her Life

Early Life and Family Background

Jadesola was born into the family of Professor Wale and Late Mrs. Abimbola Oyemakinde in Ibadan. As the last born child of her parents, she grew up in a Christian home surrounded by godly models, including her 3 siblings. Jadesola was mostly influenced by the strong Christian and educational environment in which she grew and she lived out that legacy wherever she was. 


Jadesola had her primary and secondary education at the University of Ibadan Staff School and The International School Ibadan respectively. Thereafter she proceeded to the University of Ibadan where she obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree finishing with Second Class Honours (Upper Division). She was called to the bar in 2004 after attending the Nigerian Law School, Bwari in the Federal Capital Territory, after which she proceeded to complete her NYSC.

Love and Marriage

Following her graduation at the University of Ibadan, she served her country during the National Youth Service programme in Imo State between 2004 and 2005 where she met her husband, Godreigns Amedari. Theirs was a story of love and they got married in 2007.


Jadesola and Godreigns are blessed with two children, Godreigns and Stephanie, who shared happy and memorable times together. True to her nature, Jadesola instilled the morals and principles that were the very foundation of her life, raising her children in a loving and Christian environment. She was focused on raising children who love God, who have godly character, who excel academically and who would be light and hope bearers to the world. She maintained a very close relationship with the children, instilling strong christian values and building a foundation based on the word of faith in their lives. 

She was always present for her family, a great support and definitely the number one fan at all events and highlights in their lives. She brought a special touch to every milestone. She loved her children greatly!

Family Life

Jadesola was very committed to her family and never took for granted any event or opportunity to be with family. She paid special attention to her husband and children and never allowed her work limit her commitment to family.

Jadesola always kept in touch with her siblings and parents and set out time to actually pay visits. She connected so well with her extended family, in-laws, family friends and everyone she knew. It was normal for her to spend hours on the phone talking with family members and loved ones.


Jadesola was a genuine lover of God and served Him wholeheartedly all her life, having been brought up in a home of Jesus lovers. She distinguished herself in her career, offering sound professional counsel to people from all walks of life. She was involved in corporate law practice, human resource management and mediation, working in both the public and private sectors. She was an ardent music lover and a dedicated member of the Lively Stones of the Stone Church, first in Ibadan and then in Abuja. Jade connected deeply with people and was a loyal and faithful friend. She lived a beautiful and fulfilled life everyday. To God be the glory.


Jadesola was never ashamed of the gospel of Christ and took the gospel of peace wherever she went.

She has served the world with her life and graces, giving her best at all times with a sincere heart.

She built genuine lasting relationships and taught us what it means to be loyal, committed and self-sacrificing.

We have the assurance that the experiences she had with everyone she came in contact with was impactful and life changing. 

She would never be forgotten!