Jerusalem Cricket AKA Potato Bug

Shared by Alyson Lynch on February 13, 2020
My mom and I used to make many trips to travel to see my sister and brother. There was a time we pulled over to let our pups (Axil & Kiki) out on this dirt road off of the freeway. We saw this large bug which we have never seen before and it wasn't moving so of course we had the brilliant idea to get closer. This was a huge mistake as the alien creature started moving. We grabbed the pups started screaming and took off running as fast we could. I remember I kept researching trying figure out what type of bug it was thinking hey maybe we found a new type of species which of course we didn't. That was one of many adventures we had and a memory I will never forget. 

Movies with Mom

Shared by Andrew Lyon on February 11, 2020
When I was young, one of my passions was watching movies.  The cool ones.  Robocop, anything with Bruce Lee, Power Rangers.  Anything action packed I was all about.  My mom however...  She loved the kissy stuff.  She loved the sad and the romantic.  I couldn't bear it.  We watched Dirty Dancing, Beaches, Always, Pure Country, and Ghost so many times I lost track.  Then during 6th grade graduation, I played the upright bass.  The song to walk to was Wind Beneath My Wings from Beaches.  I saw the look on my Mom's face and she was one of the few parents who started crying.  I think it was at that moment I could see her love of the happy and romantic.  So I continued to watch all those lovey dovey movies.  For my Mom of course...  Now, I don't get to watch those movies with my mom anymore.  But at least when I do watch them I will have all the good memories of being with her and spending time with her.  I will miss her smile, her sense of humor, the way she couldn't remember how to log in to anything without help from me or my brother.  I will miss seeing makeup on her done by my daughter's.  I will miss watching her play with my daughter's.  I will miss talking football with her.  I will miss her...

Playtime by Ava Lyon

Shared by Emily Lyon on February 11, 2020
My Grandma and I always played together. We liked to make and fly paper airplanes, play catch, throw frisbees, kick the soccer ball and shoot nerf guns. I hope she enjoyed playing with me. She was the best Grandma ever and I'm going to miss her very much.

Makeup by Malaya Lyon

Shared by Emily Lyon on February 11, 2020
Grandma liked to buy makeup. When she got something new, she would let me do her makeup and my sister did her hair. She always said that my makeup looked good, even though I knew it didn't. I love you so much and thank you for everything.

Confronting thieves

Shared by Aaron Lyon on February 11, 2020
When I was young, one of the kids' bicycle was stolen. Most would call the police and assume the bicycle was gone for good, but we heard from a friend that he saw the bike at Kmart and some kids were riding it. So, what does mom do? We all get in the car and go to Kmart. I recall being a bit worried about confronting three kids about stealing the bicycle, but mom confronted the kids and demanded the bicycle back. They gave it back, and we threw the bicycle in the car and went home.
Through good and bad, she was a strong, stubborn, and independent woman. I will miss her.

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