Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I loved you so—‘twas heaven here with you. ~Isla Paschal Richardson
  • 92 years old
  • Born on June 10, 1923 in Rupert, Idaho, United States.
  • Passed away on May 8, 2016 in Boca Raton, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jack Leo Quanstrom, who passed away peacefully at home on Mother's Day, May 8, 2016. May he rest in eternal peace...until we meet again!

Posted by David Moon on December 22, 2018
I miss you so much dear Father Jack. Fond memories rise up in my thoughts contemplating the wonderful conversations and intelligent commiserations we both enjoyed so much. You truly have had a great impact upon the lives of so many of us here on Earth. I pray you are very happy and content with your thoughts about your progeny you've left behind. Merry Christmas!
Posted by Rosie Parry on August 7, 2018
I'm thinking of you today for no particular reason—just that I miss you terribly and so much look forward to being reunited in heaven—along with Janet and the rest of our precious loved ones! I feel so blessed to have had such an amazing father. Thank you for everything; I LOVE YOU more than words can say!
Posted by David Moon on May 10, 2018
Once more I find myself feeling my loss as I continue to miss my beloved father-in-law. Jack, you were the bedrock of your family and for many, many people beyond your extended family. Everyone loves you. We contemplate the glorious day when once more we will see you again, only next time in Heaven. I love you dear father, mentor, friend. David
Posted by David Moon on June 10, 2017
Thank you my dear sister Rosie for establishing this memorial website to forever commemorate our father Jack Leo Quanstrom. I continue to get all chocked up when I see his photographs... his beautiful smile. Life is not the same without you father. We are OK, but, you completed it all for us who still have to continue on in this Earthly plain. I hope that some day soon I will be able to walk with you, commiserate with you, and share new experiences with you in Heaven. I miss you and I love you dearly. Dave
Posted by David Moon on May 8, 2017
Hello, Dad:
Again, it is time to commemorate your departure from the family, which includes me, your son-in-law. Few are the words that I can muster up at this moment as so many tears are cascading down my cheeks to simply express my awe and inspiration for you. It is a difficult task for me to think of any other person who has had so much an influence upon my life for you possess the entire gambit of qualities that most of us only wish we could have. Your generosity surpassed all that I have ever seen in a man. You shared everything you had while on your journey in this plain we call "Earthly Excistence". One could make a college course to teach about humbleness and sacrifice, optimism and courage just by examining your life and sharing your story with the world.
Thank your profoundly for allowing me to marry your sweet and precious daughter Janet Alison Quanstrom. She, too, is a pilar in my life and I know that she is a blessing to all those who knew her. I pray that you have found her as you journey forward through the heavens we all see to return to someday. I love you dear Father.
Posted by Rosie Parry on November 11, 2016
To My Beloved Papa: It's been just over six months since we said our last goodbye. The tremendous ache in my heart still lingers, and I know it will continue until we are reunited in the heavenly realm. You remain larger than life in the minds and hearts of so many. You made us proud to have a father who was exceptional in the ways that matter most. You were extravagantly generous with your time and your resources. You were an avid adventurer and had such a zest for living. You modeled care and compassion for people from all walks of life—regardless of their race or religion. You encouraged us to "question everything" and to pursue our paths according to our own individual judgment. I am eternally grateful to you for all of these things and so much more! There are no words to fully describe my love and appreciation for who you are and for all you have done for me and for your entire family. I Love and Miss You So Much!
Posted by Marianne Barnes on November 11, 2016
"My Dear Brother Jack, I never pass your picture without exclaiming loudly, 'you are the most handsome, smiling, twinkling-eyed man with the most loving heart and you were so good through and through. You will always be unique!' Your loving sister Marianne."
Posted by Marianne Barnes on June 12, 2016
I was lucky to be born into a family with Jack just waiting to greet us all and help us feel secure and loved. He was MY BIRTHDAY BROTHER and I Secretly claimed ownership. He was a wonderful brother and helped his family keep a roof over their heads and food to eat. Money to him meant mostly a means to help the ones he loved and to buy another BOOK! We all loved him deeply.
Posted by Carl Smith on May 23, 2016
I first met Jack Leo Quanstrom(JLQ) in 1980, via his son-in-law,
David B. Moon.

My favorite JLQ stories include the following.

1. Imagine JLQ, age 18, NAKED & UPSIDE DOWN walking on
  his hands across the floor. This story definitely qualifies for
  the Readers Digest "Humor in Uniform" section.

  His action demonstrated to doctors conducting physical exams
     for induction into the US Navy, during the summer of 1941,
     that his right arm was strong enough for military service.

  His right arm was injured, thereby weakened, when he was in
     the womb of his mother who was in a car accident.

2. "LUCKY JACK" is how JLQ referred to himself, and was the title
   to his life story.  He was definitely lucky for the following reasons.

  a. Married 67 years 4 months to his wonderful loving wife, Mina.
    This is a case of "happy wife, happy life".

  b. 4 adult children, 16 adult grandchildren, more than 18 (total ?)
    great grandchildren.

  c. Successful careers with: US Navy, United Fruit Co., Boeing,
    IBM (retired as a Senior Engineer after 25 years).

  d. Survived prostate cancer diagnosed in 1987.

  e. An avid poker player while working in the US Navy & United
    Fruit Co.
Posted by Sandy Pack on May 21, 2016
It is hard to pick a memory, but one that I really appreciated is the time that Jack and Rulon stopped to see our family when we were living in Sandy, UT. They were traveling across the country from Florida to Washinton on the Amtrack. What a fun visit our kids loved their wonderful uncles and how special they made each of our children feel.
I always enjoyed when I was younger listening to the stories of Grandma, Grandpa, all my aunts and uncles--and we would just laugh and laugh. That was our entertainment. I always love our extended family and the times that we were able to get together and remember!! It was always fun when we would go to Ryderwood, Vader and Cougar Flats and try to imagine where our parents went to school and where all these stories happened. It is hard to believe that Jack is gone, but he certainly isn't forgotten and has left a great legacy. I too got his life story which I do treasure--however I don't agree with the title. I would say that Jack Quanstrom had a very blessed life. He was blessed with great intelligence, a great wife and a great family. I know he has had the hand of the Lord in his life and just like all of us--didn't always recognize it!! I love you Jack and I am so happy for our last visit a little over a year ago.
Posted by Melissa Moon on May 21, 2016
I am very sad that you have left this life on Earth. I miss you, Grandpa. I had so much fun with you, when I was there in February-March.
I wish you didn't have to leave, but I do know that this is not our forever home, whereas Heaven is. That is where you are, with my mommy, Janet. I love the song playing on this web site, this is a song that my dad and I like to sing together. Though it is difficult, my heart will go on, even though you're gone, Grandpa Jack. You are the best grandfather anybody could hope for. Thank you for all the blessings you have shared with us: your time, your wisdom, your joy. Til we meet again.
I love you!!
Love, Melissa Moon
Posted by Arline Fitzgerald on May 19, 2016
I have always been very proud of my big brother Jack Quanstrom. He was like a second father to his brothers and sisters. 

I enjoyed reading his life story today. Thank you for posting the photos, videos and the life story.
Posted by Luis Negron on May 18, 2016
Jack was a great man, full of integrity and character. I am glad I was able to know him for years. We saw Jack about three years ago and we had a great visit with Janet and Mina. Losing a love one can be extremely difficult. Please accept our condolenses to you and your family. Rosie and Luis
Posted by Shirley Christensen on May 17, 2016
You will be forever missed in our hearts, but your legacy lives on in the wonderful family that you and Mina raised together. May their hearts find comfort that you are with your maker and are still looking out for them from your heavenly home above. Sending our love, Albert & Shirley Christensen & family
Posted by David Moon on May 16, 2016
Dear Father,
You are everything to me You are the best father that anyone could ever ask God to give to them. Your generosity, humor, intelligence, and wisdom has touched me in every aspect of my life. I love you, dear Dad, I will always know that you are still with me in my moments of sadness because you have left before me to be with my Heavenly Father who loves us all. I know that He loves you, Dad. He will always be your eternal companion, your friend, your` protector. Bless you dear father for all that you have done for me and your dearest Janet and our family. You are the best and my family which is your family will never forget to remember you in our lives. Dave Moon
Posted by Shelley Siegrist on May 16, 2016
Uncle Jack, We will miss you so much. Will miss the scrabble games with you. Even the last time Ralph and I played with you & Aunt Mina, about 8 months ago, you whooped us royally. Will miss your humor, your laugh, your smile. Love you Uncle Jack!! You will be remembered in our hearts, until we meet again. Love, Shelley & Ralph
Posted by Tom Krebs on May 15, 2016
Jack is one of the finest men I have ever known. He made and left the world a better place. I will miss him like I miss my own parents. Be at peace, Jack.
Posted by Ruth Hoyos on May 15, 2016
Jack and Mina have been our neighbors for 36 years. We have come to love them as our family. I am sure Jack, Pancho and Janet are planning wonderful things to do, while here, we are mourning our loss!
Posted by Jess MacDougall on May 15, 2016
Very blessed to have gotten the chance to meet you years back when me and my grandma came to Florida! For years when I was little I would send you and auntie Mina letters from here to keep in touch! And when I finally got to meet you, it was wonderful! You were a very intelligent and caring human and you touched many people's hearts! I will never forget how special you made my trip to Florida! Always beating me at scrabble! Rest easy up there uncle jack! You will always be loved and missed endlessly! Things change but the memories last forever! Xo
Posted by Vicky Vargas on May 14, 2016
You were like a father to me. Love you very much. Words can not say the special person you were. You will be in our hearts forever
Posted by Stephen Bassette on May 14, 2016
Your contributions to this family of yours have been immeasurable, and we're grateful to you for them. Your life story is an inspiration to us all. We will always remember you warmly and fondly.
Posted by Darryl Bloch on May 14, 2016
From the Bloch family....our condolences at the passing of Mr. Quanstrom. He was a fine man and wonderful father. We will never forget those great days at Oceanview/Lakeview. May God's peace comfort you during this time of sorrow.

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