Shared by Rebecca Setty on June 23, 2011

You are never prepared for the death of a loved one, especially unexpected.  That was the case of Uncle Jack.  I wanted to share few of my favorite memories of Uncle Jack.  I can remember Michelle, Sam and me would hunt worms and Jack would help sometimes and then we would all go fishing together.  We had a great time we would laugh and enjoy every minute of it.  He would go mushroom hunting every year and I went one time and let me tell ya,  that man was in great shape climbing the big hills they way he did.   Every Summer him and Wanda planted a big garden and he would bring some vegetables down to us when they were fully grown.  Jack was a member VFW for many years until his passing.  Jack raised Jerry, Michelle, Sam and Shawn after Wanda passed away.  Jason their oldest brother was already graduated and married.  Jack was a strong person and really loved them.  The ones that really knew him and loved him will always have him in their hearts.  I want to say to Uncle Jack who retired from the Navy, also was full of heart and life that your family and friends loves you and you will be greatly missed.

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