May the memories of Jack's life be with us forever.
  • 73 years old
  • Born on May 2, 1940 in Cadiz, Negros Occidental, Philippines.
  • Passed away on September 23, 2013 in Gilbert, Arizona, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Joaquin "Jack" Uy, 73, born on May 2, 1940 and passed away on September 23, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Some of you have asked about a way of making an online gift for Jack safely and securely. You are able to do that at this website. It has a great track record for memorial gifts.

Thank you for sharing your kind words, photos, and treasured memories. Please keep them coming. 


Posted by Ruby Wandtke on 23rd September 2017
Missing you, Jack, brother in law.... You are always in our heart, not only today, our prayers are with you. May you rest in peace..Amen Ruby, Christian & Familie
Posted by Ruby Wandtke on 23rd September 2016
Lieber Jack, wir denken an dich und vermissen dich. Allerdings wissen wir, dass es dir dort wo Du bist, gut geht.
Posted by Judith Hays on 23rd September 2016
I will always remember the wonderful and fun times we shared in Ohio. Sending Love to Tessy, JJ, and Toni
Posted by Ulysis Cañada on 24th September 2015
It has been 2 years since my favorite brother has left us, but seeing his tombsite and recalling him still bring tears to my eyes. According to Chinese custom, 2 years marks the end of the mourning period, but for me, it hasn’t stopped and will likely not stop. Yesterday early in the morning, I left for Cadiz to bring a bouquet of flowers and to light candles [red instead of white because this is the mark of the end of the period of mourning]. I continue to pray for his soul, and remember all our times together, as I do Mama who died exactly 12 years ago on the same date as when Nonoy left us. It kind of makes me think that Mama called for him to be beside her.
Posted by Ruby Wandtke on 24th September 2015
Ich werde dich nicht vergessen. Erinnere mich noch an jedes Gespräch, als wäre es gestern gewesen. Wir vermissen dich ! Christian und Ruby
Posted by Lily Valencia on 4th May 2014
Not a single day passes that i do not miss my Nonoy. Everyday i include him in my prayers, and on May 2, i went to the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament to pray that he is now well and free from pain and illness, and i always imagine him to be smiling. I skyped with Manang [that is Chita] on the same day, and she did the same, and especially noted the fact that as she was driving, she was following a car with plates with the letters JUY. That was our brother calling out to us. We love him so much....
Posted by Joaquin Uy, Jr. on 4th October 2013
Thanks so much to everyone who has left a story or tribute to dad. Everyone who knew him had a story or tall tale about him. Indeed, his reputation was larger than life. This weekend, Mom and I will be moving into this next phase of traveling back to Seattle and preparing for our trip to the Philippines, to bring dad home. Your support has been a tremendous help to us. Thank you all!
Posted by Maria Uy on 30th September 2013
Uncle Jack, so many memories from way back in Ohio, of driving around in a bumble bee car (the memory of a 6 year old no doubt), and of course the "I LOVE TESSY" stickers on the dashboard! You were a kind and generous uncle, and I am so sad that I missed the last family trip to Arizona to see you. You will be missed. Much love to Tessy, JJ and Toni.
Posted by Judi Hays on 28th September 2013
I will always remember your kindness and generosity to my children (your nieces and nephews) - and especially the fun our families had together. You will be missed by many!
Posted by Ruby Wandtke on 28th September 2013
Christian again: I am very sad, that I haven`t got the change to see you again, except once over skype. I`m sure you are happy now. Your brother in law Christian
Posted by Ruby Wandtke on 28th September 2013
This is your brother in law in Germany, Christian. " He wanted to scare me" That`s what you said when we drove on the Autobahn, travelling together through Europe. Subsequently we met in the Philippines, where we had a very good time together with your nephews, visiting nice places and having a few drinks
Posted by Jovy Tagorda on 27th September 2013
"Hi Kuya Jack, Thanks for everthing, even though we only met twice, we truly treasured those moments, you're such a nice and kind person, your are a great loss to your family especially Ate Tess, we will miss you..May You Rest in Peace....
Posted by Amanda Krugen on 26th September 2013
Jack was a member at my shooting range, he was always a pleasure to see with his smiling face and cheerfulness. I got to know him well over the past few years, he was a great man and will be missed. My condolences to the family and close friends. Jack- Thanks for all the memories!
Posted by Martin Flask on 25th September 2013
On behalf of all the men and women of Cleveland Public Safety, I want to share our sorrow on the passing of our friend Jack. It was an honor to have had the privilege of working with Jack. He was a fine man who will be missed by his friends and former co-workers in the City of Cleveland.
Posted by Manny Uy on 25th September 2013
We went back to Cadiz together after a long time in the US, yet the people there still remembeered you! We went to a local restaurant where the owner is a local woman who was very friendly to you. I wondered if she was your former girlfriend, but didnot say anything. We went to a local cock fight - you won and I lost. We walk the central market, and they still remembered you (and not me).
Posted by Manny Uy on 25th September 2013
One time, you broke your foot after a fall and did not know it. You invited me to have breakfast with you at a strip mall, and we went while you mentioned that you had a sprain. After breakfast, we went to the hospital to visit Dom. While at the hospital, you decidedd dto have the foot x-rayed. Turned out that the foot broke at two places, yet you walked with it for several hours!
Posted by Lily Valencia on 24th September 2013
Its a day after you left us, and the pain hasn't lessened. Manang and I broke down while talking, and so Jerry and I and Nang Popue exchanged hundreds of texts instead to prevent the flood of tears. We miss you.
Posted by Christina Uy on 24th September 2013
Thank you for all the wonderful memories, Uncle Jack! We will always love you and miss you so much. All our thoughts and prayers are with your spirit, and with Aunt Tessy, JJ, and Toni.
Posted by Joanna Uy on 24th September 2013
Hello there Uncle Jack. Thank you for the little chats we had... You made me become a better person. I just wish I've met you sooner so I can tell you more about myself... And by the way, my dad says "hi" too. We know that you are in God's hands now... But don't worry Uncle Jack, you will always remain in our hearts no matter what. We will miss you Uncle Jack. :'(
Posted by Ruby Wandtke on 24th September 2013
may you rest in peace...amen ..unsere lieber jack....wir werden dich vermissen.....unsere gedanken sind bei dir....
Posted by Nenita Tan on 24th September 2013
Am sure everyone will be called by our creator sometime or another. But its so sad that we are far away and cant see what you look like for the last time. We, my children will miss you very much too. Kisses to tesy , jj,and toni. I always include you in my prayers. Nenita, youR sister.
Posted by Lily Valencia on 23rd September 2013
Manang and I miss you. I forgot to make you promise not to leave ahead of me. My mistake. Today, Manang and I promised not to leave each other. I should have made you promise too. I miss you...
Posted by Lily Valencia on 23rd September 2013
I will forever remember how you never say No to me, not even when my message was for something outrageous and girly to get for me. Remember how you bought me a whole basket of nail polish in all the colors there are? That was so beautiful. You knew how kikay I am, and how I change nail polish color every week. I miss you.
Posted by Lily Valencia on 23rd September 2013
Now, what would I do everytime I get to the office, since you are no longer around to Skype me? I miss you. I've always told you that you are my favorite brother. You always will be.
Posted by Lily Valencia on 23rd September 2013
Also yesterday, I talked to Manang Popue. She told me that as she was praying, a yellow butterfly flew in. Among the chinese, this means Mama is in a happy place. At that time, you were still fine. What I did not know was that Mama was already welcoming you to be with her in heaven. You were always her favorite son.
Posted by Lily Valencia on 23rd September 2013
Mama came for you, Noy, I just know it. I am pretty sure that before you left for dialysis today, you had already viewed the 4 photos i sent which I took in Cadiz when we visited Mama on September 23 [Phil. time], since you instructed me to take pictures so you can see if there are spaces left. I know you saw it. I miss you.
Posted by Lily Valencia on 23rd September 2013
Noy, you told me that you would be there when I see you in February next year, whether in Arizona or in Seattle. Manang and I already had plans on how to see you and bother you. Now what would we do?
Posted by Cherrie Cruz on 23rd September 2013
Tito Joaquining, who will plan our mahjong session? I know this is your favorite "sport" swimming on the table ... :) We always had a good laugh. Since I was young, I always looked up to you (literally too as you would always tease me). Tita Tess, JJ and Toni, hugs to all of you . Please know that we are truly sorry for your loss and we will pray for all of you.
Posted by Cindy Carlson on 23rd September 2013
I love you and will miss you the most, my big brother! I will miss and won't have any body to skype in AZ anymore. Remember today is mom's 10th anniversary as well, so I guessed she was waiting for you all along! My God be with you and Mother. All my love, Sis Chita.
Posted by Jason Tan on 23rd September 2013
You will forever be remembered Uncle Jack. Rest in peace.
Posted by Geosh Uy on 23rd September 2013
Thank you for everything. We love you. We will miss you.
Posted by Ronnie Uy on 23rd September 2013
Rest in peace, uncle Jack. We will miss you.
Posted by Annette Uy on 23rd September 2013
Will miss you, Uncle Jack. And my thoughts are with the family.

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