IA.  He grew up in Wichita, KS, with his older sister Joy (Molden) Popish and younger brother Don Molden.

Jack joined the U.S. Navy in 1948 and served in the Korean War with the Underwater Demolition Team One, and was in the reserves until 1990 when he retired as a Lieutenant Commander.  He received his undergraduate degree from Wichita State University and his Masters Degree from Emporia State.  Jack gave 35 years of distinguished service to law enforcement, including as a criminal investigator with the U.S. Treasury Department’s ATF division in Minneapolis, MN; active duty police officer in Wichita, KS; Chief of Police in Emporia, KS, from 1963 to 1970; FBI National Academy Graduate in 1968; Police Training Institute Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois from 1970 to 1989; NAFTO Life Membership for Achievement in Law Enforcement Training in 1995; Lifetime Achievement Award from Police Writers Club in 1996; and owned his own police training and consulting company for 5 years.

Jack was a loving husband to his wife of almost 40 years, Carole B. Molden, proud father of Michael J. Molden, Douglas S. Molden, Todd G. Barton and Paige B. Tanis, and beloved grandfather to Javan, Brinley & Ryland Barton, Jessica & Joshua Tanis and Michael & John Molden.

If you would like to give a gift in honor of Jack, please send donations to a favorite charity of his, the Woodland Park Community Cupboard (wpcommunitycupboard.org).

Posted by Teresa Hilderbrand on 10th December 2017
Jack I never knew you but from what I've read I feel I know you. You seem like a terrific man and I'd like to wish you the best ever in Heaven
Posted by Dan Davis on 27th April 2017
RIP, Jack. You will be missed.
Posted by Angie Warren on 20th April 2017
I wanted to leave a tribute right away, but as Marshall said in his previous tribute, we have had to let a little time pass! I will add to what Marshall expressed. Jack and Carole have been our neighbors since we became the second couple to move into the townhouses here in Woodland Park 6 yrs. ago. We weren't here a day when Jack and Carole invited us for coffee. From the first visit, we realized how special they were. I was intrigued to find out Jack had served his country in the Korean War and had also been a law enforcement officer. I knew right away that Jack was special. He was very humble and didn't talk about himself much, but I always thanked him and reminded him that he was a hero! He would always deny it. He would turn the conversation around and ask about our son who is in the Marines. As Marshall said, we are very grateful to have known and loved him. He was such a role model for us. He truly left a legacy with us in the short time we knew him and we will miss him terribly. Our love goes out to Carole and the rest of the family... ❤️ Angie & Marshall
Posted by M Warren on 18th April 2017
It has taken me a month but it is hard to put into words what Jack means to Angie and I as neighbors and friends. I loved Jack and was able to tell him in a man way. He was 20 years my senior but I didn't feel it when we talked or worked together. He trusted me enough to manage our TOA and encouraged me with his wisdom and patience. He trusted me enough to hire me to help get a home ready for rental and for three months kept the fridge stocked with oreos and stale donuts(just what policemen like). He would even offer to bring his cars over for washing. The only thing he wouldn't do was let me snow shovel his driveway. Only Carole will understand these stories but when I write them down, I realize he was at first evaluating me and then trusting me enough with the big things. While I know I passed the test I came to know and respect Jack for the many traits he possessed. He loved his family, he possessed a faultless integrity, he exhibited patience in any situation, and he showed his wisdom by being an astute listener. While his passing was sudden, his example for us is forever. We are left with such positive and encouraging memories and we will miss him. I am a better man knowing him and I am blessed that God put him in my life for a short time. I pray the family will cherish the memories and please call on us for anything. Lord Bless, Marshall and Angie
Posted by Joe Tanis on 3rd April 2017
I’ve had the pleasure to know Jack for the last 20 years. Jack always impressed me with his “commitment to family”. He was always there for his family and did a wonderful job supporting everyone along the way. He would attend many events for his grandchildren. Jack always conducted himself in a very professional manor and I am a better person to have known him.
Posted by Don Molden on 31st March 2017
Jack was my brother but we lived in two different worlds since he was 4 years older than me. He entered the navy and shortly after he got out, I went into the army. He got married and started raising a family, and I followed suit.We ended up living in different parts of the country, so we only had occasional visits and phone conversations.Needless to say,we were brothers and loved each other, but we never really knew each other very well. When Jacke retired , he and Carole moved to Bend Origen with the intent to build and live there. Kathy and I were living in Woodland park, Colo. The first day of the first Gulf war, Jack called me to inquire about the real estate market in Woodland Park.About a month or so after that, Jack and Carole settled inWoodland Park. That's when Jack and I became good friends.We Had breakfast together once a week and saw each other often in between times. His friendship became very important to me, and my love for him grew much deeper. I will miss him very much. He was an important part of my life. I always appreciated his strong family orientation and his very solid common sense. Carole has been a very sweet sister-in-law to me and an exceptional wife to Jack. Jack loved her very much. I know. She will sorely miss Jack. The same applies to Page and Todd. I grieve for you Carole, the rest of the family. God bless!!
Posted by Kip Pope on 29th March 2017
I’m so glad that Janet and I were able to visit Jack and Carole the summer before last. With wonderfully generous Molden hospitality, we stayed in their condo for several days, visited their cabin before they sold it, visited Pueblo for my first time – where my parents were married -- and toured the B-24 Memorial Museum there. The biggest treat was having Jack drive us up to Pike’s Peak and back, a daring feat that I would have been hesitant to attempt at any age. In reply to our thank-you note, Jack wrote “I could take you up Pikes Peak on a motorcycle next time!” We were able to visit them again briefly last summer, and learned that he was still playing handball. What an inspiration. We regularly exchanged emails until two days before he passed on, including making plans to visit the National Museum of World War II Aviation on our next visit. I’m so sorry that we won’t be able to do that together. For years, we and our children referred to him as “Big Jack Molden.” To paraphrase a favorite phrase from the obituary of a close friend of my family who was also in the military, “Your watch is over, Lieutenant Commander. We'll take it from here.” But it won’t be the same. Kip
Posted by Guy Richter on 25th March 2017
We came to know Jack and Carole at their cabin in San Isabel. We didn't realize what he had accomplished in life until we read his obituary. Very impressive! Jack was so humble he never talked about it. We were honored to know him, and his mountain friends will certainly miss him.
Posted by Neil Shelton El on 23rd March 2017
Jack was always a source of remote inspiration for me. Quite often my father and I would refer to "uncle Jack" as a point of reference throughout my career in law enforcement. I was always told I had someone to reach out to career-wise when things got tough. His presence as a family member was a great comfort to me. With some men, you can sense the weight of their soul in their eyes. Their experiences dwell there hidden, yet shown to those with eyes to see. Some call this the "thousand yard stare". Jack had that look. You could tell that everything He looked at, he actually saw. My kindred spirit. Someone who made it through to the other side of this "Noble profession" with his soul intact, and a life filled with joy(family). God willing, I will be as fit, and present, and active, and alive, and young when I am 87 years old!!!! Well done Uncle Jack. To a life well lived. Thank you for your service. Thank you for taking such good care of those closest to you.
Posted by Doc Rio on 23rd March 2017
Team Mate Jack, May your Rest in Peace in Frogman Heaven where we will all muster some day. I'll see ya among God and all his angels. HooYah ! Doc Erasmo Riojas
Posted by Sally N. on 22nd March 2017
Dear Carole, During this past week we have been sharing with each other all of the memories that we have of the good times we spent over the decades with you and Jack. We are so thankful to have been friends with both of you and to have the opportunity to know your wonderful family. Though Jack will be missed, we will always keep him in the place in our hearts reserved for the most special people in our lives. Love, Jim and Sally
Posted by Kent Brady on 22nd March 2017
Jack was a very warm and friendly man who we enjoyed getting to know. We had way too short a time with him! With our Love to his family.
Posted by Laura Parker on 21st March 2017
We so enjoyed the few times we got to see Jack at Tanis family gatherings. Though we didn't know him very well, we did know that he was a family man full of integrity. He was so loved and will be so missed. Our thoughts are with the entire family as they carry on his legacy. - Laura Parker and family
Posted by Don Borg on 21st March 2017
Duty. Honor. Country. These were not just empty words for Jack but were the standards he lived by. His deployment as a Navy "frogman", now called Seals and his life as a police officer were hallmarks of his dedication to Duty. Honor. Country.

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