Let the memory of Jacqueline be with us forever
  • 53 years old
  • Born on February 21, 1961 .
  • Passed away on January 28, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jacqueline Long 53 years old , born on February 21, 1961 and passed away on January 28, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Dedra Long on 21st February 2018
Mama I miss you so much words can’t explain. It’s not a second, minute, hour, day, month, or year that I don’t think about you. Everyday I wake up it’s a struggle to stay strong but I think about where and who I get it from then I accomplish my day. It still hurts like hell to know you not here but I know you in heaven without a care in the world. I try my hardest not to disappoint you and not kill you twice as your son would say. You we both will make your legacy great. I know I haven’t been to visit you but I’m still not ready still not at peace. Some days I’m at peace then some days I feel depressed. I know if you were here we would’ve kicked it and the whole day would be yours dinner and all. Laughs, love, and good times. I love you so much mama and miss you in every way. Keep guiding me and showing me the right direction even if I’m stubborn. Happy Birthday my love and continue to rest in paradise. With my heart, mind, body, and soul.
Posted by Pearl Day on 30th January 2018
Hello everyone, seems like just the other day when Jackie and I had a conversation about life and what she wanted to accomplish. She did most of it and was working on the rest. I miss her dearly! And I'm glad I was able to meet Jackie and be a part of her great life. May she RIL Pearl Wilkerson, UCP
Posted by Shar Whis on 21st February 2017
Wow! Another year of us celebrating your birthday...we know you are having a ball in heaven on this day. You are in our thoughts and hearts as we pause to remember you on today! Happy birthday sis... we love you! RIL Jackie...
Posted by Future Evans on 29th January 2017
Sis you are missed by so many.It does not seem like two years ago that you earned your well deserved wings. Even though I miss you and even during quiet times I may shed a tear but inside I know you are looking over all of us and missing us as well. Miss you little sis but I know you are smiling and sitting with the other angels praising theLord.
Posted by Shar Whis on 28th January 2017
Wow! It has been 2yrs since you left us. I often think abt you and all the times we shared. You loved us so much; and I dnt quite understand how you were able to let go! But bc I know that when you go to sleep on this side of living that you awake on the other side. You realized that you could get your wings and be with all of us whenever you see a need. I thank you for not only looking out for Dedra Omar but I know you have ALL of us on your radar
Posted by Bobbie Cofield on 28th January 2017
To the most beautiful angel ever to enter Heaven's gates now resting in the arms of our Lord and Savtior, Jesus Christ. I know we still cry and long to hear your voice, see your face and hear your laughter and words of hope and wisdom. But, I know you are in a better place and looking down on us with that "Jackie smile". You are gone from this world but never forgotten. You will forever live on in my heart and thoughts. Rest and enjoy your pain free, worry free and perfect life in your new world. I thank you for being an example for your children, your spouse, your neices and nephews and your sisters and indeed all who ever had the pleasure to know you. I love you, your sister Bobbie.
Posted by Cheryl Jackson Golden on 28th January 2017
Two years ago God granted you your wings of freedom and forever. It's 2017 and oh how things have changed yet remain the same. Your children and Ray are fine, having and leaning on stronger backbones. There are days that I truky reflect on times and events and begin to truly focus on "one day at a time" and what life really mean. You taught me a lot-Love Di
Posted by Shar Whis on 21st February 2016
Hey...Happy birthday Sissy...You are missed dearly...as you already know. You still lives as your children strive to be as Great as you were. You are gone ...we say too soon!...but God sd it was time for you to Rest! Continue to Rest in Love!
Posted by DrCheryl Jackson-Golden on 21st February 2016
Happy Birthday. Your life mattered because as we look around there are many great memories that you were here doing kingdom building work. Love Di
Posted by Joyce Pittman on 28th January 2016
This has been a tough week. The week of your birthday. I think of you often and miss you more with each passing memory of our times together. I know that you are at peace now in the bosom of God. I try to remember all the wonderful lessons that you taught us through your life. You were always so meek and humble, showing love for family in the best and worst of times. I love you so much, Jackie and I pray you get this message.Your children are so strong and beautiful; your motherhood and your life lives on through them and their father who has proven that he is strong and there for them. We were all together on Christmas so your tradition of the family celebrations live on. Rest now in love and peace Dear Angel Jackie.
Posted by Shar Whis on 28th January 2016
Hey Jacki...I pause on this day to reflect...bc on this day ws the day none of us really saw coming. U were packing and getting ready to tke flight to the land where u wld live forever! We witnessed u going to sleep on this side of living bt we all can contest to knwing tht you still live! We miss ur earthly presence everyday bt we knw tht u had to go and fulfill Gods assignment. Ur babies miss u dearly but they are THRIVING! They r living ur and keeping ur legacy Alive by doing ALL those things they saw u do...and most importantly what you taught and told them. U knew tht this day wld come...so therefore you prepared them no doubt. I know I miss our late night phone calls...us giggling and laughing at my funny sayings...Its only been a year but it still seems like its only been days. I heard ur voice the other day and your message so was so PROFOUND & CLEAR!!!! U R OK! LUV U MUCH...as I would always say to U my sistah! Continue to R.I.L.& P...Sharmin
Posted by Oluyemi Yikealo on 28th January 2016
You were a true blessing to my life. Always there to comfort me. Missing you! Celebrating that you are now part of my cloud of witnesses.
Posted by Cheryl Jackson Golden on 28th January 2016
01/28/2016 Good morning and Happy Birthday from the other side. We are all as you always put it best "fine" ... Your children are thriving with Ray in their lives. As we move forward on today we pause to say, your life mattered. Love Di
Posted by Joyce Pittman on 26th February 2015
I miss my sister.
Posted by Pearl Day on 26th February 2015
Dear Jackie, I want to wish you a happy belated birthday. I miss your sweet voice, and your very presence and being a part of your life ment so much to me. We grew closer as the years went by. Gone but not forgotten...........
Posted by Joyce Pittman on 22nd February 2015
Happy birthday Jackie. I made cookies the soft kind that you like. I picked up phone to call then burst into tears when I realized you could bot answer. But in your own way I believe you were with me in spirit. I pray you are happy and at peace with your God and the angels.
Posted by Shar Whis on 21st February 2015
Wow! Today is your birthday and I wish you well my sistah! You are gone but like the song says...Gone too Soon" is what it seem like! You would have been celebrating your day on today...the kids sent up balloons in memory of you! We miss you dearly...even though its only been a few weeks. It still seems like its been too long. I love you Jackie. Gone but not forgotten!!!! Baby sis Shar
Posted by Dorothy Edwards on 12th February 2015
"My deepest sympathy goes to the family of Jacqueline Jackson Long, especially Dr. Pittman. Memory is the precious gift that will keep you forever near your beloved sister. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God sustain and comfort you during your time of bereavement."
Posted by Winda Bradford on 5th February 2015
Jackie, Words cannot express how I feel right now. I will truly miss you and have enjoyed being your case manager at UCP as well as a friend. I thank God for allowing us to cross paths. I have never seen someone so motivated and determined as you were and you did not allow your situation to get you down but kept moving on in your education and life. I love you and Jesus has received an angel. You will be missed but never forgotten. I will see you again in Heaven. Love Winda
Posted by Tavia Bedford on 5th February 2015
My Aunt Jackie, The memories we shared will live with me forever. Because of you, I will always stay positive, regardless of what comes in my path. It is very hard to deal with death in our family, because of the closeness and bond our family have. But, we will get through this together and we will see you soon!
Posted by Pearl Day on 5th February 2015
To Jackie, you are certainly one of a Kind, an Angle sent from above, and now to return to your heavenly home. We will miss you here at UCP, but you will never be forgotten. RIL (Rest in Love) until we see each other again. The Battle is Over!
Posted by Bobbie Cofield on 3rd February 2015
My dearest Jackie, you are truly a beautiful angel resting in the arms of the One who has watched over you, protected you, and loved you for your short 53 years on this Earth... GOD. I sat quietly reflecting on childhood memories and I thought of the day I witnessed you running through the house, laughing, jumping being an active 5 or 6 year old... then suddenly falling to the floor and telling us that you couldn't get up... no you never could get up on your own, again. But what I remember the most is that laughter never left you in spite of all your pain and struggles. I'll miss teasing you and making you laugh... Your smile, your optimism, your persistence, your love of God, yourself and family will be a constant reminder to us all that "we have nothing to be sad about" for you lived your life to the fullest never asking "why me?" I now say to your children who will hurt the most ... your mother will never be far from you... When you see the sun rise in the morning.that's your mother. When you see the moon and stars in the sky at night.. that's your mother. When you see a beautiful flower or hear the wind blowing through the leaves on a tree.. that's your mother. When you hear a bird chirping ..that's your mother. When you are consumed with total silence..that's your mother looking down from heaven and smiling at you. Oh , yes we will miss you, we will shed many tears, we will have many moments of unbearable silence. We had to let you go... we couldn't be selfish. I say to you sleep peacefully and rest, for you will have no more pain, no more heartaches. Don't worry about us... YOU'RE FREE !
Posted by Joyce Pittman on 3rd February 2015
A message from the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Little Rock, AR As we know Jackie worked closely with the MDA for many years. Her most recent project was the Jump for Rosie Project. The project will be continue to honor Jackie and any donations to support a cure for muscular should be sent in the names of Rosie Jackson Sims and Jacqueline Jackson Long. This is their message to the family . . . in brief. "We are so sorry to hear of Jackie’s passing. Our thoughts are with you and your family/friends during this difficult time. You all have been such a great part of MDA and Jackie will certainly be missed. Please let us know if there is anything that we can ever do for you all. We are always here to help, and if your family would like to attend our Muscle Walk on March 14th in honor of Jackie’s amazing life, we would be blessed to have you join us". Thank you, Kara Kara Evans
, Heath Care Service Coordinator Arkansas
 Muscular Dystrophy Association
 204 Executive Court, Suite 208
Little Rock, AR 72205
 Phone: 501.227.7098 Join us at mda.org
Posted by Brian McLaughlin on 2nd February 2015
The remarkable thing about Jackie is the number of lives she touched ... not just as a member of the Jackson family, but her church community, and countless pupils and students as a professional educator in Little Rock too. Anyone who ever met her could see her spirit could not be confined. She lived her life, her way, fully and truly. She set an example for us all to live up to. To my sister in law, Godspeed.
Posted by Karrissa Newby on 1st February 2015
Never thought i see the day The day my aunt Jackie flew away She always tried keep me in line She was the warden, love was the crime She always keep a smile on her face One as sweet as a mothers embrace You will be missed but we remember your love What i wouldnt give for another hug! But i hear your voice and still got your fb posts! All the small tgings we will miss the most LOVE U AUNT JACKIE
Posted by Shar Whis on 1st February 2015
Wow! I just cannot believe that our late night phone calls are over. I am going to really miss you so much. I am just thankful to GOD for allowing me the opportunity to have such a beautiful, loving, giving, unselfish and smart sister. I thank you for loving on my babies...you always thought about them on their birthdays...when they had fundraising projects, girl scout cookie time or whenever. You always tried to buy something from them. They would argue about who was calling Aunti Jackie...bc they knew you would buy something. Wow! you are gone now but you will forever be in our hearts and memories. You meant a lot to me and my family. Jackie, Im going to miss you...and its hard to really express it with words but I have done my best. I LOVED u then and I will always LOVE you girl...its bye for now but make sure you visit me. Your baby sis Shar
Posted by Future Evans on 31st January 2015
Jackie it is hard for me to write this between the tears and heartache. When I was told you had transitioned this earth to your heavenly home I could not and did not want to believe it. But then I had to think about what you were gaining ....heavenly wings, no more tears,no more pain and no more heartache. I will always love and miss you and one day I want to gain my wings in heaven so I can once again laugh and talk with you about our love ones.Will miss you but I understand heaven has gained a jewel...Love Future.. your sis .
Posted by Joyce Pittman on 31st January 2015
Jackie when I received the news that you were leaving us, for a moment it seems the world around me was spinning. When I gathered my balance my words were "God help this family and help me"--because in my heart, I knew you were "good now" in the arms and bosom of our savior Jesus Christ. Next, I got the call that you were gone and instead of spinning, for me the world stopped for a moment. I felt numb and a stillness I will never forget. I felt the power of God. Yet, I felt a void like a part of me went with you; and when I think about all the time we spent together on email, Facebook, phone calls and short visits during the years praying and planning for many things, I did not realize how much closer and deeper our sister friendship had grown. You helped me through some tough times and I you. Sharing our utmost secrets and insecurities, hopes and dreams as sisters do. I thank you from the deepest part of my soul for trusting and believing in me. We often often talked about how our children were "each other's children". I love that about this family and we will continue to care for and love them 'til death do us part and then we meet again in heaven. You took flight in the middle of the night and oh what a journey you must have had...if only I could imagine... !
Posted by Velma Dennis on 31st January 2015
Dear Jackie, I will forever cherish the time the Lord gave us here on this earth. You were a very dear sister who loved each of us dearly. Your life was a light for the world to see. We thank God for the legacy you left with all whose lives you touched. Yes you are gone to soon for us , but Jesus knew your work here was complete. You finished your course. I look forward to seeing you in heaven where we will praise and glorify our God together around the throne. Oh, what a day that will be. The Lord spoke to me as you transitioned and I was awaken from my sleep " he said that you are Whole now". No more cares of this life. Love forever. Will miss hearing that voice in prayer.

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