My Baby Boy

Shared by Tonya Jackson on January 14, 2013
I knew you were extraordinary when you walked a nine months. My lil man. This is sooo hard. I love you past the stars in heaven. I know thats where you are & where you always dreamed of seeing. Enjoy the perfect peace of paradise baby. Wear your wings well. You deserve them. My angel here on earth. My guardian angel from heaven. My love for you is never ending. My Sunny Boy. I cant wait to see you again.

My Big Brother

Shared by Taela Jackson on December 26, 2012

jaelin you were/are my big'brother, my love, my #1 protector, and many more. This just hit us all so hard. I cry everynight because of how much I miss you. Even though you were bad you had the sweetest heart ever. Fly high bro and save me a spot up there please. I cant even explain my love for you. Maybe if i got to see you one last time or even hear your voice it wouldnt be so hard. I will see you tomorrow and friday for the last time. Im trynna be strong for you love !

At Only 10yrs Old

Shared by Sylvia Pizarro on December 23, 2012
My memory of Jaelin, as I remember in 2005 I received a call from a little boy who said with such an intelligent voice." Can I please speak with Mrs Sylvia? My name is Jaelin and im calling for my daddy!" Vann was unable to do it for himself he call on his son to assist him. At only 10yrs old I was amazed that he could even follow his father and make a 3 way call for his dad. When most adults could not even suceed with the tasks 5 yrs ago. My memory of and pleasant young man.Just wanted to share and say to his mother, his father Vann my homie ,and family he is in a safe place, he's an angel and may he RIP! Your friend, Sylvia Pizarro

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