Jack Romines

Shared by Nancy Haun on October 12, 2011

I was so shocked to find out about my grandpa's death , He passed in July on the 6th day 2011 and  no one called to tell me or my mother  we found out by a phone call from my mothers aunt  Last week . My grandpa had a grave site and a headstone with his Name and birth year already on it , but they had him cremated  my grandpa didn't want to be laid to rest that way ,if he had there would not be a cemetery plot with a headstone with his name on it . His wife Milred  Romines and  his son Jackie Romines did not consult with the family about arrangements for grandpa and they didn't even give him the service he deserved .There was no service at all. My grandpa served in the army as a military police officer and  he was a man who loved his family he deserved so much more , He is now in Heaven that is the only peace of mind my family has . We love you grandpa (God only cries for the living )

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