This is a memorial tribute website for our beloved Jadesola Amedari, who went to be with the Lord on 22nd April 2019.

We encourage you to leave a tribute message in the online guestbook and share photos, videos, stories and other memories. Thank you.

Funeral service holds on Saturday, May 4th, 2019 at The Stone Church, The Stone Parks & Gardens, Babafemi Ogundipe Boulevard, Near Zartech Chicken, Wuye, Abuja by 11am. Interment follows immediately afterwards.

Posted by Dupe Adereti on February 21, 2022
Happy Birthday Jadesola, Oyem Pupa. Keep dancing with Jesus!!!!
Posted by Yinka Aj on February 18, 2022
Happy Birthday in heaven friend. I love you but God loves you more! I remember you today and always.
Posted by Kemi Oyemakinde-Akpabio on April 22, 2021
2 year but still speechless and living in denial ......
Sleep on Angel Jade.
Posted by YEMISI PECKU on April 22, 2021
"Oyem Pipa",
Remembering you today, still vividly clear in my memory, receiving the call about your passing. It still just as painful, 2 years later.
Continue to rest in peace.
Your friend,
Posted by Babajide Oyemakinde on April 22, 2021
Jadesola Amedari
My Sister
My Friend
My Adviser
Short of words to go on
In all, God is faithful and he is always good .
You are forever missed and surely forever loved
Posted by Olayinka Adetisola on April 22, 2021
Jadesola Amedari, the epitome of grace and virtue, I honor and celebrate you today. The thoughts of you bring beautiful memories as your dedication to God encouraged and inspired me. I could go on and on, Jade, but I'm short of words......... you are forever loved and cherished.
Posted by Yinka Aj on April 11, 2021
April is a very dreaded month now, for me at least. It will never be the same. Almost 2 years since you departed this wicked world. I miss you even though you are forever in my heart. Continue to rest in peace dear friend. I love you but Jesus loves you more o! Hmmm
Posted by Dupe Adereti on April 11, 2021
Jadesola, fondly remembered now and always.
Posted by YEMISI PECKU on April 11, 2021
It's almost 2 years since you left Jade, still feels like yesterday.
Continue to rest well!
Ore mi atata
Posted by Babajide Oyemakinde on February 19, 2021
again , i find it difficult to pen down words
happy post humous birthday
love you and miss you
Posted by Aderonke Dedeke on February 18, 2021
Happy birthday darling
Posted by Depo Olukunle on February 19, 2020
Happy Birthday Jade! You were indeed a beautiful person inside out!
Posted by Aderonke Dedeke on February 19, 2020
Happy posthumous bday....
Still feels like yday....
Posted by Yinka Aj on February 18, 2020
Jade happy birthday in heaven. I love you but your Heavenly Father loves you more! I know you are having a blast in that heavenly place where there is no concept of time or space, just eternity with Jesus who loved you so much He called you home to be with Him. I missed you especially today, ah today was hard. Hmmm. But I know it is well. Sleep on sis.
Posted by YEMISI PECKU on May 20, 2019
Jadeski, Oyem Pupa
It's still a shock to know that Jade is gone.
The past weeks have been tough. I find myself grabbing my phone to share something with her and realize I can no longer "gist" with her. I have gone back many times to read over our lasts conversations, look at pictures and each time I come away asking why this has happened. But God knows all the answers. Jade was truly a very good friend. I pray that God keeps the family left behind and provide strength for GR to guide your children.
Sun re o.
-Yemisi Aderemi (nee Pecku)
Posted by Kenny Adetola on May 20, 2019
Jade was truly a beautiful soul. She'll be sorely missed!
Posted by Dupe Oyetade on May 11, 2019
I was shocked when I heard. I asked what happened?
God knows it all. I pray that God will comfort your family left behind. All I remember is your smiles.
Posted by Titi Elat-Ojo on May 6, 2019
Jadesola is a beautiful soul, an angel, a soldier of the cross, a good hearted woman. May her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Yemi Abimbola on May 4, 2019
It's an unexpected sad loss. Our sincere prayer is that Daddy, Godreign, Stephanie and Gboy, Jide, Joko and Jumoke are comforted from the bibles promises and Knowing the hope for our dead loved ones.
Lots of Hugs from us all.
Let's keep the faith, till that time we can hug and see our lovely Jade again....
Posted by Kehinde Akinfolarin on May 4, 2019
Dear Jade,
You were a blessing to all that met you and cherish the memories of your time here. I pray that God comforts your family at this time . Till we all meet to part no more...
Posted by Ibiteye Oyebanji on May 4, 2019
Imported! Like I will always call you and you'll immediately give a smile saying Ibiteye o serious....Still seems like you travelled...
Hmm.... I can never forget you,when I can still hear your loud alto voice still singing in my head n your smiles... The voice that guides me always when rehearsing, I remember Calling you my navigator bcoz of your outstanding voice. I would make mistakes and your voice will immediately call me back to order... Haaaa! Sis jade!!!
I remember seeing u Sunday before your departure looking beautiful n admiring the skirt suit I sold to you. Sister jade little did I know it will be the last on this side .... 
The sad news of ur demise was a rude shock that I'm yet to get over, I only came to the funeral just to confirm if it were true or not...but sadly it was.
I'll really really miss u Sis.. Don't know how I'll get by in lively Stones n each service.
Hmm...But I take solace in the fact that you're with Christ Jesus with no more worries.
May the lord comfort all that you left.
Sis Jade!!!...Rest on!
Posted by Folakemi Raji- Salawu on May 4, 2019
Jadesola, Jadesky, Oyem pupa as Mr Balogun (maths teacher nicknamed you), you are gone too soon and you will forever be missed.
Although, we were oceans apart, the beautiful memories linger on. You were one of my closest friends in school, and you contributed to whom I am today, thank you.
I cannot question God, I know you are in a better place. May your soul rest in perfect peace my dear friend. May God Almighty take care of your children and all your loved ones.
Love from your friend Rajomgogo
Posted by Nsikak Orok on May 4, 2019
Sister Jade! Till tomorrow,your departure is still like a dream to me,remembering the memories of singing together to the glory of God as a family ( lively stones), not to go too far but our last contact on sunday, the eve of your departure, what can we then say? We judge God your maker,our maker faithful...He alone knows the beginning and the end of a man. What gives me strength is the fact that you are resting in Christ...I MISS YOU DEARLY. For us that you left behind,God will strengthen us and the Holy Spirit will comfort us all especially your family. Rest on sister Jade till we meet again
Posted by Depo Olukunle on May 3, 2019
Jade became my friend when she moved from Economics department to Law. She was friendly, outgoing and loved live to the fullest. She had a strong character and not for one day will you doubt that she loved Jesus. It was therefore a rude shock to hear about her death....but I know she is in a better place. I may not understand but I know that she left a legacy behind. Sleep on. It is not is good morning. I love you Jade!
Posted by Kemi Oyemakinde-Akpabio on May 3, 2019
Jadesola, It is very difficult to believe that you are gone but memories shared together will for ever remain precious in my heart.
A precious stone has left the family to be with the Lord we accept the will of God because we know you have gone to be with the Lord.
Sleep on Jadesola Oyemakinde. We love and will forever miss you till we meet to part no more.
Sun re oo ma gagbe a wo omo re oo.. Bless be the tide that binds our heart...
Posted by Bunmi Johnson on May 3, 2019
Dear Cousin, I fondly remember the fun times in childhood with our cousins in Ibadan. Distance and being busy are my poor excuses for not keeping in touch. The fact I will not see you again is very hard to take.
It is clear from the tributes you were a light to many and remained a joy to be around.
May the knowledge that your life was well lived and made a difference to many, comfort and bring healing to the hole left for your close family and friends. May the love of God always surround them and a trust in him, even though we can't understand, be the strength to carry on your legacy of Godly living.
Until we meet again.
Posted by Bukola Adekunle on May 3, 2019
Jadesola my darling friend, it was painful to hear the shocking story of your demise.
Ever since I met you in 2010, you had been a good friend and a loving sister.
You were cool, calm, gentle and organised.
You were classy, elegant and unique. Never struggled to be anybody but yourself
You were dedicated and committed to your God and every thing that has to do with HIM. You were a lover of Jesus, family, friends and Lively Stones. Thank you for sharing and being a blessing. I will forever miss you and your unique 'alto part'. Sleep on my darling till we meet again.
Posted by Jagz Fad on May 3, 2019
Gentle, Calm with a reassuring smile. Your death was a real shocker and you’ll be sorely missed.
May God keep the family you left behind and make your memory always happy.
We love you.
Posted by Ronke Rufus on May 3, 2019
Jade! ohhh, so shocking & painful as Jide your brother took great pain to communicate your sudden demise to me. I'm still in shock & thought that I didn't hear him well. Memories of the days came springling back of how we watched sisters' act movie together, attented lessons & libary stuffs with Joko your sister, cutting sugarcane at our backyard, dinner @ stonechurch 1st anniversary, baking your 21st birthday cake together & both experiencing my late mum's miracle of walking after experiencing stroke while we were attending to her. last time I saw you was at your mum's burial when I danced with you & your husband & I heard your voice not knowing that it will be the last as you called me from Abuja chatting at length. oh death, where is your sting. I am giving thanks in everything to the ALMIGHTY till we meet again at the Wedding Feast, sleep on, sweet beauty & gentle soul. You are always in my heart & memory. GOD will comfort & be with your families & friends, Amen!
Posted by Abiodun Aribisala on May 3, 2019
My personal person from Ministry of Justice, Ibadan days! This is a rude shock! I never thought i would be writing a tribute in your memory. You were a great co-worker and a friend indeed. I remember the conversations about the future and the inside gists we used to have, you taking me to the hospital once when i fell ill at work. When i relocated, i could always count on you pinging me to ask about my welfare and encouraging and advising me . You were a rare gem who lived out the beautiful values you stood for. My only regret is not keeping in touch as much as i would have wanted. I thank GOD for the life you lived and I pray that the Lord will comfort your husband, kids and all loved ones you left behind. We will see again on that day, my friend
Posted by Seun Johnson on May 3, 2019
Dear Jade I am sorry now to be writing you after you have gone to be with the Lord. I regret that I had not kept in touch better and nor knowing you more. Your loss is a wake up call to keep family close no matter how far away they are.
I am comforted you knew the Lord and are with him now. My love and prayers for peace and comfort for your loved ones who surely loved you so much.God is always in control. We trust in Him and you are in his care now and we all pray we will be too when it is our time in Jesus name Amen.
Posted by Idowu Aj on May 2, 2019
Dear Jadesola, I have struggled to find the appropriate words to honor and celebrate your life. You were kind, always pleasant and a joy to be around. We sang together in Lively Stones Mokola for many years. I remember how you supported my career when I had just started working at a bank. My only regret is that I did not stay in touch over the years. I pray that God comforts your husband, children and loved ones and reminds them that you are with Him where there is no sadness or pain. I pray that He heals their hearts. We will surely reunite again.
Posted by Babajide Oyemakinde on May 3, 2019
I remember those days, after Bolajoko had gotten married.
We were many times attending functions together. Almost like dating. I remember a family friend jokingly remarked that she hoped the guys who did not know us as siblings would not assume I was your boyfriend.
Thank you for being a true sister and friend through the years.
I love you dearly, dear sister, God loves you more and decided to have you now
Posted by Babajide Oyemakinde on May 2, 2019
Each time we spoke, we ended it by saying we will speak with each other soon by the Grace of God.
It is extremely difficult for me , all the same I know God called you home according to his plans.
See you in heaven, at the resurrection by the Grace of God. Then we shall continue our gists.
I love you my dear sister and friend
Posted by Ire Faboya on May 2, 2019
Jadesola! Jade miracle! My very sweet and sincere friend. Jadesola..never thought would be writting you tribute but I know that Oluwaisinvolved. Jadesola thank you for being a solid solid friend. Thank you for the years spent being my solid friend and the compassion and love you shared with everyone that came into contact with you. Thank you darling..saying I will miss you doesn't quite say it well enough! Thank u babes! I celebrate the life you lived..and I thank God your are in God's loving arms. Adieu kind and sweet frend..till we see to part no more!
Posted by Moses Afolabi Johnosn on May 2, 2019
Jade, you were a twinkling STAR that lightened anywhere you entered. So gentle, meek, loving, soft-spoken, kind and beautiful. Thank you Jesus for giving our family Jadesola we have been privileged. I know that God knows why you are gone so soon, I celebrate you. Good night my dear cousin. Afolabi Johnson
Posted by Yenzile Ibironke on May 2, 2019
Jadesola, it's been some years and I guess we take it for granted that we will Always catch up.
Your passing away has been a complete shock but the message it has left me with is to make more contact with family regardless of the distance. I Pray for all who love you to be comforted by The Lord The only way he can.
I thank The Lord for your life and excited to know you knew Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May your Beautiful Soul rest in Perfect Peace.
Posted by Antigha ESSIEN on May 2, 2019
I am happy I was in The Stone church Abuja on Sunday 17th March 2019.Y ou were so full of life that day,singing with the Lively Stones.You came to me and thanked me for coming to be a blessing.Nothing sugested that that
meeting would be our last.You loved our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with all your heart.Your life was short and impactful. Your passage is a wake up call to us all to live every minute like our last.Many want to push everything to tomorrow.I ask : who promised you tomorrow? Right your ways with God immediately.If you have any repenting to do ,do it immediately.REPENT EVERY HOUR FROM PRESUMPTUOUS SINS.
The dead in Christ shall rise again.This is my consolation.
Posted by Taiwo Oyenuga on May 1, 2019
Dear Jade, beautiful inside and out . Still trying to come to terms with this . Wish I kept in touch more . I remember our days in young adults class and choir . Those were good old days . May God comfort your family . Thankful we will meet again . You will be missed !
Posted by Olayinka Adetisola on May 2, 2019
Jade, when we were planning for Dunamis ministrations little did I know I would not see you again. If I had known I would have kept in touch more. Jadesola....... so soft spoken,loving and respectful. I love you and will miss you a great deal. My consolation is that you made it!
Posted by Babajide Oyemakinde on May 1, 2019
Thank you for being my sister and my friend .
You were always there for everyone .
You believed the best for us all .
We shared dreams and visions together about the legal profession our career and life generally .
NO doubt you loved God and the people of God
i know you have gone home ahead of us, and by the Grace of God we would meet again .
that you left now, redefines my life for ever, but we submit all to the will of God
i would always cherish our moments together
i would continue to love you and miss you
Posted by Aderonke Dedeke on May 1, 2019
Hey babe,
You know how we hug like crazy during Dunamis or when you come for workers retreat ?
Yeah, I thought about it hard and long.
No more hugs, no more catching up, no more beautiful smiles. no more anything.
If I say I understand, I'd be lying miserably.
I'm going to so miss you.
From the days of being single ladies in Lively stones, to wives and mothers and now...a void.
It's surreal..
I love you and I'm gonna miss you.
Posted by Yemi Lala on May 1, 2019
30 April 2019
Hey Jadesola........I can't believe you won't be at the other end of the line when I call. A friend in need and in deed you were.
     I could trust you with my children and rely on you at the drop of a hat "if" no "when" I needed you. You were considerate and easy to get along with.
     A few hours before you passed, We talked about to making delibrate and frequent efforts to make memories for the children.....we didn't know it would be the very last memory we would be making together.
     I thank God for your life because you loved Jesus and nothing could compete with that but I guess He loved you more cause heaven called for their Angel and you sure your crown and wings are ready.
     You've been gone only a few days and we are missing you so much already. I wish you didn't have to go but God knows best. I almost didn't...couldn't write this deserve to be celebrated even though.... Thank you for being my friend.....a gift of love❤
Posted by Yinka Aj on April 30, 2019
Hmm na wa o but Jadesola! Ha jademiracle why what happened now??? You still greeted me for Easter as u always do. I'd always joke that if they are opening common envelope for a holiday Jade will holla at your girl! You will always remember me even though I am the worst at communicating and I never reply nobody smh. A lot of friends have given up on me but you stayed down. A real one, a soldier of love. So of course per usual i responded late in typical fashion. I responded on the 22nd and u mean to tell me just hours later that was it? Cmon now! Haba! This is the rudest shock of my life sis and while I will never understand it I must bow to the sovereign one. The one who knows all things. I return all glory to God for your life. I must surrender to the Holy One....
To think I actually thought maybe I should come and write here that it will be therapy for me but apparently it only makes it seem real, seem so final. Ha! Jade se o wa di oju ala ni bayi? Hmmm
Posted by GODSFAVOUR AMEDARI on April 30, 2019
Jadesola Amedari!!!
To be honest, this is A LOT to take in. I lack the words to describe your composure, the WILL to be PERFECT in all you do and VALUES you lived by. Mediocrity was never close to you. These values you lived by further strengthened my belief that there are still GOOD people out there.
You stuck by those values and did your very best in passing them on to your children and it is so evident in their lives today. To say i didn't learn anything from you would be a lie weightier than anything the force of gravity pulls.
You were my SISTER, not just by LAW but my big SIS.
God and only God knows best.
I Love and will miss you dearly.
Rest on Aunty J, till we meet to depart no more.
Posted by Thelma Agufuobi on April 30, 2019
Dear Jadesola, May the Almighty Father console your family. May His Love be their comfort in this trying time. You will be missed.
Posted by Susan Ogolekwu on April 30, 2019
Dear Jadesola,
You are resting in God's presence as His word says in Ecclesiastes 12:7 , "Then shall the dust, return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it".(KJV)
We are consoled with the belief that you are in God's presence. Adieus dear one.
Posted by Obinna Okoye on April 30, 2019
Beloved Jadesola, now that you have joined the church triumphant celebrating with our Lord Jesus. Your light so shined on us while you were with us that we were not ready to let you go. The moments of laughter and tears shared has now become memories to cherish. The kingdom work baton has been handed down and we will keep the light on. Goodnight beloved, for morning comes when we will meet again.
Posted by Martin ONYEIGWE on April 30, 2019
Mrs. Jadesola Amedari. Sleep Well !!!
And there is something about times like this—we have the Master’s word on it—that when He comes again to get us, those of us who are still alive will not get a jump on the dead and leave them behind. In actual fact, they’ll be ahead of us. God is still faithful and He reigns.
Posted by McKing Amedari on April 30, 2019
Its still shocking to me that u have gone. You were like the elder sister I never had...
Your patience and your long phone calls to advise and counsel me, the motherly care on Stephanie and Gboy always inspired me and your dedication to family was always truly outstanding.
I will forever miss u sis but consoled that you are with the Lord. Rest in peace.
Ifeoma Amedari
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Posted by Dupe Adereti on February 21, 2022
Happy Birthday Jadesola, Oyem Pupa. Keep dancing with Jesus!!!!
Posted by Yinka Aj on February 18, 2022
Happy Birthday in heaven friend. I love you but God loves you more! I remember you today and always.
Posted by Kemi Oyemakinde-Akpabio on April 22, 2021
2 year but still speechless and living in denial ......
Sleep on Angel Jade.
her Life

Early Life and Family Background

Jadesola was born into the family of Professor Wale and Late Mrs. Abimbola Oyemakinde in Ibadan. As the last born child of her parents, she grew up in a Christian home surrounded by godly models, including her 3 siblings. Jadesola was mostly influenced by the strong Christian and educational environment in which she grew and she lived out that legacy wherever she was. 


Jadesola had her primary and secondary education at the University of Ibadan Staff School and The International School Ibadan respectively. Thereafter she proceeded to the University of Ibadan where she obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree finishing with Second Class Honours (Upper Division). She was called to the bar in 2004 after attending the Nigerian Law School, Bwari in the Federal Capital Territory, after which she proceeded to complete her NYSC.

Love and Marriage

Following her graduation at the University of Ibadan, she served her country during the National Youth Service programme in Imo State between 2004 and 2005 where she met her husband, Godreigns Amedari. Theirs was a story of love and they got married in 2007.

Recent stories

Resting in God's love

Shared by Godreigns Amedari on June 2, 2019

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? ...Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rom. 8:35-39

Knowing that God is good and that He always has thoughts for peace and not for evil towards us, we rest in the faithfulness and the love of God. That love has made available to us His grace and the comfort of the Holy Spirit each day.

That love has also been manifested through the support, prayers, gifts, calls, visits of our families and friends including you.

We miss Jadesola dearly.

Godreigns I, Godreigns II and Stephanie are eternally grateful to you for being there, for being an extension of God's love. Thank you very much

Shared by Bolajoko Oyemakinde Ajuwo... on May 1, 2019


My one and only junior sister. You were indeed blessed and a blessing indeed! You made me proud of you even as you took me as big sis and shared thoughts together. I didn't know it would be this short but I thank God for every second from childhood when we read for exams together played together prayed together laughed together cried together and even dedicated our lives to Christ same day . I appreciate your exemplary disciplined cool calm collected and organised personality and thank God you were my sister! You are greatly missed but I take solace in the fact that you made it!

Bolajoko Ajuwon

Shared by Seyi Ajuwon on May 1, 2019

[5/1, 20:54] seyiajuwon:
I saw you last in December when you came with your family to spend Christmas. In the words of my 5yr old daughter "that was the best time of my life", those words echoed our thoughts as a family. You were so full of life that it became contagious to whoever you came in contact with.

I often get so caught in my busy schedule that I don't keep in touch but that is not you, you always took time out to call and even now I can still hear your voice saying " uncle seyi" as you fondly refer to me at the other end of the line.

You carried yourself with grace, poise and your beauty radiated from the inside. You weren't perfect but then who is.

Your passing still seems so unreal that I am like Thomas who said until he sees the hole in Jesus' palms and side, he will not believe His resurrection, maybe it will hit home when I finally set my eyes on your corpse and I hope I am able to keep it together when  l do.

It hurts to say bye, so I wont, rather I say sleep on till we meet on the resurrection day, hopefully then I will be able to ask Jesus why he made your sun set so early.

Seyi Ajuwon