Let the memory of Jackie Raymond be with us forever
  • 77 years old
  • Born on January 14, 1935 .
  • Passed away on April 28, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jackie Raymond Rupe 77 years old , born on January 14, 1935 and passed away on April 28, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Brenda Morgan on 14th January 2018
Happy Heavenly Birthday Dad anotheryear passes and we miss you just as much as the day you left us. Love you Always.
Posted by Brenda Morgan on 28th April 2017
Five years have come and gone but the hurt and pain are still there maybe a little softened but still not easy as I would love to call and ask questions or share happy stories or events with you. Love you the same today as the day you left and I know your having a family reunion that we are oh so jealous that we are not a part of. Until I am able to give you a big hug and get one in return dad, Love you so.
Posted by Brenda Morgan on 14th January 2017
Happy Birthday Dad♡ I know you have more family and friends sharing it with you there. Love and miss you each and every day and give each of them a hug and kiss ftom me, and if you run across Dorothy Please give her an extra tight hug and kiss from me and tell her Happy Birthday also. You two are missed by so many.
Posted by Brenda Morgan on 14th January 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD !!!! Oh so much has happened these past many months since you have been gone. Not a day goes by that i don't by that your not in my thoughts. I can still feel your loving hugs, Oh to have them wrapped around me again is so much to look forward to. I would love to be baking a cake with my grand babies today. Nellie still cries for you. Little penguin still smiles that smile when I tell her how much you loved each and everyone of them. Mallory and Keegan are growing up so fast. I wish Charlie and Raymond could of known you better they are best buds, but I can see so many things they say and do with the same ornery things you would laugh about. I feel your love coming from Raymond, He just turns to us and gives a kiss and tells us he loves and then hugs, he's going to have your affection. You would really be proud of what all your grand kids have accomplished all are so grown up and having more babies and yes there is always the love stronger with each one. Josh is really making his mark on the world . Dad the loss of so many this past year Robert, Sis, Mariah, Tia, Flora really drained from al of the changes.I just know what I have and what I have to look forward to is comfort enough to get through. Love You always forever and ever. A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck, you bet your bottom dollar I do.
Posted by Brenda Morgan on 7th May 2014
Dad it has been 2 years plus and heart still aches for your hugs and advise. so glad you are still visiting Keerstan and calling her your little penguin. Love and miss you so much. Love Brenda
Posted by Brenda Morgan on 14th January 2014
Dad I just want to thank you for still being in my heart day and night and the warmth that you have left there that nobody can take away. Many things have come and gone but our love for you remains Happy Birthday Dad Love You!!
Posted by Beth Ewing on 14th January 2014
Happy Birthday Grandpa Rupe!! From Sissy Andy, your little man, your little penguin and Raymond Wyatt. We love you and miss you but know that you are here with us everyday.
Posted by Lori Bean Koch on 14th January 2014
Mr. Rupe, Although we only had several visits I remember you watching your baseball and asking me who I would root for. Well I really wanted to say I root for whoever you root for, I would just say, oh I dont really know. What I do know is your family is blessed with you as their Angel.
Posted by Sarah Baker on 14th January 2014
No words can express how much I miss you, you were more of a father to me than my own... What I would do you drive down an old dirt road or go fishing with you. Even hear you yell an cuss about us running in and out slamming the door. You will always be with me..
Posted by Brenda Morgan on 14th January 2014
Happy 79th Birthday Dad Love Brenda
Posted by Mary Brownfield on 28th April 2013
Dad...how I wish we could go back to the simple days of fishing at soap creek when you lost your fishing pole you just got for Father's Day. One more day of you watching Melia and letting her run through the water in her dress...one more day of 'Sissy stop your wishing your life away'... one more pat of your hand.. one more sound of your contagious laughter. I miss you every hour of every day
Posted by Brenda Morgan on 28th April 2013
Candle lit by Brenda Morgan on 28th April 2013 "Dad You will always be my best friend not a day or even an hour goes by your not in my thoughts. You brought me home in a snow storm a foot of snow they say, You carried me on your shoulders when I would get tired. You and Mom bought all that you could think, hoping this was my news that I knew Santa would bring. but never. So in the hot summer
Posted by Brenda Morgan on 28th April 2013
was my news in the window of the gas station and the maps were free. You will never know the love we all still have for you, just know you will always be in our hearts forever. Love Forever Brenda
Posted by Mary Brownfield on 20th May 2012
He sure did do it 'his' way- up to his last breathe! Words cant even begin to express the loss I feel every day. So many words of advice and wisdom you gave to us all dad. They tell me it gets easier but right now nothing makes sense without you to call and what I would give to hear the words 'oh sissy' just one more time. Love you more than you'll ever know.
Posted by Brenda Morgan on 19th May 2012
On this Day Dad your Dad passed and on this 39th anniverasry of his passing may You both be at peace. Love You both Dad and Grandpa!!!
Posted by Brenda Morgan on 19th May 2012
This is a memorial to you Dad. Not enough time or space to tell you all that you have neant to me my kids and grandkids, So many good times and memories. Thank You God for letting me have the Father that you blessed me with. Dad Know you are in my heart and that like you always said, "I don't need pictures I have them right up here."

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