Beloved brother and friend of everyone.
In so much beautiful memories you stay with us forever...
Let the memory of Jack be with us forever
  • 23 years old
  • Born on March 13, 1990 in Denver, Colorado, United States.
  • Passed away on February 25, 2014 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

Way to early they took our beloved boy away from us. That shining bright star high up in the sky.  
You where that friend of all with so many dreams and plans. Nobody will ever be able to replace you.
Brother, friend, boyfriend, loved one...
Go rest, you deserved it. Your fight is over. We love you, miss you and will never forget you.  

Posted by Mary A on 10th September 2014
jack, although months passed away, but still i cant forget you, and your friends, i lose them wth a very nice reason, i chose to the friend og that someone to caught her. butthey got me wrong, really wrong, i cant afford to lose roxanne.. but she lost. and here iam today, feel the pain of losing u and roxanne... i want her back so much, and u know how i really love both of you, i still wish to make tings work out. but i dolost of hope.. i just missed you so much.. i wish that i can talk to you even in my dreams to tell you how much im suffering the pain. i want to cry in you. and tell me that i made it wrong. yeahi kno that u told me not to stress out, but when you left. im always stress.. i hate mylife now without you and roxanne. god knows how i hate it now.. i just cant let you go and roxanne . i just cant
Posted by Mike Silents on 17th April 2014
I still remember how I saw you for the very first time ever. I became your roommate, you tough't I was weird, scary, freaky :p But we tried to make the best out of it in that little room. And it worked! We became friends, good friends, best friends, brothers... I still can see the memories so clear. Freaking out on the PS3, at night talking with each other, you crying out on my shoulder, the party's, the fun, the love of brotherhood, just you, being you.. I miss you, I love you and I always know and will never forget.. How much I love you. You saved my life in every way you can save a life.
Posted by Tyra Crippin on 17th April 2014
It still feels like a dream, a bad nightmare dream where we all can wake up from any moment from now. Me and Jack, only talked a few times. Like one or two. But out of that times I could feel already that he was such a warm, such a loved person.. Such a friend. I would give anything for seeing that smile, one last time...
Posted by Jo Poole on 17th April 2014
Jack, There is much to say about you. All tho I did talk with you only a few times, I welcomed you as my son, my very own child. You had your problems. But your heart was pure and your innocence was clear. I know now that you where needed on this world. Another way to young talent gone in Heaven.. I hope you found, have the peace that you deserved and desired. Rest tight! x Wednesday 13
Posted by Adam Sawyer on 17th April 2014
I could't wish for a better friend; the fun, the story, the talks, the laughs... Everything was just more fun with you. Skating, surfing, partying, making music, even the beach walks. I'm quit sure you where the most interesting and most fun person I ever did know in my whole life. Your where just great and I can't describe how much I miss you my friend.. I sincerely hope that when my time is done.. We can be together. I know your looking down on me so I try to keep my head up for you. So much love and God, could I just get one more of those bear hugs of you.
Posted by Cheyenne Hunt on 17th April 2014
The words who did describe Jack the best; Warm, sweet, funny, cute, beautiful, hot, amazing, friendly, crazy, cool, rocker, friend, brother... He was one of a kind. I still wonder why great talented guys have to leave this cold world... Well one thing is for sure, and that's that you will be missed...
Posted by Barbara Salvatore on 17th April 2014
Wow Jack he was one of the greatest kids I know, and I really saw him like my son. He was my son. Once he called me for joking mommy, it was so touching that I had tears in my eyes. Just so sweet boy. Talented and good. That smile was wordy 1000 Gods and even more. It just hurt that I never can see that smile again. It is like you always used to say, this is not our farewell.. But until that time. I miss you and love you, forever...
Posted by Kelly Shaddix on 17th April 2014
You where so young. Your life was just starting. You had this thing with you, this bright light of sunshine.. This beauty and peace. You where just a kid. A kid who was going true hard times. But we all loved you and supported you.. Like you where my own kid. We love you, miss you and think about you. Ever and ever
Posted by Mick Thompson on 17th April 2014
We only had the time to talk once.. But this one time was great. And funny. You where a real good guy as it seems. And now I realize that I only talked once with you but that even if I had the time to talk million times with you it still would't have been enough to tell you how a great guy you where. You where just so great that I had no words for it.
Posted by Ira Evans on 17th April 2014
You where one of my brothers, my friend. I just miss it how you called me little blue. And when my hair was pink, little pink, or little white.. Always with my hair color {: I always did feel so cozy in your arms, so safe.. I loved you and I always will and I will never forget the last thing you said to me, I promised to keep myself to it and I will.. It's our little secret. I miss you
Posted by Joey Jordison on 17th April 2014
Since I only talked with him 4 times, I have to keep it short. Sorry for that. But what I have to say is easy said; Jack, in those 4 times I realized already that you where an amazing kid, a great amazing good kid... I did not know you this well but I did enough to say honest; I miss you
Posted by Jason Berry on 17th April 2014
You where the son that I never had or never will have. When I came home of touring around with the guys there was is one guy waiting on me... And it was you. It always was you. Waiting to bright my day and have fun. And when we did crazy things it was always so funny. I took care for you, and I always will.. I miss that laugh, I miss the crazy fucked up stuff we did. And more in special.. I miss you. We will never forget you. Matt&Jason Berry
Posted by Julien Salvatore on 17th April 2014
Sweet, smart adorable, funny, cute sexy, talented, gently, a darling.. A brother, a friend, a boyfriend and a loved one.. I hope you are happy up there together with your parents.. You deserve the peace. Your life wasn't easy but still you could smile. I respect you and I think you should be declared a saint...
Posted by Jacoby Shaddix on 17th April 2014
Damn you! You where such a fucking great guy! I loved you, I miss you. Where are the crazy fucked up shit we where talking about? I missed it so badly. Wish I could just turn back time. Still remember when we where talking about smoking and stuff like that. You totally rocked my kid. I have no choice, I have to make a song dedicated to you.. You deserve it xx
Posted by James Salvatore on 17th April 2014
Jack was, Jack is a friend. And how hard it even hurts missing you. I know you are in peace now. Your pain is gone, and that's what counts for me. I know It sound selfish but still after all that I can't stop wishing you where here. It's boring, I don't know what to do. We where like the movie Ted. You where Ted and I was the human :p Only I didn't had an annoying girlfriend who broke us apart :p You always will be my buddy xx Hayden
Posted by Halli Bryars on 15th April 2014
You were a great friend. No matter how sad I had gotten that day we had started talking you knew how to make me smile. I'm glad I got to know you and date you. you had the biggest heart for the ones you loved. I miss you Jack. I miss our talks and jokes we used to make. Heaven must be amazing with who you get to chill with. Your gone but never forgotten. No one can forget how much of a great person you were. I will always remember our jokes and talks and how you used to help me through my bad times. I just wish I could talk to you one last time Jack. xxx
Posted by Tom Evans on 15th April 2014
We had some arguments, that's a fact I can't ignore. But out of all those arguments I am proud to say you where my friend, you where like a brother more of the times for me. I loved you, like a brother. And I will never forget that one time you saved my life. Talking with you was a relief sometimes, most of the times. A relief that I miss. I know nothing will ever be the same, but I promise you that I never, ever forget you and when I grow up and have kids I will tell about you. Cause for me, and I am sure for more people also, you are a saint.
Posted by Owen Haner on 15th April 2014
i will miss you forever buddy you were a good friend a party animal and always had fun you always did laugh and made a party of you're own we will forever remember you and you will be alive still in our heart you are the guy who made ppl beleve everything was possible you are still my buddy i never will forget you and the fact is how i learned to know you is still pretty cool you were and still are a brother for me and you always will be one and im proud i did know you so well you were a cool guy to talk with and have fun with you were my best friend of the world and still are Greetings owen
Posted by Roxanne O'Hara on 14th April 2014
I miss you teddybear. I will never forget you. I hope one day we can be together again. Wish I could hold you for this one last time xx
Posted by Melody Jordison on 14th April 2014
I miss you buddy, thats for sure. My little sweet Teddybear. Your an angel, and we will never forget you. We love you and always will. I will keep the fun times we had on memory. Cause we did not had bad times together :p I still remember the day I saw you for the very first time. One of my most treasured memories now. I can't wait till the day we can be together. I love you, miss you and will always keep you safe in my heart xxx

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