Let the memory of Jacqueline be with us forever
  • 50 years old
  • Born on October 12, 1962 .
  • Passed away on September 7, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jacqueline Mayeri 50 years old , born on October 12, 1962 and passed away on September 7, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Yoni Mayeri on September 7, 2018
Miss your beautiful spirit Jacqueline! It's hard to believe it's been 5 years.
Posted by Cindy Prosterman on September 7, 2017
Dear Jacqueline, I wanted to tell you what a beautiful daughter you have, and how poised and special her Bat Mitzvah was. High holidays are coming soon and we will think about you during choir and remember your beautiful voice.
Posted by Gregg Jackson on September 7, 2017
Hello My Dear Jacqueline, I just want to say a quick hello and let you know we think about you often. You were and still are, an amazing guide and love for us all, and you will always be missed. a few updates: We had an amazing Bat Mitzvah for Basia in Israel with my immediate family, and then an equally amazing Bat Mitzvah for her in SF with your side of the family and our extended community and friends in SF. Basia was AMAZING and PERFECT in all ways, and we were all SO SO SO proud of her, as I am sure you are aware from your place watching us. On Sept 6 2016 Basia moved here to NY because she wanted to live here, and I came each month for a week to visit until I moved Nov 2016 to be with her 100%. We are temporarily living with my mom, whom you had a very close and special relationship with, and it is surprisingly going better then expected. Basia is growing up to be SUCH a beautiful and special young lady, as I am sure you can imagine, and whenever she does something especially graceful, kind and elegant, for sure we know she is getting that from you! Basia was flown to SF by your family this past summer to spend 2 weeks, but they were all having SUCH an amazing time together, that they extended it to 3 1/2 weeks. She greatly enjoyed the time with them, and of course, the highlight was time with Shirin and Aaron's daughter, your namesake, Baby Jacquee. She is THE happiest and most gorgeous baby I have seen since Basia, and they have a super special bond that has formed, and expect they will have that for life. We love you deeply and miss you tremendously, and only hope we are continuing to make you proud of us. We appreciate any and all blessings from you and Gd, and ask for you and Gd's continued watching over us, and all your family and friends. Shana Tova my love, you were the best.
Posted by Gregg Jackson on October 14, 2016
Hello Jacqueline, They say it's supposed to get easier with time, and I guess it's partly true. But then a holiday comes up, or now we are planning Basia's Bat Mitzvah, and I think of you a lot. You were the greatest love of my life, friend, mother, sister, daughter-in law, teacher, guide, critic, fan, painter, philosopher, spiritual/religious teacher, and so much more, I only hope to be able to live up to your expectations and teachings. I miss you deeply sweet Jacqueline, and I will continue to do everything in my power to raise Basia in our Jewish tradition, and to have the values, ethics, positive view on life, and spirit of charity and doing good, as was your modus operandi every single day. We all love you and miss you. Our big 9... Oh, and you will be especially happy to know that Joe and I have remained friends and we get together on our own, as well as to help take care of Basia. And your sisters, brother-in-laws and nephew and nieces are all still close to Basia and I, and they cherish her deeply. I know that would warm your heart greatly and sincerely.
Posted by Linda Blue Roach on October 13, 2016
The fragrance left behind of our dearest Jacqueline lives on in our memories and in the beautiful life of Basia...
Posted by Hinda Langer on October 13, 2016
Hi Jacqueline, I try to honor your memory as a friend to your family. They are such great people. Gregg and Basia have been very generous to my family and I hope you have nachas from my granddaughter Ashira enjoying yom tov dresses that Basia and Gregg gave her. Yes, you are forever missed. Hinda
Posted by Yoni Mayeri on September 7, 2016
Dear family, Thinking of you on this third anniversary of Jacqueline's passing. Her beautiful soul and heart will forever be remembered and lives on in all those who loved her. With love, Yoni
Posted by Hinda Langer on October 12, 2015
It is interesting that on the day of birth we are excited to greet a new soul/body that comes to our world. When someone passes from this world WE weep. There is a parable about a ship that is just built and has a special bon voyage at its' maiden voyage. Champagne corks pop and there is lots of celebration. When it comes back with cargo and passengers there is not necessarily any special noting of the accomplishment. When our life here in olam hazeh is finished, we go and actually have a birth/entry time to olam haba. There we are greeted and appreciated for what we accomplished in our 'journey'. Jacqueline - you accomplished much as a teacher to us by how you lived your life. The mitzvos that each of us do are permanently clothing our souls and I'm sure you are dressed beautifully Above as you were in this world. You are missed. Hinda
Posted by C.J. Malestic on October 12, 2015
Dear Jackson - Mayeri Family, Looking at this picture, I'm reminded at what a warm, insightful, beautiful person your Jacqueline was. She brought so much light and spirituality to everyone around her. Her absence will be felt for a very, very long time. May her memory be a blessing.
Posted by C.J. Malestic on October 12, 2015
Dear Jackson-Mayeri Family, Looking at this picture, we're reminded of how warm, insightful and beautiful your Jacqueline was. She brought so much light and spirituality to those around her. Her absence will be felt for a very, very long time. Our thoughts are with you all - may her memory be a blessing. Love, Carolyn, Daniel, Leila and Gilad
Posted by Sharon Bleviss/Whitlatch on October 12, 2015
Always remembering you...
Posted by Grant Edelstone on September 8, 2015
I fondly remember our Israel trip. She was always stylish, even in the desert. Such a nice person.
Posted by Sharon Bleviss/Whitlatch on September 8, 2015
It is unbelievable that two years have passed. I remember her smiling face, even through hardship, and the way she always had a special comment for me about my family. I will always remember her.
Posted by Missy Lahren on September 7, 2015
Dear Jacqueline: I wanted to let you know that you are very missed- especially on these anniversaries like today. This morning. I am remembering how generous you were with your wisdom and breadth of knowledge. You were always there for me whenever I asked for advice. As I type with my broken hand, I am reminded how you would surely have had a few remedies to get this bone of mine mended in no time. xx
Posted by Mark Melamut on September 7, 2015
She always showered our family, especially the kids with such love, warmth and concern. Jacqueline took me to deep and meaningful places in our torah study together. I can still remember our first shabbat lunch at the Jackson home when our family first arrived in SF. She really knew how to welcome guests! May her memory always be for a blessing!
Posted by Yumi Berman on September 7, 2015
Nothing wakes me up and makes me feel ready to go better than the coffe you made for me. Basia is so beautiful, wise and funny just like you. I miss you so much, Jacque-Jaan. Yumi
Posted by Melissa Lee on September 7, 2015
I cannot believe that it has been 2 years since Jacqueline had to leave us. I think of her often. I talk to her and wonder what she would think about things. I see her big beautiful eyes, loving character, and intelligence in Basia. I miss you Jacqueline!
Posted by Yoni Mayeri on September 7, 2015
Dear family and friends, Jacqueline was a beautiful woman, so intelligent, kind, and considerate. Her loving spirit will indeed be forever missed by those she touched, she is always in our hearts. May she rest in peace and may those who loved her find comfort in the memories of her life here on earth. We love you Jacqueline.
Posted by Yoni Mayeri on October 12, 2014
Our family will remember you for your intelligence, kindness, laughter, and sweet personality. You were a bright light of joy in the family. All of us who were blessed to have know you were proud of your impact on our lives. Love and peace to you, Greg and Basia. xoxoxo
Posted by Anda Kuo on September 12, 2014
laughter produce wrinkles what a fable, give me wrinkles any day to dispel sadness (poem by Wilma Neels) Of the many things I remember about Jacqueline, laughter is most prominent....I carry with me -her radiant smile, her belly-deep and musical laugh, and what she taught us all by framing life in laughter and light. Thank you for sharing her with all of us.
Posted by A Friend on September 8, 2014
Jacqueline Mayeri was blessed with many gifts. Some of those gifts, I witnessed through our friendship and time together, while chatting about the world near and far. After her passing, I learned still more about her gifts and talents, through her many loving family members and friends. One of the most impressive things about Jacqueline was her gift of giving. She would wholeheartedly share her skills, time, and wisdom with those around her. Her insistent offers to lend a hand were touching because they were always genuinely meant. An educated, worldly, elegant Persian woman, and yet so down-to-earth -- a rare gem. Jacqueline wanted her friends to be filled with inner joy and contentment, and she guided things in that direction. She authentically lived her personal philosophy of focusing on the positive things in life, focusing on “the light”. Her gift of giving was a part of that. Jacqueline will forever remain in many hearts across the globe. And her message of thoughtfulness and peace will continue to guide all of us who will always love her.
Posted by Diana Urman on September 8, 2014
Jacqueline considered myself as one of her best friend. She shared with me deeply and intimately as she had not shared with anyone else before. I was truly humbled by her trust and was learning so much about her beautiful essence. II utterly miss her presence in my life knowing she could never been replaced by anyone else as she was too big to be replaced, and the Earth could only,have one of her ever.
Posted by Cindy Yacob on September 7, 2014
Hard to believe I said goodbye to Jackie 1 year ago today. I think of her often and still marvel at her approach to life as well as her inner strength during her darkest time. Always putting others before herself in her special modest way Jackie truly epitomized, "A Woman of Valor" and will never be forgotten.
Posted by Yumi Berman on September 7, 2014
Hard to believe that it's already been a year since Sep 7, 2013. I miss her so much - I used to visit her at her house after dropping my kids at school. She always had a nice cup of coffee for me, and organic whole milk in her fridge, for my coffee. She never forgot to buy milk for me even though she was on dairy free diet. And it had to be organic! We talked and talked and talked about little problems, big issues, fun stuff, wonderful things. I still cherish the memories and stories she shared with me. Her advice, "try to discover joy in everything around us, everyday" -- I am trying to find joy and happiness each moment of my life.
Posted by Gregg Jackson on September 7, 2014
It is a very difficult day for us, knowing that our beloved Jacqueline passed from us only one year ago. She was such a joy and light and love to us and to all we knew, it is difficult to move on without her... But we must. As I had shared during the Unveiling two weeks ago, her life was about love and light and joy, and what Basia and I will always remember and strive for. We miss you greatly Dear Jacqueline-Jaan, and we always will. We wish you peace and love and joy and light in the heavens with Gd and the Angels, and you and your memory will always be for a blessing.
Posted by Jessica Vapnek on August 16, 2014
Jackie had led such a fascinating life and yet she always shined a light on others and made them feel like their lives were fascinating. I loved her interest in my world travels and I loved visiting her even when she was ill and brightening her day with my photos and stories as I would return from a trip. I only wish we had known each other longer as she was a true gem. Her spirit lives on in Basia for sure, which is a comfort.
Posted by Adele Jackson on August 15, 2014
Jackie was like a daughter to me. She made me feel always like a mother to her and not like a mother-in-law. Jackie was always a caring and giving person to me and everyone that new her. I was privileged to be her mother-in-law. When I visited them we always went shopping and she always wanted to buy me something. Always thinking of everyone else and always wanting to do things for me. Jackie was the best cook, a talented painter and the kindest and most thoughtful person. I treasure one of her paintings that Jackie gave me. Jackie is looking down and making sure we are all safe.
Posted by Gail Foorman on August 15, 2014
I met Jackie on the SF Federation singles mission to Israel in 1993. She was one of the first Jews indigenous to the Middle East I ever met. I remember her as a kind, sensitive, soft-spoken soul with beautiful eyes and a wide smile and an ever so slightly exotically accented voice. We lost touch when I moved away, but I ran into Jackie and Gregg (who I knew from another corner of the Jewish community) at Trader Joe's on Lakeshore of all places! I was delighted to hear that they had married and had a daughter. I sadly learned a year later of Jackie's battle with cancer and of her passing. May her memory be for a blessing and may Gregg and Basia take comfort in their loss in good memories and in the love of friends and family.
Posted by Hinda Langer on August 14, 2014
Dear Gregg and Basia, Jacqueline made a beautiful surprise for me. Our Torah class of women studying parsha and yom tovim was meeting for quite a while weekly Jacqueline was part of it along with half a dozen - 10 women who were attending. Every week we met in my apartment and for one particular class everyone came! My daughter Nechama came up and told me that she and Jacqueline had a surprise for me. All day, in Nechama's kitchen, Jacqueline had been cutting, chopping and cooking traditional Persian food for a birthday dinner for me and the whole class of women students. She carried each dish into my home quietly and with complete modesty. Her crunchy rice and Persian chicken was served with the most beautiful smile and natural graciousness of a friend who was just doing something without fanfare. She gave me the feeling of deep caring and also was honoring me and giving me the feeling that this is what friends do for other dear friends. When Jacqueline and I met through Jewish meditation in the 1990's I was puzzled by her way of seeing things on such a lofty level. It seemed very unusual for a woman who was so charming and stunningly beautiful. We were in and out of each other's lives throughout those years until joined back together by a mutual friend, Diana Urman/Kishinevsky. It was a gift of reconnection that remains with me today with the rapport with you both, Gregg and Basia and my knowledge that the neshama of Chana bas Shira will continue to rise eternally Above, learning Torah in the rays of the Shechina and praying for her dear ones here in this world and for all Jewish people and the world. I am very grateful to Hashem to have brought us together and I daven that we will be together neshama b guf in the times of Moshiach in Eretz haKodesh in Yerushalayim!

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