• Born in Changhua City, Taiwan.
  • Passed away on May 17, 2018 in Cypress, California, United States.

Thank you everyone for making Jack's memorial on June 1 so very special.

Special thanks to Pastor Kuo and all the church singers and musicians for the beautiful music and for the speakers for their heartfelt words.

My mother and I want to thank everyone for their attendance and we have shared some pictures from the day and some videos of the singing.

Also thank you to the many family and friends who have been sending us their support and love from near and afar. Your support has been so appreciated.

Posted by Carol Itani on 20th August 2018
8/17, it already 3 months since your passing; the next day 8/18, we went to your resting Forest Lawn in the morning to change the flower. Still feel you are around always. Next week 8/25 we will do your 100 days memorial at home. Alice will be home that time!
Posted by Carol Itani on 2nd July 2018
7/1 we did your 7th weeks memorial lunch. Lien, Annie and husband, Derek. GY Chang, Taiwan George and Itanis. We will do your birth day memorial next year. Your house is still full of your stuff, it will be there for long time. We will visiting the Forest Lawn your grave side every Saturday. For real, we all feel you are with us all the time!
Posted by Carol Itani on 28th June 2018
6/27 is your sixth week memorial (42 days already) George is very busy today. Only Lien and I have simple dinner together. Of course you are with us for sure!
Posted by Zack F on 21st June 2018
Although I don’t know Jack, I would like to express my deepest condolences for your loss. Something that may bring true comfort is knowing that soon everything that causes us pain including death will be gone forever, as promised in Revelation 21:4 Also, Acts 24:15 mentions that our love ones will be resurrected here on earth, which we can be sure of from what Psalms 37:29 promises. I’m sure you will agree how beautiful this hope from God truly is.
Posted by Carol Itani on 21st June 2018
6/20 is your 5th week memorial. (35 days already) Alice already back to Portland. We (Lien, George, Miki and me) have dinner together. Nothing fancy, we have Teriyaki Chicken, Fish and Chips, Onion Ring, fried Zucchini and Veggie Burger(for Miki)! It was good meal! I am sure you were there with us all the time!
Posted by Carol Itani on 14th June 2018
6/13 is your 4th week memorial! (28 days already) We have some Chinese fast food (Orange chicken, Garlic Chicken, Mushroom Chicken, Broccoli beef, steam rice and chow mein) with 2 for 6 Burger King Crispy Chicken Sandwich. It was very nice with George, Miki, Alice and Lien. Feel you were there with us for small simple dinner!
Posted by Carol Itani on 6th June 2018
6/6 is the third week memorial. Time swifts so fast! This is the 21st day already! Tonight we will have In and Out burger with French fries for dinner. George and Mike will attend as well. Forgot to mention they were in the 2nd week memorial dinner with us too! Uncle George is arriving dd 6/25. He is able to provide some support and assistance for Lien and Alice!
Posted by Carol Itani on 4th June 2018
6/1 is your memorial service Your friends and relatives attending with love; It is so nice and pretty! you are in the blue sky now.
Posted by Carol Itani on 30th May 2018
5/30 is your 14th days memorial! I will have dinner with Alice and Lien again!! We will have your favor Beef & Tendon noodle soup and onion pan cake from Ma's Muslin restaurant! Lien and Alice both are working so hard for the 6/1 memorial service in Forest Lawn. Nancy Chan/Evergreen called me yesterday! She will send some flower set to your home! Bella from Yang Ming send me a very nice message the other day! You were just like a big brother for your co-workers! They will send a wreath to Forest Lawn!
Posted by Lisha B on 30th May 2018
Please accept my condolences. May the family find comfort in God's promise of putting an end to sickness and death forever. (Revelation 21:3 and 4)
Posted by 誠和 李 on 30th May 2018
英治, 願你安息在主懷中,55年的情誼念在心中!
Posted by JY HSIEH on 29th May 2018
Jack, 永睡主懐, 一切重擔, 主為我們承当.
Posted by 周 清森 on 28th May 2018
posted by chingsen Chou on 29th May 2018 七載同窗歡樂聚 聚少離多千里遠 遠離塵世去九重 重新輪迴再續緣
Posted by Minnie Hsieh on 27th May 2018
Dear Jack, Wish you go to beautiful heaven and surrounding with God and angels. You will be remembered. Rest in peace.
Posted by Carol Itani on 26th May 2018
5/23 is your first 7th days memorial, we (Alice, Lien and me) had simple dinner together. We cooked some Dumpling (one of your favorite dishes)! Just hope you like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcRBtTtP9f8 This is very nice song for you. A thousand winds Don't stand at my grave and weep I am not there, I do not sleep I am the sunlight on the ripened grain I am the gentle autumn rain I am a thousand winds I am a thousand winds that blow I am the diamond glint on snow I am a thousand winds that blow Don't stand at my grave and cry I am not there, I did not die I am the swift rush of birds in flight Soft stars that shine at night I am a thousand winds I am a thousand winds that blow I am the diamond glint on snow I am a thousand winds that blow Don't stand at my grave and weep I am not there, I do not sleep I am the sunlight on the ripened grain I am the gentle autumn rain I am a thousand winds I am a thousand winds that blow I am the diamond glint on snow I am a thousand winds that blow I know you are with us always.
Posted by Y.l. Ma on 23rd May 2018
So sorry for the lose of long time true friend since 1963.
Posted by 光雄 仙春 光華 ... on 22nd May 2018
Dear A-Bo (the name by which we used to call you), We were very good next-door neighbors in Taipei since our childhood and we had a lot of fun playing together. Then you moved to America and began your career there, but your youngest sister often kept us posted on your happenings. On receiving the shocking news of your passing away, we felt deeply sorrowful. We still remember a few years ago when you came back to Taipei for a visit, we had a very wonderful time gathering together. You had such a vivid memory talking happily about our childhood life. Oh, those were the days—— We will always remember your humor and smile. Let us wish you a delightful journey to eternity and may you Rest In Peace.
Posted by Audrey Ting on 22nd May 2018
Dear Jack, Rest in peace !!
Posted by Carol Itani on 21st May 2018
Hi Jack: My best brother-in-law. Knowing you since I was teenager (year of wonders) , seeing you all these years (up and down, sad and happy); you are always there to provide your strong support and guidance. Rest in peace! (I was there with you till the end of your life, you looked very handsome and slept just like an anger) Keep smiling! (Your smiling face always shined the room when you walk in, It was like the rainbow after raining day) You are just a little earlier than us to reach Father's Home! (Not far away at all) You are now on the blue sky! I feel you are just transferring yourself to the morning sun light on my shoulder! And your KARAOK song is now go into the song of nature around my ears! We will meet you one day maybe in the near future! All the pains, anxieties, sufferance and wounds will be healed in His loving hands! Please don't worry just move on! I will take care Alice and her mom! Bye! We love you always! You are always in our minds!
Posted by 淑芬 曾 on 21st May 2018
Posted by MARGARET WANG on 21st May 2018
Posted by LULU SHI on 21st May 2018
Dear Jack, My truly friend, thank for your care and concern for me always when I met you. Although you are no longer here, I still remember you.

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