the flying unicorn

Shared by Crystal Turberville on August 24, 2011

so one day i was at her house and she took me out side and said crystal guess wht i seen a flying unicorn it came down here and picked me up and we flew everywhere in the sky we flew over the rainbow and she said its so pretty up there all kinds of pretty colors well sister heard tht story and was like jackie you need to quit lieing to crystal you didnt see a unicorn and  jackie was like yes i did  she told her sister it was not a dream  and at the time i was like ok if you say so darling now she has passed i wonder if she seen wht i didnt see

jackies love for life!!!

Shared by crystal turberville on August 23, 2011

she enjoyed her life and loved to spend time with friends and family... she loved animals and she was the most loved person of all!!!! everyone even though its been 2 years since she passed away from drowning she is still loved today and hearts will never be the same EVER AGAIN!!!!!

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