his Life


He was always strong for his family. You would rarely see him without his wife, Josephine by his side. Jack made it his top priority to take good care of Jo, as she did the same. The two worked well together at home and in business, they had a connection like no other. They raised four children together born within six years of each other. Jack’s actions spoke loudly, especially to his family. There was never a time when they were not taken care of. Growing up with Jack as a father came with an expectation of high moral values, a strong work ethic, and a drive for a better world. His children continue his legacy of motivation and giving to the community, each in their own way. To his six grandchildren, he was always “grandpa”, lighthearted and proud. His grandchildren will always remember him helping them with school projects, especially involving anything mechanical or historical. Jack taught them much and to them, he could do anything. The spirit of high moral ethics will continue to flow through every one of his family members. 

Community Work

Jack was a man of service for all who asked or needed it. He was more than just a volunteer, he made a community out of everywhere he served. Jack devoted thousands of hours to many different organizations. He volunteered with the Lions Club, Southeast Seniors, Elks, Brewster Zoning Board, VFW, North Salem and Brewster Planning Boards, and other groups. Although there are too many to name, he supported and did work for, Coalition for a Better Brewster, Salem Acres, Southeast Museum, Southeast GOP, Team Brewster, New York Riders, Brewster Library and Garden Club, Village of Brewster Highway and Police Departments. Veterans park, Walter Brewster house, Putnam county land trust, founders day and his 9/11 Ceremony were among his favorite projects and events.


Jack learned trade work at a young age by his father, John G Gress Sr. who was a builder. From that foundation, Jack’s success is largely accredited to his drive to pursue the American dream.  As a self-starter, Jack could learn anything he put his mind to. Jack was a Brewster business owner since the early 1970s with his welding rental and repair business, W.R. Repair Service Inc. The business is now owned and managed by Jack’s son, Michael Gress. 

In the mid-1980s, Jack and his wife Josephine saw much potential in buying the retirement community that is now: Someday, in Brewster, NY.  Jack continued to give the residents a proper welcome, continuous up keeping on the property and in the homes and most importantly gave the residents a sense of true community and friendship.  There were hosted events for the residents and he was always “just a call away”. The annual 9/11 memorial in the community was an event that Jack was most proud to host.