his Life
Jake was born on February 1st 1985 in Apple Valley, Ca. He would have been 35 this year. He leaves behind his Mom, two sisters, and two brothers.

From the time Jake was little he loved theatre and film. To some he seemed shy but he was actually very charasmatic. Jake moved to Santa Monica with his family in 1994, and a few years later they re-located to Carlsbad where he found his love for acting. At the age of 12 Jake took on his first stage preformance literally breaking his leg. Jake graduated from Carlsbad High School in 2003. After high school Jake returned to Santa Monica to pursue a carrer in acting.

He always loved the simple, yet important, things in life like remembering birthdays or sending hand written notes.

Jake was patient and loved to laugh. He loved spending time with his friends, taking care of animals, the moon and the stars, traveling with his best friend Sophie, and questioning the ways of the world.

His laugh was infectious, his smile uplifting, and his love forever flowing!

Anyone who knew Jake, even if only for a brief encouter, knew he had a soul like no other. An old soul - caring, kind, and ever giving to others. The needs of others always surpassed the needs of his own! I'd like to think his soul was too sweet for this often harsh world, and now he can rest in peace among the moon and stars he loved so much, forever letting his light shine!

We pray his sweet soul forever surronds all those who love him!