i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

e.e. cummings
  • 24 years old
  • Born on July 29, 1992 in Warrenville, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on July 24, 2017 in Texas, United States.

Our amazing son, Jackson Alexander Benco, passed away peacefully on July 24th, 2017, five days before his 25th birthday, at his home in Kyle, Texas. 

Jackson grew up in Naperville, Illinois and graduated from Neuqua Valley High School in 2010.  He attended Austin Community College in Austin, Texas when he moved there in 2011. Jackson worked at Plug Power and Gibraltar US, both local transportation and safety related companies, doing all the mechanically and electrically oriented design, fabrication and implementation sorts of things he loved. 

Jackson is survived by his mom Kathy Seymour Benco, sister Cassie Benco, dad Rudy Benco, stepmom Katrina Benco, brother Maddox, sister Verity, his grandparents Robert Seymour, Lorraine Evans, Pete and Mary Berlin, and many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who loved him so much.

Wake & Memorial Service
Saturday, August 5, 2017
Katrina and Rudy's Home
188 Sand Hills Lane
Austin, TX 78737

Wake 6:30 - 8pm
There will be food and drink

Memorial Service 8pm
Everyone is welcome. Let me know if you are thinking of coming by. There will be a memory table - if you want to bring something to share, that would be great.

In lieu of flowers or similar, please consider making a charitable contribution to a local school for the trades or suicide prevention organization on Jackson's behalf.

Cards, etc. may be sent to: 
Rudy and Katrina Benco
188 Sand Hills Lane
Austin, TX 78737

Posted by Donna Star on 21st August 2017
I am so sorry for you tragic loss. My family is on this site and just as I was about to leave I saw your son and I was already crying over the loss of my husband. To lose a child is unbelievably tragic and I wish your family eternal blessings to help somehow heal through this very, very sad time for everyone. Blessings, donna Star
Posted by Michele Iozzo on 6th August 2017
We met Jackson for the first time when we went to visit and see newborn Maddox. He made a very good impression. Tall, handsome, cute and charming is always a plus for people to take a closer look at him. The part that awed me the most is during dinner time, we all sat around the table and he isn't there which prompted Katrina to asked, " Where's Jackson? " Rudy gestured that he is ironing the placemats! How sweet to have a respectful and helpful son like Jackson! Jackson, wherever you are at this moment, may you be at peace and know how proud your parents are of you...
Posted by Whitney Jones on 5th August 2017
My sincere condolences to Jackson's family. It is especially difficult to lose someone so young and full of promise. God has promised to bring about a time when we can see our loved ones again. (Revelation 21:3,4) At that time all mankind will enjoy perfect health on a paradise earth. Until then, may you find comfort from the God of all comfort.
Posted by David Ebert on 4th August 2017
Katrina, my heart, and the hearts of my family, go out to you and to yours in what must be an impossible season of sorrow. I only wish there was something that could be done by the living to speed the healing, or to change the past, but we have made a charitable donation in remembrance, celebration, and to potentially help someone else struggling down the road. With all the love we have...Dave, Cecily, Ella, and Eli.
Posted by Mary Blatti on 2nd August 2017
Rudy, We are so sad to hear of your loss. We will keep you and your family in our prayers. Mary and Mike Blatti and family
Posted by Nita DeCanniere on 1st August 2017
Our hearts break when we consider your loss. Losing a loved one is always horrific, especially one so young. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Nita and Dan DeCanniere
Posted by Randy Moan on 31st July 2017
Rudy, Katrina and Family. I read about the passing of Jackson, and wanted to express my deep sympathy. You are all in my prayers. God Bless You. Randy.
Posted by Shannon Lewis on 29th July 2017
I remember when I first met Jackson, a quiet sweet little boy that was so darn cute, I remember thinking that he looked a little like Harry Potter! :) Over the years he grew into a tall handsome young man who so smart, caring and thoughtful. When we'd have family dinners at our house, Jackson was always the first person to jump up and help me do the dishes or sometimes he'd tell me to go sit down and he'd do them. I can't remember a time when he wasn't helping someone really, whether it was out in the garage or elsewhere. I was very proud to have called him my nephew and he will always have a special place in my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Rudy, Katrina, Maddox and Verity! ❤️
Posted by Alicia Hanson on 29th July 2017
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, your were loved beyond words and missed beyond measure! I have so much more to say, but can't seem to get it out right now. I love you so very much and always did. We had some amazing times and the most passion I've ever known. You loved harder and stronger than what I knew existed. You are irreplaceable. You are forever that one for me. I know you know what I mean. It hurts to think of all the years you will miss. So much you were meant to see. I'll take you with me, always! I know and remember every word you said about places you wanted to see and things you wanted to do. We are doing a memorial motorcycle ride for you. I'm gonna go get my knee down at 100MPH for you beautiful soul. I know that's when you felt the most free and nothing else in the world mattered. When all your pain disappeared. You have taught me the greatest lesson to life and that's to love with all your heart TODAY!! Tomorrow is not guaranteed and make it count and make sure your loved ones know how much you love them. You passed not knowing exactly how much I loved you and I will never let that go, it's so disheartening. I will go out and see the world for you, I will ride all the motorcycles, I will love with every ounce of my being and I will never forget you!! Thank you for forever impacting the path of my ways. Thank you for just being you!! I love you bigger than space babe!!
Posted by Kim Scholer on 28th July 2017
"As long as I live, you will live. As long as I live you will be remembered. As long as I live you will be loved." Author unknown. Rudy and Katrina, sending you love and light. May you find comfort in the memories that wrap themselves around your heart. Please know that I am here for whatever you may need. Your neighbor Kim
Posted by Marcy Garcea on 28th July 2017
I did not really know you, Jackson, but I know you left a hole in many hearts with your departure. You are loved by many people and your passing reminds me to love hard, EVERY SINGLE DAY. It reminds me to not care if I am bugging my kids, they need to know how important they are to me and others. One thing I do know, is how much your Dad loves you. How hard Katrina worked on making you feel loved and important because you do and did matter to her, as well as her family (which was yours not by blood, but just by love)and your Dad, your siblings and friends. Most of the times I was able to talk to you were in Illinois and you still had a lot of teen angst going on, which did not really allow you to hang around a new Mom with ease. However, I do remember little interactions with you. Yet, my favorite memory of you, easily, is one that I saw during Maddox's christening brunch. We were at a favorite spot of your Dad and Katrina's. You and your Dad were up against a wall inside, while we waited for something..sorry...not important. Your Dad had his arm around you and you were looking at each other with your faces almost touching. You were talking about something and laughing. But they way you looked at each other was something I had never seen a Dad and son do before. It was pure love between you. You both had a look. And then your Dad kissed you on the head, teen angst and all. And you were glad he did. I almost felt bad that I witnessed it, because it was so tender and personal. Now I am glad that I know you knew how much he loved you. Thank you for showing me what love can look like between a Dad and son. It was breathtaking. And unforgettable.

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